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MASTORing new languages.

Star Trek is inspiring more technological innovations. IBM Researchers have designed a device similar to the Star Trek Universal Translator--a real time, speech-to-speech, language translator. You'll be able to speak into the device in your language, and the device will translate it into spoken word in the native language of the person you're talking to,

The official name is Multilingual Automatic Speech-to-Speech Technology, but IBM calls it MASTOR. The research builds on other IBM translation products such as ViaVoice Translator, software that lets you type in a phrase in one language and hear it in another.

In the current pre-original Star Trek series Enterprise (set circa 2150), the characters use an early version of the Universal Translator and a human linguistics expert to communicate, and even then it's a struggle to get the translation right. So, even though IBM says it has some work to do before MASTOR is ready for prime time, it's still about 150 years ahead of Star Trek.
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