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MB Tech Completes Tests of 'Metabox' for U.S. Market.

LAS VEGAS -- MB Tech Inc. (OTCBB: MBTT) announced today that it has successfully tested Metaware's "Metabox" in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show.

Metabox is the trade name of Metaware's branded line of set-top box solutions which are designed for multiple satellite and cable solutions. The products range in capability and functionality from a basic receiver tuner to high-end digital DVR and gaming combinations.

The Metabox tested in Las Vegas was for the free-to-air satellite receiver tuner using a 36-inch parabolic dish antenna, and was able to recognize and display the intended free-to-air satellites in use over North America.

"This is important as Metaware plans to market its Metabox products in the United States and throughout North America where prior to now they have operated primarily in Europe, Asia and the Middle East," said Hanwook Bae, president of MB Tech.

MB Tech recently announced an agreement to acquire an interest in Metaware.

Metaware Co. Ltd. is a digital telecommunications company headquartered in Anyang City, South Korea. Metaware, with approximately 120 employees in five countries, is the maker of various digital set-top box solutions and other products for the cable and satellite industry.

Metaware has been in business since 1996 as a pioneering company in the digital television delivery revolution. Information about Metaware's management, facilities and products can be found on its Web site at

MB Tech serves the satellite television market as a provider of hardware and bundled solutions, and is expanding to serve the satellite radio and military hardware and solutions sectors. MB Tech manufactures, distributes and/or markets several proprietary solutions that differentiate it from competitors, including active and non-active auto-tracking (portable and stationary) flat antennas, a mobile phased shift array antenna, and a marine antenna.

MB Tech pioneered advancements like the dual-horn LNB, which allows multiple set-top boxes to be connected to a single satellite dish, enabling viewing of multiple channels simultaneously on different television monitors, and a tri-horn LNB, which provides the ability to download signals from multiple satellites over a single dish. Information about MB Tech is available at their Web site at

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Date:Jan 10, 2006
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