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First International Calling Plan to Offer Two-Way Savings: Calling and
 Receiving; MCI Combines Best of Brands: Friends & Family,
 1-800-COLLECT and Friends Around the World
 WASHINGTON, Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- MCI, the fastest growing carrier of international calls, announced today Friends Around the World Anytime, the only international calling plan to offer customers savings when they make or receive international calls -- with up to 40 percent savings on international collect calls. Friends Around the World Anytime also offers savings during more hours than any other international calling plan.
 "International callers not only make overseas calls, they also want to receive calls from their friends and family overseas. Now, for the first time ever, they can benefit from savings on both types of calls," said Angela O. Dunlap, president of MCI Consumer Markets. "Friends Around the World Anytime offers the lowest-priced international calls consumers can make to two international numbers with more savings during more hours than any other international calling plan."
 When making international calls from the United States, Friends Around the World Anytime offers expanded calling plan hours -- nearly three times more hours than AT&T offers -- during which customers can benefit from the best international plan rates to more than 250 countries and places worldwide. The two Friends Around The World Anytime rate periods result in savings seven days a week to commonly called countries such as China, Russia, Vietnam, Poland and Argentina.
 With Friends Around the World Anytime, MCI provides the lowest priced international collect calls available today. For the next six months, MCI customers will receive savings of up to 40 percent (vs. AT&T rates) on international collect calls from their friends and family members overseas. Customers also receive a 25 percent discount on international MCI Card calls to other customers in their Friends & Family Calling Circle.
 Dunlap added, "MCI's Friends Around the World Anytime plan eliminates the confusion of first and additional minute charges and multiple time periods, so that customers always know exactly how much the call will cost anytime they pick up the phone.
 "Before Friends Around the World Anytime, international calling was confusing. Complex calling plans, differing rate periods and limited phones outside the U.S. made placing and receiving international calls not only difficult, but frequently impossible. MCI's Friends Around the World Anytime makes it more convenient than ever to call during mutually beneficial hours," explained Dunlap.
 MCI immediately provides its existing international calling plan customers these new savings benefits with automatic enrollment in Friends Around the World Anytime.
 Friends Around the World Anytime can be combined with any of MCI's residential savings programs, such as the highly successful Friends & Family, which provides an additional savings of 20 percent below MCI's already low rates on calls to MCI Calling Circle members, saving its over 10 million customers millions of dollars annually.
 MCI launches today a national advertising campaign for Friends Around The World Anytime with television and print advertising which were developed by Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer/Euro RSCG.
 MCI is the exclusive provider of an International Savings Hotline, which customers can call toll-free 24 hours a day to automatically receive the MCI Friends Around the World Anytime rates on designated international calls. The MCI number is 800-858-5352.
 MCI, headquartered in Washington, provides in-language customer service in 9 languages, seven days a week, at no cost to the consumer. MCI also offers operator services in 11 languages and places billions of calls worldwide through one of the world's largest fiber optic networks. MCI offers consumers savings and superior customer service through a number of innovative global products and services including: Friends & Family, 1-800-COLLECT, the MCI VideoPhone, MCI Friends Around The World Anytime, MCI CALL USA and the MCI Card.
 -- A 10-minute international call from Los Angeles, CA to Beijing, China made during night hours costs $9.28 with Friends Around the World Anytime. The same call using AT&T's Reach Out World costs $12.57 -- a savings of 26 percent.
 -- A 10-minute operator-dialed AT&T international collect call from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to New York, costs $18.34. The same call using Friends Around the World Anytime from a Friends & Family Calling Circle member costs $10.96 -- a savings of 40 percent(A).
 (A) Customers simply provide one of 84 country-specific MCI CALL USA toll-free numbers to their friends and family abroad to receive international collect calls. Savings apply through April 30, 1994.
 -- Custom language calling cards with voice-prompted dialing instructions. The MCI Card is available in six languages including: Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese. MCI is the exclusive provider of custom language calling cards.
 -- Choice of two special international telephone numbers for a bonus 20 percent savings to those numbers, 24 hours a day.
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