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 SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 1 /PRNewswire/ -- McAfee Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MCAF), the leading developer of electronically distributed software, said today that corporations should not expect the anti-virus capability found in the newly released MS-DOS 6.0 to be a substitute for the quality products, service and support provided by McAfee. Based on initial responses from its customers, which include 66 of the Fortune 100 companies, McAfee concluded that the virus protection found in MS-DOS 6.0 is not a solution for corporate virus protection.
 John McAfee, founder and chief executive officer of the company, said that the new set of utilities in DOS 6.0 fail to deliver superior features or benefits to those of independent utility products, which he added is the general consensus of the industry. "In particular, Microsoft will have a difficult time matching the level of technical expertise and customer service for anti-virus software that is currently offered by McAfee Associates," he said.
 "McAfee is focused on the corporate environment. We understand our customer's need for high-level technical support, customer service and responsiveness, which we provide through highly skilled and trained staff and leverage with electronic distribution," McAfee said. McAfee's customers download products from the company's Bulletin Board System (BBS) or through online services such as CompuServe or the Internet. Users have direct access to the company through its customer support department, online services which provide 24-hour electronic support, and through a network of independent authorized agents around the world.
 McAfee, the leader in anti-virus software with a 62-percent market share, provides 24-hour electronic support to all users of its products, and updates are free for licensed users. Since products are available through electronic distribution, McAfee products cost significantly less than shrink-wrapped software and are updated more frequently. The company offers virus protection and general purpose utility software, designed for a wide range of platforms, including DOS, OS/2, Windows and NetWare. In ComputerWorld's 1992 Brand Preference Study, McAfee swept top honors in the anti-virus category for best service and support, best price/performance, best technology and most copies installed. McAfee also was honored as the anti-virus software company people prefer doing business with by ComputerWorld in 1992.
 Bill McKiernan, president and chief operating officer of the company, said that McAfee is not aware of any independent certification of the virus detection capabilities of MS-DOS 6.0. However, Central Point Software, the company that provided the virus protection software for DOS 6.0, has a 61-percent virus detection rate for the most recent version of its anti-virus product, according to an independent certification done in March 1993 against 1,956 viruses. This compares to a 96-percent detection rate for McAfee's virus protection software, according to the same certification. "In addition to superior virus detection, many other features are available through McAfee's anti-virus products that are not available with MS-DOS 6.0. In the corporate environment, the varying configurations, platforms and operating environments demand that software be flexible and configurable. These needs are simply not met by the few options available with DOS 6.0, especially when compared with the over 40 options available with McAfee," McKiernan said.
 "In order for virus protection, like that found in DOS 6.0, to work, the product's virus detection capability and feature set would have to improve significantly and corporations would have to completely adopt the new operating system throughout their organizations. In addition, the operating system company would need to gain the necessary virus expertise to properly support users," McKiernan said. "This poses a significant challenge to an operating system company to not only release virus protection updates regularly and distribute them, but to also be responsive to users who have virus specific emergencies."
 McAfee Associates Inc. trades on NASDAQ under the symbol MCAF, and is a worldwide vendor of personal computer software designed exclusively for electronic distribution. The company's primary product line includes software to prevent, detect, identify and remove computer viruses in personal computers and networks. McAfee also markets and distributes general purpose utility software for personal computers.
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 /CONTACT: William S. McKiernan, president & chief operating officer of McAfee Associates, 408-988-3832; or Betsy Truax of the Financial Relations Board, 415-986-1591, for McAfee/

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