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MAS Awards: nominations solicited.

The Awards and Resolutions Committee seeks nominations from the membership at large for awards to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences:

* Outstanding Contributions to Science

Recognizes a member of the MAS whose research, teaching, or service to the community has significantly furthered the cause of science

* Dudley F. Peeler Outstanding Contributions to the Mississippi Academy of Sciences Award (Peeler Award)

Recognizes a member of the MAS for long-term service to the Academy itself.

* Community/Junior College Science Teacher

Recognizes a member of the MAS with outstanding accomplishment in the teaching of science at the community or junior college level

* Secondary Science Teacher

Recognizes a member of the MAS with outstanding accomplishment in the teaching of high school science

These awards recognize the exceptional contributions of fellow MAS colleagues. To nominate a current MAS member for any of these awards, please specify the award category and submit the following:

a. two supporting letters from members of the Academy having firsthand knowledge of the nominee's accomplishments

* Nominees for the Outstanding Contributions to Science should exhibit a commitment to the acquisition, dissemination, and application of scientific knowledge. An extensive research publication record by itself is not the only criterion on which nominations are considered.

* Nominees for the Peeler Award should exhibit long-term, fundamental contributions toward the advancement of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences.

* Nominations for either of the Science Teacher Awards must include a summary of the nominee's science teaching achievements as well as a summary of outstanding achievements of the nominee's students.

b. curriculum vitae of the nominee

* Include educational background, professional experience, current position and work address, and both daytime and evening phone numbers as well as any other information considered to be pertinent for a specific award.

c. additional letters of support (optional)

* Letters of recommendation from persons who are not MAS members will be accepted but are not required.

Send nominations to:

Dr. Kenneth R. Butler, Jr., Chair

MAS Awards and Resolutions Committee

219 Crescent Court

Brandon, MS 39047

If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the Chair at 601-984-4939 [office] or 601-750-7043 [mobile] or

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Publication:Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences
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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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