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MAXM Database Advisor for IMS.

BMC Software, Inc. have released MAXM Database Advisor for IMS, a new enterprise data management solution designed to reduce down the costs associated with managing IMS databases by increasing database administrator (DBA) productivity and availability of business data.

The new solution helps customers to utilise their DBA resources, by enabling them to focus on tasks that are more critical to the business. It also provides users with the ability to access this solution through a Windows based interface (based on the SmartDBA console)

MAXM Database Advisor for IMS is claimed to be the first product of its kind that proactively advises customers of their reorganisation needs, enabling DBAs to conserve data management resources by eliminating "guess work" and unnecessary maintenance. Automating many of the day-to-day maintenance processes and avoiding unnecessary reorganisation, enables valuable DBA resources to be dedicated to more critical tasks such as strategic planning and database design. The solution's built-in intelligence uses database performance and space metrics to identify and predict database problems.

The MAXM Database Advisor also forecasts when problems will occur and recommends the best available solution to solve or prevent the problems, letting the DBA select the database problems to prevent, choose from the recommended solutions and submit or schedule a job to prevent the problems.

This proactive notification gives the DBA advance warning so that required database maintenance can be planned and scheduled in such a way as to have minimal impact on existing service level agreements. It also dynamically determines if scheduled reorganisations are necessary and the job proceeds only if the analysis determines that the reorganisation is necessary.
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Date:Sep 1, 2003
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