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MCS division targets member needs with strategic planning.

The AICPA management consulting services division is developing a strategic plan to identify changes needed to serve MCS practitioners better in the future. During the strategic planning process, which began last November, informal feedback received from division members on issues facing CPA consultants was used as a source for recommendations. The final delivery of the strategic plan and its operational strategies to MCS division members is targeted for July.

The MCS division also received approval from the AICPA board of directors to develop a specialization accreditation program in business valuation. The business valuation specialist (BVS) is the second specialist designation authorized by the AICPA, the first being the personal financial specialist (PFS). The first BVS qualifying examination will be held in September. The division is preparing a data base that can be shared by successful BVS candidates and is developing standards for business valuations.

The division also is moving to upgrade its member services. The most recent quarterly newsletter, the CPA Management Consultant, includes a fax survey to gauge member opinions and is devoted largely to emerging opportunities in consulting services. The winter 1993 newsletter contained articles by practitioners on environmental consulting and on helping clients avoid overcharges when negotiating property leases.

Practice aids, the division's nonauthoritative guides, have also taken on a new, more readable look. Members receive four different types of practice aids. Industry consulting practice aids give members background information on various industries; technical consulting practice aids concentrate on technical topics, such as financial models or disaster recovery planning; small business consulting practice aids stress small business problem areas, such as helping a client to obtain loans; and practice administration aids include topics such as managing a more profitable MCS practice.
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