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Articles from MBR Bookwatch (December 1, 2007)

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101 Family Vacation Games: Have Fun While Traveling, Camping, or Celebrating at Home. Granier, Leslie 398
A Big Apple Christmas. Plach, Lori 525
A Carol for Christmas. Windsor, Regan 494
A Geometric Analysis of the Platonic Solids and Other Semi-Regular Polyhedra. Fisher, Cherie 323
A Grave Breach. Cooper, A.J. 587
A New Promise. Plach, Lori 491
A Prairie Day with Annie. Cowper, Mary 149
Adopted Paws. Phenn, William 434
Aging Parents, Aging Children: How to Stay Sane and Survive. Blake, Richard R. 362
And Nobody Got Hurt 2! James, Dylan 348
Angel In A Bubble. Plach, Brianne 208
Battlefilm. Blake, Richard R. 455
Beaser the Bear's Rocky Mountain Christmas. Windsor, Regan 628
Betwixt. Johnson, Mary 411
Beyond Adam & Eve: 50 Things You Need to Know Before You Get to Heaven. Blake, Richard R. 453
Blue Schwartz and Nefertiti's Necklace: A Mystery with Recipes. Zaborowski, Regan 333
Bones Of The Dead. Dunford, Michael 188
Bones of the Dead: A Novel. Lovitt, Paige 439
Butterfly Kisses. Conner 256
Celebrating the Spirit of Christmas. Windsor, Regan 361
Cha-Cha and Zee Explore San Antonio. Plach, Brianne 189
Chaco Astronomy. Dunford, Michael 185
Chew on Things Workbook for Fellow Worriers. Sullivan, April 411
Chew on Things--It Helps You Think. Sullivan, April 400
Children of the Slaughter: Young People of the Holocaust. Zaborowski, Spencer 424
Christmas Memories: A Keepsake Book from the Heart of the Home. Plach, Lori 277
Cloaked in Darkness. Kisner, Lisa 248
Coinage of Commitment. Baumgartner-Jackson, Olivera 722
Colonial Christmas Brides. Windsor, Regan 675
Compendium Of Scottish Silver II. Taylor, John 153
Coping With Crisis: A Counselor's Guide to the Restabilization Process. Lovitt, Paige 431
Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Spiritual Energy. Watson, Irene 264
Daisy Dooley Does Divorce. Granier, Leslie 399
Damselflies: An Ancient Mirrors Tale. McCurley, Ian 367
Damselflies: An Ancient Mirrors Tale. Lovitt, Paige 418
Dear John. Plach, Lori 354
Death on Sacred Ground. Barry, Karma 296
Desert Cut: A Lena Jones Mystery. McClellan, Anita D. 745
Egrets to the Flames. Sullivan, April 383
Eight Wild Nights: A Family Hanukkah Tale. Granier, Leslie; Lopez, Nicholas 208
Elfhunter: A Tale of Alterra, The World That Is. Fisher, Cherie 396
Evolution. Vogel, Paul T. 243
Feed. Greenspan, Able 150
Finding Father Christmas: A Novella. Blake, Richard R. 354
Fixing American Healthcare. Blake, Richard R. 410
For the Love of Rachel: A Father's Story. Blake, Richard R. 399
Friends Unlikely. Lovitt, Paige 411
Gateways to the Otherworld. Greenspan, Able 162
Gert Garibaldi's Rants and Raves: One Butt Cheek at a Time. Joy, Tabytha 298
God Is in the Small Stuff at Christmas. Plach, Lori 261
God, When Will You Answer My Prayers? Cowper, Mary 145
Golden Apples. Weldon, Ben 350
Gringos in Paradise: Our Honduras Odyssey. Fisher, Cherie 392
grl2grl: Short fictions. Holt, Casey 387
Hanukkah Moon. Plach, Brianne 171
Hanukkah! Plach, Brianne 151
Have A Jesus Filled Day. Cowper, Mary 153
Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? Cooper, A.J. 351
Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall. Franze, Kirby Jo 427
Heirloom Cookbook. Baumgartner-Jackson, Olivera 520
How to Cook for Crohn's and Colitis. Watson, Irene 300
Iggy Peck, Architect. Granier, Leslie; Lopez, Nicholas 264
Infamous Eve. Lovitt, Paige 399
It Takes a Lot of Love. Granier, Leslie; Lopez, Nicholas; Lopez, Marissa 291
It's Hanukkah Time! Granier, Leslie; Lopez, Nicholas 207
Just Family Favorites (Christmas at Home). Plach, Lori 226
Just for Kids Cookbook (Christmas at Home). Plach, Brianne 195
Kendra Kandlestar and the Door to Unger. Plach, Brianne 304
Lacey's Day. Lovitt, Paige 474
Landmark Status. Blake, Richard R. 445
Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten. Santana, Reina; Peralta, Samuel 201
Love Bug (Snuggle-Me Stories). Conner 219
Love Dance: Awakening the Divine Daughter. Lovitt, Paige 425
Mother Goose Rhymes (Finger Puppet Storybooks). Conner 201
My First Pirate Book & Treasure Chest (Everything ... Pirates!). Zeda, Eric 149
