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MATERIAL GIRL; Lisa Snowdon talks fashion blunders in her new TLC series Your Style In His Hands and why she'd only let her new boyfriend pick out her clothes...


Lounging on a luxurious cream sofa in the Soho Hotel's library, dressed in a chic pair of cowboy ankle boots, black skinny jeans and a sexy white lace top, Lisa Snowdon is one stylish lady.

And with a lucrative modelling career and various successful TV fashion shows under her belt, it's fair to say she may be one of the most qualified people to style herself.

But, Lisa reveals she would happily hand over the fashion reins to her new boyfriend and let him dress her.

She says, 'My boyfriend's actually really quite good, so I think I would let him, but I don't think I'd let anybody else. If people had asked me that in the past I would have said absolutely not, but he's got quite a good eye.'

Although Lisa, 42, doesn't reveal who her new partner is, she does say, 'We've been photographed together and that's all you need to know. He's not in the business as such, and we've vowed to each other that we're not going to talk about it publicly, all I'll say is he's quite good with female clothes and styling,' she laughs. 'That's kind of it really, we're happy!'

Her revelation comes just as the Capital Breakfast DJ is set to return to our tellies for the second series of the hit TLC show, Your Style In His Hands.

The makeover show hands over PS5,000 to men who are tasked with giving their female partners a top-to-toe transformation and a whole new wardrobe, which leads to some 'interesting' ensembles.

Lisa explains, 'When the men have free rein they think, I'll be a little bit risque, I'll get a few little sexy bits here and there. But it's about understanding your partner and that's initially what escapes them.

'Obviously throughout the process they get it, she's not the kind of woman who wears thigh-length ten-inch heels, she's never gonna be, so why would I attempt this along with some hotpants and a shredded T-shirt? You kind of think, come on now you should know your partner better than this.'

Though the show could teeter on the edge of becoming the manifestation of a man's sexual fantasies, Lisa insists it's quite the opposite.

She explains, 'Their choices aren't sl**ty but actually very feminine, they go a bit too uber-girly feminine as opposed to provocative or inappropriate. It's quite cute though, they say to me 'look at this pretty pink dress with lots of frills,' and you're just thinking no!'

Despite this, Lisa seems overwhelmed by the positive effect the show has on the women. She says, 'It's a chance for them to be reintroduced to their body, it's a lovely awakening and that gets me every time, I'm still crying when I'm in the editing room doing the voiceover!'

And Lisa's also full of tears of laughter when she presents the Capital FM breakfast show every morning with Dave Berry, despite having to get up at 4am.

The most recent Capital Breakfast game that went viral was Bum Bum Bongos, a nod to Nicki Minaj and Nelly's Get Like Me music video. The DJs decided to play the bums of every guest they had on the show

Lisa explains, 'Dave played Miley Cyrus' bum, I gave Harry Potter a good banging, and then James Corden banged me. People don't know what they're going to get when they come to the Breakfast Show.'

Despite a relentless public interest in Lisa's love life, after being in a five-year relationship with Hollywood hunk George Clooney, the Welwyn Garden City-born stunner doesn't seem to mind the questioning. 'No, it's not annoying,' she sighs. 'It's quite refreshing when I leave an interview and I'm like, my God did you hear that, they didn't ask me anything about my love life or ex's, it's a f****** miracle, but I've come to expect it.'

She adds, 'I'm a girl, I love a gossip, I love to know who's dating who and what's going on, I love all that stuff too so I'm guilty of that.'

Although she's accomplished in many different fields, including writing travel articles and cooking, Lisa only passed her driving test in 2010, at 38-years-old.

She says, 'I passed late but now I have the most amazing car and I can't believe I waited this long to drive. I was coming back from my niece's first birthday and I was singing away to Justin Timberlake and Pharrell and the sun was out and I just thought, I've been an idiot all these years, I love it, it's pure freedom.'

Her car has even helped her enjoy her Sundays that little bit more, including leisurely drives to visit her family. 'Sundays are so good if I've had a lovely sleep the night before and I haven't been out drinking,' she admits. 'I either go out and get the papers, grab some coffee and sit in the flat or I'll make pancakes or go out for breakfast. Every other Sunday I go to my dad's and see my sisters and my nephew and niece and we have a big roast or we meet at the pub and my nan comes along. So Sundays are usually quite sociable, and involve a lot of eating.'

Lisa's not one to skimp on her food, and although admitting she enjoys eating healthily, she'll not deprive her body of chocolate if that's what it wants.

'I love all food, there's only a few things I don't really like, jellied eels, anchovies and pickles,' she says as she munches on a mini muffin. 'But burgers, chicken wings and stuff I try and keep to once a week. I try and exercise three times a week, it doesn't always happen because of work, and life gets in the way. But I try not to beat myself up, if I fancy chocolate I eat it.'

Talking about food, Lisa's delighted to be teaming up with Steve Jones to present a brand-new live Channel 4 Saturday morning show, Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose.

'Yes, it'll be another early start for me,' she says, 'But it's really exciting because it's right up my street, it's a little bit of cooking and lifestyle, it's going to be really fun.'

Each week there'll be a different A-list celebrity chef including Heston Blumenthal, Angela Hartnett and Raymond Blanc.

She admits, 'There will be proper legends in the kitchen and restaurant world, I'm going to be quite starstruck actually.'


Lisa helping the guys to style their partners on the new series of Your Style In His Hands, and left, with Dave Berry her Capital FM radio co-host.
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