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 WASHINGTON and DALLAS, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- DSC Communications Corporation (NASDAQ-NMS: DIGI) and MCI announced today the signing of an agreement providing for the delivery of DSC's next generation Digital Cross-Connect platform. The Integrated Multi-Rate Transport Node (iMTN) is expected to be a primary element in MCI's evolving support of wideband and broadband Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) transmission services. The contract is a multi-year agreement, further terms were not disclosed.
 More than a traditional "SONET-ready" cross-connect system, DSC's iMTN combines broadband, wideband and narrowband matrices and integrates Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) capabilities to meet future broadband integrated service digital network (B-ISDN) requirements. At the same time, iMTN reduces network operating cost through single point, highly automated operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning (OAM&P) controls.
 According to Frank Kozel Jr., MCI's senior vice president of network implementation, "Our network architecture has been designed to be powerful, intelligent and flexible. The iMTN is an excellent complement to these key network objectives, particularly as we continue our next major network evolution."
 The iMTN is a transport system capable of managing the entire range of North American SONET and international Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) bandwidth, from voiceband to broadband ATM services. With its fully integrated functions, iMTN eliminates back-to-back multiplexing between discrete cross-connect systems, reducing cost and complexity. The system's ability to grow to very large capacities supports revenue- producing opportunities such as video-on-demand, switched T1/T3 and customer control.
 Michael R. Bernique, DSC's vice president, transmission products division, stated that, "This commitment to purchase DSC's next generation digital cross-connect further strengthens our long-term relationship with MCI. Over the years, we have provided MCI the industry's most advanced equipment and software for use in its network, one of the world's leading telephony network architectures. We look forward to a strengthening of this relationship as iMTN helps MCI to improve further its revenue generating B-ISDN infrastructure."
 In today's telecommunications environment, iMTN provides traditional cross-connect functionality. In tomorrow's all-SONET/SDH environment, iMTN will perform a variety of signal-processing functions, some of which are yet to be fully defined. During the interim period, iMTN offers a seamless transition between asynchronous and SONET transmission, as well as a graceful evolution towards B-ISDN.
 In addition to network interfaces at standard asynchronous and synchronous rates, the iMTN architecture includes a pool of on-demand resources which are brought on-line automatically as they are needed. These resources include multiplexers, mappers and a digital signal processing capability. This resource pool is open-ended, allowing other applications, including those yet to be defined by industry standards, to be added later. This will permit new transmission standards to be incorporated and new customer applications to be developed without changing the basic platform.
 The distributed architecture of the iMTN, combined with extensive equipment redundancy, reflects DSC's strong emphasis on network survivability and flexibility. This same architectural approach also permits in-service expansion from the smallest system to the largest with no traffic interruptions.
 DSC Communications Corporation is a leading designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of digital switching, transmission, access and private network system products for the worldwide telecommunications marketplace. iMTN is a trademark of DSC Communications Corporation.
 MCI Communications Corporation (NASDAQ-NMS: MCIC), headquartered in Washington, offers a full range of domestic and global telecommunications services through one of the world's largest state-of- the-art networks. The company, with 1992 revenue of more than $10 billion, is the second largest long distance provider in the U.S. with more than 65 overseas offices in 55 countries.
 -0- 11/18/93
 /CONTACT: Jim Collins of MCI Corporate News Bureau, 800-289-0073 or 202-887-3320, or Terry Adams of DSC Communication, 214-519-4358/

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