My Journey to Peace with PTSD. Lovitt, Paige 510
My Name is Funky ... and I'm an Alcoholic. Vogel, Paul T. 255
New England Summertime Cooking. Baumgartner-Jackson, Olivera 522
Night of the Living Eggnog (Wiley and Grampa #7). B., Anneliese 136
No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You! Plach, Lori 286
No Stress Tech Guide to ACT! 2007. Greenspan, Able 160
Northlander. Judah, Emily 501
Olive Oil Baking. Watson, Irene 236
Once Upon a Blue Moon (The Chronicles of the Blue Moon). Plach, Brianne 179
Outdoors Online. Vogel, Paul T. 120
Personal Best (Sports Stories). Plach, Brianne 257
Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road. Benninghoff, Linda 434
Puwaii Adventures with Joliea & Friends. Peralta, Gabriel 119
Rathbone the Rat. Granier, Leslie; Lopez, Nicholas; Lopez, Marissa 304
Rebellion of Thought. Greenspan, Able 138
Remember the Aloe, Moe: Book Two in the Out of Texas Series. Fisher, Cherie 391
Romeo and Juliet: Manga Shakespeare. Keith, Erin 240
Rooke's Island: The Prophesy of the Staring Eyes. Buenker, Anneliese 174
Sammy Salami. Peralta, Samuel 259
Sammy Spider's First Hanukkah. Granier, Leslie; Lopez, Nicholas 290
Secrets from the Sofa. Lovitt, Paige 381
Senior Smart Puzzles. Cowper, Mary 119
Seniorwriting: A Brief Guide for Seniors Who Want to Write. Blake, Richard R. 371
Silly Sentences ABC. Conner 256
Silly Stories (A Play It Again Book). Zeda, Eric 258
Snow Books. Taylor, John 307
Sole Shoes: Nate the Skate In Search of His Mate. Plach, Brianne 296
Specific Gravity. Fisher, Cherie 374
Stewards of the Flame. Lovitt, Paige 443
Stories Behind Christmas. Baumgartner-Jackson, Olivera 469
Stress Down & Lift Up. Fisher, Cherie 405
Stuff To Die For. Taylor, John 203
Sylvia, Rachel, Meredith, Anna. Sullivan, April 463
The Almost Moon. Fisher, Cherie 342
The Author's Guide to Planning Book Events: Tips and Tools for Bookselling Success. Tichelaar, Tyler R. 543
The Azura Stones. Plach, Brianne 228
The Bicycle Book. Taylor, John 165
The Blockage: Rethinking Organizational Principles for the 21st Century. McClellan, Anita D. 716
The Case for Christmas. Blake, Richard R. 380
The Choice. Conrad, Tammy Petty 691
The Christmas Train. Cooper, A.J. 514
The Civil War Paintings of Mort Kunstler, Vol Three: The Gettysburg Campaign. Watson, Irene 201
The Day I Hit a Home Run at Great American Ball Park. Barry, Karma 279
The Holmes and Watson Mysterious Events and Objects Consortium. Buenker, Anneliese 254
The House With Dirt Walls. Johnson, Mary 398
The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies: A John McIntire Mystery. Hammack, Tara 505
The Last Boat. Barry, Andrea 385
The Legend of the Candy Cane. Plach, Brianne 207
The Lovely Bones: Deluxe Edition. Conrad, Tammy Petty 657
The Night Before Christmas. Plach, Brianne 144
The Philosophy Of Rich. Dunford, Michael 184
The Rozabal Line. Dunford, Michael 126
The Shadow Mouse of Everjade. James, Dylan 389
The Success of Robert Fitzgibbons. Weldon, Ben 341
The Vagabond Virgins: A Hickey Family Mystery. Hammack, Tara 369
The Wonder of Boys: The World Through a Boy's Eyes. Watson, Irene 180
The Wonder of Girls: The World Through a Girl's Eyes. Watson, Irene 193
The Ziz and the Hanukkah Miracle. Plach, Brianne 235
Thinking Organized for Parents and Children. Conrad, Tammy Petty 449
To Catch a Mermaid. B., Anneliese 197
Toot & Puddle: I'll Be Home for Christmas. Granier, Leslie; Lopez, Nicholas 331
Touchdown Alexander: My Story of Faith, Football, and Pursuing the Dream. Plach, Lori 467
Vinny the Bug Man: The Journey Begins. McCurley, Ian 181
Watch Your Words: The Rowman & Littlefield Language-Skills Handbook for Journalists. Blake, Richard R. 311
What To Do When People Get on Your Nerves! Tichelaar, Tyler R. 807
What's the Big Deal About Jesus? Plach, Lori 418
When Did Jesus Become Republican? Granier, Leslie 402
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Vogel, Paul T. 161
Winter Blossoms: And Other Poems. Blake, Richard R. 315
Wolf Dawson. Lovitt, Paige 402
Woodstock History and Hearsay, 2nd ed. Watson, Irene 223
You've Gotta Fight Back! Baumgartner-Jackson, Olivera 555
YUM! Tasty Recipes from Culinary Greats. Watson, Irene 381
Zone Mind, Zone Body. Landes, Vicki 418

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