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MD-83 stabiliser trim-related incidents noted.


A second incident involving an MD-83 aircraft experiencing stabiliser problems since the crash of an Alaska Airline MD-83 on 31 January occurred on 5 January.

In this incident an Alaska Airlines MD-83 departing from Reno was forced to return to the Reno/Tahoe International Airport after the pilot detected problems with the horizontal stabiliser.

The aircraft was able to land safely and none of the 140 passengers were injured.

A previous incident involving an MD-83 aircraft also occurred on 2 February when an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Dallas carrying 65 passengers was forced to return to Phoenix 20 minutes into the flight due to a reported jammed stabiliser trim.

Investigations have shown a short circuit in the co-pilot`s stabiliser trim switch, but no problems with the stabiliser itself according to Reuters.

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Date:Feb 8, 2000
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