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CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 21, 1995--MathSoft, Inc., (NASDAQ: MATH) the leading developer of technical calculation software, today announced on-time shipment of Mathcad 6.0 PLUS Professional for Windows, its flagship product and the first in the industry to integrate World Wide Web (WWW) and Lotus Notes connectivity, messaging, authoring features, and powerful math, science and engineering calculation tools in a single environment.

Priced at $349.95, Mathcad 6.0 PLUS gives scientists, mathematicians, engineers, researchers, students and business professionals a wealth of enhancements in usability, programmability, data analysis and visualization, communications and collaboration, and electronic authoring. Mathcad 6.0 is a 32-bit Windows application that runs under Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT and Windows 95. Mathcad 6.0 PLUS is available through leading computer software resellers and retailers in the United States and Canada and through distributors overseas.

Beta users have reacted positively to the numerous enhancements in Mathcad 6.0. "6.0 delivers a number of features I've wanted as a long-time Mathcad user, but also a wealth of new tools for computation, analysis, documentation and information-sharing. It's a powerful package," said William G. McKinley, principal electro-optical system engineer, Litton's Itek Optical Systems, who uses Mathcad for modeling and evaluation of systems at Itek.

Mathcad 6.0's enhancements include:
o Over 120 "QuickSheets" for learning and using Mathcad quickly and
o Enhanced text formatting with live math embedded in text;
o A new visual, interactive programming environment that uses live
 and extensible math notation;
o An easy-to-use calculator-like palette for entering and editing
o Innovative animation technology for producing and viewing "movies"
 of live graphs and data;
o Powerful new statistics and data analysis functions;
o Lotus Notes connectivity, allowing users at Lotus Notes sites to
 build and manage databases of standard or project-specific analyses;
o "Web-Aware" and unique "hotlink" capabilities that let users embed
 and follow links between documents on the WWW or in Notes databases.
 This creates a global "Mathcad Web" of technical information;
o The ability to build libraries of functions that can be used by
 other Mathcad users.

"We've been receiving a very strong reception for Mathcad 6.0 in our core technical professional market. It's also been generating a great deal of interest in the higher education market where we're placing new emphasis," said Charles Digate, President and Chief Executive Officer. "Moving forward, Mathcad 6.0 will serve as a platform for launching related products for the consumer and secondary school markets. Overall, Mathcad will be the product that enables the creation and sharing of technical information around the world."

Users of Mathcad 5.0 Standard Edition, Mathcad 5.0 PLUS or earlier versions may upgrade to Mathcad 6.0 Standard Edition for $49.95 or to Mathcad 6.0 PLUS Professional Edition for $149.95. To upgrade, users may call 800-806-9085. As previously announced, Mathcad 6.0 Standard Edition and Mathcad 6.0 Student Edition will ship in August.

MathSoft product information may be obtained via the World Wide Web at, by phone at 617-577-1017, by fax at 617-577-8829 or via mail at 101 Main Street, Cambridge, MA, 02142.

MathSoft, Inc. (NASDAQ: MATH) is the leading developer of mathematical software and Electronic Books for desktop computers. Founded in 1984, the company develops Mathcad, a live, interactive environment for mathematics work in a variety of fields, including engineering, science and education. Mathcad is currently available for PC, Macintosh and UNIX workstations; and in German, French, Spanish and Japanese. MathSoft is the publisher of the Mathcad Library of Electronic Books, which includes over 50 fully interactive titles. MathSoft's Statistical Sciences (StatSci) division, located in Seattle, Washington, produces the S-PLUS interactive data analysis and programming environment for scientific and technical data.


Mathcad, Electronic Books and the MathSoft logo are trademarks of MathSoft, Inc.

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MathSoft, Inc. LNS Communications

617-577-1017 ext. 741 617-577-9777
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Date:Jul 21, 1995
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