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MAYOR CATCHES HIS LADY MAYORESS IN BED WITH CHAUFFEUR; Religion teacher's antics spark punch-up.

A MAYOR who drank sherry with the Queen Mum has caught his wife romping in bed with his trusted chauffeur.

While His Worship Chris Perkin was out doing his civic duty, his good Lady Mayoress Ann was doing hers with driver John Hudson.

But Ann, a religious education teacher at a girls' grammar school, was caught in the act in bed by Chris, 45, when he came home early from council business.

A scuffle broke out and Chris's once-loyal driver John, 50, fled with a bruised cheek.

It was the SECOND time the lovers had been caught - a few months earlier the chauffeur's wife Jean came home early and found them in the marital bedroom.

When Jean, 50, demanded to know what was going on her husband replied: "I'm only trying on my new pyjamas."

Now both marriages are on the rocks - and last night furious Jean told the Sunday People: "This whole betrayal has ripped my family apart.

"She's an RE teacher, for goodness sake - she should be showing others an example.

"What the girls at her school and her own children will think is beyond me. It is all a horrible shame. To think I wasted 30 years of my life on a man who has run off with the mayoress.

"I loved him so much and I've tried to talk sense into John but it's hard to stay calm when he's having sex with someone else in your bed. That really hurts."

Mum-of-four Ann and John - whose official title was Deputy Sergeant at Arms - fell for each other on the day Chris was sipping sherry with the Queen Mother.

As mayor of Faversham, Kent - part of the historic Cinque Port Federation on the South Coast - he was invited to an annual reception hosted by the Queen Mum who is honorary head of the ports. Chris asked his chauffeur to keep his wife company in the grounds of Walmer Castle, Kent, while he was making polite conversation with the royal visitor.

But the couple fell for each other and were soon deep in an illicit affair.

The chauffeur's wife Jean, a minibus driver, became suspicious when her husband failed to come home some nights and told her he had stayed with friends.

Then one day she went home from work early. The mum of two said: "I heard noises coming from the bedroom.

"As I ran along the corridor I saw Annie dive into the bathroom with a towel wrapped round her while my husband lay on the bed in his pyjamas.

"I had an absolute fit but he just told me not to be so stupid and that he'd been trying on his new pyjamas.

"By the time Annie came out of the bathroom she was fully dressed and said she had been all along. Before we could finish the argument I had to go back to work.

"When I came home the house was empty and I didn't see my husband for a couple of days."

Jean, married for 28 years, decided to put up with her husband's cheating because she still loved him. But she said she knew the couple were still having sex.

"There would be times I knew they'd been in my bed because the sheets were rumpled and smelled of her perfume."

Meanwhile the mayor, married for 20 years, was also becoming suspicious about his wife.

Rumours were flying round the ancient market town that Ann, head of religious education at Highsted girls' grammar school in nearby Sittingbourne, was having an affair. Three weeks ago Chris decided to find out if the whispers were true.

When Ann thought her husband was on council business he went home and crept in a side door.

He heard voices upstairs and found his wife on the bed with his chauffeur.

A fight broke out and John left the four-bedroom house with a bruised cheek.

Jean said: "I wish the mayor had knocked his block off - it would have done us all a favour.

"I've finally come to my senses and filed for divorce. I believe the mayor should do the same. Annie and John have done so much harm to us and to Faversham."

Chris is now staying with friends and plans to move to London when his two-year term as Lib Dem mayor ends in April.

Last night he confirmed his wife was having an affair.

But Ann claimed the chauffeur was "just a friend". She said: "I'm going through a marriage break-up and this is a hard time - John is a shoulder to cry on."

John has resigned from his post in embarrassment and is now caretaker of the town's guildhall.

It's not the first sex scandal for a mayor of Faversham. In 1550 mayor Thomas Arden was murdered in his parlour by hitmen hired by his wife Alice and her lover Tom Mosbie. Alice and Mosbie were burned at the stake and the killers were hanged.
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Author:Palmer, Pascale
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 27, 2000
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