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MCI intros next-gen Ethernet solutions internationally.

MCI, Inc. has unveiled a new suite of next-generation global Ethernet solutions, offering businesses like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc., the largest futures exchange in the U.S., an economical and flexible way to extend their local area networks worldwide. With its comprehensive suite of Ethernet services and a newly-expanded global footprint, MCI is a leader in delivering seamless networks from LAN-to-WAN, helping customers to more easily enable IP applications, like streaming media and distance learning, across company locations.

MCI's expanded Ethernet portfolio will include Global Data Link Ethernet (GDLE) Services, an end-to-end global private line service, that allows customers to simply connect geographically dispersed local and wide area networks via a highly secure, reliable and scalable platform. Service will initially be available from the U.S. to several European countries, including the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

MCI will also add Ethernet as an access option to the company's flagship MPLS-based VPN and fastest growing service, Private IP. In addition to Frame, ATM, and IP access to Private IP, customers will have a choice of Ethernet access in the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific, giving them more flexibility in building a LAN-to-WAN infrastructure that is ideal for carrying converged applications, like Voice over IP (VoIP). As a result, customers using Ethernet can tap into the quality of service and robust reporting capabilities of Private IP.

"MCI's ability to deliver local-to-global Ethernet solutions is filling an important void in the marketplace," said Nancy Gofus, MCI senior vice president of Product Management. "By enabling companies to extend their local area networks beyond the metropolitan area to reach their global business centers, MCI is helping businesses to manage large quantities of data around the world more simply and cost effectively."

Delivering on the company's Converged Packet Access (CPA) technology trials announced today, MCI is offering secure, end-to-end Ethernet solutions over a private infrastructure to support new applications, like storage, that businesses are demanding to handle the growing volume of corporate data. With CPA, MCI can provision a single Ethernet connection to carry multiple services across its network. MCI's new Ethernet data services are ideal for companies in the financial, healthcare, entertainment and education industries, especially those required to meet new industry regulations for data replication and archiving, and the support of new online applications.

One of the first to utilize MCI's next-generation Ethernet platform is the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc. (CME), enabling its electronic trading platform that carries nearly 70 percent of its trading volume. Powering its global trading platform--CME Globex--the exchange offers MCI's Private Line Ethernet Services to connect more than 600 customers so trades are quickly received and transacted. CME will also utilize MCI's Ethernet Services to keep up with the rapid growth and international expansion of its e-trading platform into seven new European hubs as well as open its first Asia-Pacific hub this summer.

"With more and more trades being conducted electronically around the world, every millisecond counts," said John Hart, director of Network Infrastructure for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. "It's critical that our trading platform deliver top-notch performance and availability for our customers worldwide, and we rely on MCI's Ethernet Services to retain a competitive edge."

MCI's new Ethernet offerings will be available on-net via MCI's fiber-lit buildings and off-net in select locations beginning in July. Unlike traditional data pricing models, MCI's Ethernet services are sold on a per megabit basis, meaning the customer only pays for what they need. MCI supports its suite of Ethernet services with comprehensive service level guarantees.

In mid-2004, MCI announced its next-generation, local-to-national Ethernet capabilities which are available today, including U.S. Private Line Ethernet Services to connect business locations nationwide, Metro Private Line Ethernet Services to connect business sites within the same region, MCI Storage Transport Service to enable companies to more easily implement storage area networking solutions (SANS), and Internet Dedicated Ethernet Service to allow companies to connect to the Internet using very high bandwidth, ranging from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps.
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