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 LOS ANGELES, Dec. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- It's the merriest of seasons. And MCA/Universal Home Video is pleased to be a a part of this special time of giving. Nothing warms the heart like the gift of entertainment and this year we're offering some of our most exciting titles yet. Bring back old memories with the classics of Mae West and Marlene Dietrich, or spark new ones with cleverly animated children's programs like "Opus 'N Bill In A Wish For Wings That Work" and the "Back To The Future Animated Series." From exercise to monsters to America's favorite television programs, MCA/Universal Home Video has the hits.
 Hits like "Beethoven," Ivan Reitman's heartwarming comedy about a lovable St. Bernard who disrupts an unsuspecting suburban family. Starring Charles Grodin as the unwilling object of the cumbersome canine's slobbering affection. "Beethoven" is hilarious family entertainment. Rated PG-13. $19.98 suggested retail.
 Next, is the phenomenal bestselling "Callanetics" exercise line including, "Callanetics" ($19.98), "Super Callanetics" ($19.98), "Beginning Callanetics" ($19.98), "Quick Callanetics" ($14.98) and "AM/PM Callanetics" ($19.98). These unique exercise programs created by and featuring Callan Pinckney, present an effective approach to working out using safe, low-impact movements, to gain dramatic physical results. Not Rated.
 Multitalented actress/singer Dixie Carter, star of television's popular series "Designing Women," his developed an exercise regimen that involves yoga, stretching, dancing and deep breathing. "Dixie Carter's Unworkout" is the ideal routine to alleviate stress and deliver a more relaxed, toned and energized body. Not Rated. $19.98 suggested retail.
 Set out for more of the wild west with Fievel Mousekewitz and his family in the delightful animated series, "Fievel's American Tails." In three volumes with two episodes each, "The Gift, A Case Of The Hiccups;" "The Legend Of Mouse Hollow, Babysitting Blues;" "The Lost Mother Lode" and "That's What Friends Are For," these programs offer classic storytelling of heroes and villains, love and loyalty, family and friends, with an accent on fun and adventure. Not Rated. $12.98 suggested retail.
 Fast forward to the future in the three volume animated travel adventures of "Back To The Future," starring Marty McFly and wacky inventor Doc Emmett Brown. Fire up the Delorean for non-stop fun in "Vol. I Batter Up, Time Waits For No Frog," "Einstein's Adventure," "Clara's Folks" and "Brothers." Hold onto your flux capacitators for "Vol. II Dickens Of A Christmas," "Swing Low Sweet Chariot Race," "Forward To The Past" and "Verne Hatches An Egg." Volume

III finds Marty and Doc in "Go Fly A Kite," "Hill Valley Brown-Out," "The Money Tree" and "A Friend In Deed." From prehistoric times to ancient Rome to visits with Einstein, there's no telling where these time-travelers will end up next. Not Rated. $12.98 suggested retail.
 Speaking of the future, MCA/Universal Home Video offers five episodes of the quality animated series, "Exosquad." A futuristic saga about heroic young people in a quest to save mankind, Exosquad features Robbie Benson (Disney's "Beauty And The Beast") as the voice of Lt. Mace "J.T." Marsh. Join the popular E-Framed Exosquad in "Pirate Scourge," "Seeds Of Deception," "Hidden Terrors," "Blitzkrieg" and "Resist," as they battle the super-human Neosapiens with weapons of wit and high- generation robotics in these action-packed outer world episodes. Not Rated. $12.98 suggested retail.
 Everyone knows Casper the Friendly Ghost. Well, the happiest little haunter is back in these charming and funny Jan. 26, 1994 releases: "Casper's Outer Space," "Casper's Furry Friends," "Casper's Ghost Buddies" and "Casper's Secret Powers." These never-before-on-video animated comedy classics hold timeless appeal for children of all ages. Not Rated. $9.98 suggested retail.
 MCA/Universal Home Video's "The Little Engine That Could" is the only animated film release of this very special children's favorite. The inspiring tale of the brave Little Engine's courageous mountain journey features a dazzling original title song and colorful new characters. This brilliant adaptation of the best-selling children's classic book invites a new generation to overcome obstacles with the motivating words of the Little Engine, "I think I can! I think I can!" Not Rated. $12.98 suggested retail.
