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MaxLinear Inc. has begun working with Intel Corporation and Cable industry leaders, including Charter, Comcast and Cox, on a new family of 10 Gigabit ready gateway platforms for the home.

The new platforms will support 10 Gigabit Full Duplex DOCSIS 3.1 (FDX) to deliver multi-gigabit upload and download speeds. MaxLinear is currently developing a new front-end SoC for these platforms based on its patented Full-Spectrum Capture (FSC) technology that includes sophisticated diagnostic and spectrum management capabilities. The front-end will include high speed connectivity to Intel's next-generation gateway SoC. Intel's SoC will offer powerful computing and networking performance and is architected for a wide range of WAN, LAN and WLAN use cases to help MSOs achieve optimal performance and improve Quality of Service (QoS).

The MaxLinear IC, along with Intel's next-generation gateway SoC, will be highly optimized to provide the greatest level of integration while maintaining system design flexibility to support future evolution of implementations. The modular nature of this solution ensures a simple, non-disruptive, path to potential future DOCSIS standards.

10 Gigabit FDX platforms are capable of symmetrical multi- gigabit upstream and downstream performance by re-using available RF spectrum for both upstream and downstream signals while maintaining support for legacy DOCSIS modems and set-top boxes, enabling a scalable deployment.

Market timing and performance targets of the optimized FDX chipset are tightly aligned with major cable multi-system operators (MSOs) and cable modem hardware vendors. Design concepts are currently in trials with existing discrete components provided by MaxLinear and Intel and are undergoing rigorous real-world pre-testing with industry partners.

10 Gigabit and symmetrical performance are the next wave of services needed in broadband and FDX is a significant step forward for home connectivity, said Will Torgerson, Vice President & General Manager of the MaxLinear Broadband Group.

The growing number of devices, large amounts of data and immersive experiences in the home are going to require 10 Gigabit connectivity that deliver faster speeds and more capacity, said WK Tan, Vice President and General Manager, Intel's Connected Home Division. That is why Intel, the cable industry, and companies such as MaxLinear, are working together to deliver cutting-edge 10 Gigabit technologies to power tomorrow's ultra-connected homes.

About MaxLinear, Inc.

MaxLinear, Inc. (NYSE:MXL) is a provider of radio frequency (RF), analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for the connected home, wired and wireless infrastructure, and industrial and multimarket applications. MaxLinear is headquartered in Carlsbad, California.

For more information, visit or call 760/692-0711.

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Date:Feb 1, 2019

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