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MARZIPLANET OF THE APES; have my cake and eat it giant male gorilla's not for sharing No one is stealing treat from silverback Ambam.

Byline: matthew young

ONE of the biggest gorillas in the world celebrated his 27th birthday in style yesterday.

Silverback Ambam - who walks on his hind legs just like a human - munched down on a tasty two-tiered carrot cake topped off with hardboiled eggs.

Alpha male Ambam rules the roost at Port Lympne wildlife park near Ashford in Kent - and none of the 20 western lowland gorillas in his troop were prepared to challenge him for his birthday treat.

And it was no wonder as, standing on his back legs, he proudly showed off his well-earned belly and impressive 34st frame for the cameras.

You'd have to be living on a different planet to think of tackling the king of the apes.


PRIM-ATE Pretty soon, Ambam has scoffed the lot

ME? Silverback Ambam finds his two-tiered carrot cake treat topped with hard-boiled eggs

TASTY The 27-year-old alpha male western lowland gorilla tucks in undisturbed by his troop

STANDING TALL Ambam shows off his impressive 34st frame. Pics: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 14, 2017
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