 "Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories" are lively animated versions of bestselling children's books in three volumes featuring Mercer Mayer's "There's A Nightmare In My Closet," "There's An Alligator Under My Bed" and "There's Something In My Attic;" "Patrick's Dinosaurs" and "What Happened To Patrick's Dinosaurs" by Carol Carrick; "Blumpoe The Grumpoe Meets Arnold The Cat" by Jean Davies Okimoto and Wanda Gag's "Millions Of Cats." Narrated by such favorites as Michael J. Fox, Christian Slater, Sissy Spacek and Martin Short, "Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories" were recently nominated for an Emmy and an ACE award and received an award from the Film Advisory Board. Not Rated. $12.98 suggested retail.
 From Amblin Entertainment comes a wondrous tale of wishes come true in "Opus 'N Bill In A Wish For Wings That Work." Berkeley Breathed's cherished comic strip characters, Opus the unique penguin and his buddy, Bill the scraggly alley cat, set out on a grand Christmas adventure in entertaining animated tale for the whole family. Not Rated. $12.98 suggested retail.
 Ten new uniquely eerie "classic monsters" releases are sure to add to any video library. Monsters abound in this science fiction and horror line-up including, "Revenge Of The Creature," "The Creature Walks Among Us," "Island Of Lost Souls," "The Invisible Man," "Invisible Agent" and Lon Chaney Jr. in "The Ghost Of Frankenstein," "The Mummy's Tomb," "The Mummy's Ghost," "House Of Dracula" and "The Mummy's Curse," Not Rated. $14.98 suggested retail.
 Mae West, the sultry queen of the double entendre, sizzles in the nine-volume, "The Ultimate Mae West Collection." Not only sexy but deliciously witty, West heats up the screen in "Belle Of The Nineties," "Night After Night," "Every Day's A Holiday," "Go West Young Man," "Goin' To Town," "I'm No Angel," "Klondike Annie," "My Little Chickadee" and "She Done Him Wrong." Not Rated. $14.98 suggested retail.
 No one can hold a candle to Mae West -- except the gorgeously sultry Marlene Dietrich. "The Marlene Dietrich Collection," available on videocassette, features "Shanghai Express," "Golden Earrings," "Scarlet Empress," "Dishonored" and co-starring John Wayne and Randolph Scott in "Pittsburgh" and opposite Gary Cooper in "Morocco." Not Rated. $14.98 suggested retail.
 Quality television has made its way onto video in five very special editions of "Northern Exposure." Rob Morrow, Janine Turner, and a cast of extraordinary individualists, star in the first episode, "Cicely, Spring Break," "Aurora Borealis" and "Northwest Passages." Winner of several media awards, including an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, "Northern Exposure" is an original combination of warmth, quirkiness and humor -- off the beaten path. Not Rated. $14.98 suggested retail.
 And finally, Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell star in five episodes of the new-to-video, hugely successful, "Quantum Leap." Bakula portrays brilliant scientist Sam Beckett, and Stockwell is Albert, his holographic guide, as they work to return Sam to his present time and help mankind along the way in "Quantum Leap Pilot - 1956," "The Color Of Truth - August 8, 1955," "Camikazi Kid - June 6, 1961," "Catch A Falling Star - May 21, 1979" and "What Price Gloria - October 16, 1961." Not Rated. $14.98 suggested retail.
 Other classic collectibles perfect for holiday gift giving include The Preston Sturges Classics: "Christmas In July," "Hail The Conquering Hero," "The Great McGinty," "The Lady Eve," "The Palm Beach Story," "The Great Moment" and "Sullivan's Travels" ($14.98 suggested retail); "Amazing Stories" and some of Abbott and Costello's funniest films like: "Abbott And Costello Meet The Mummy," "Abbott And Costello In Society," "Here Come The Co-Eds," "Little Giant," "Lost In Alaska" and "One Night In The Tropics" ($14.98 suggested retail).
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