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ACKLINGTON December 28 North East Livestock Sales sold 25 prime cattle and 1978 sheep comprising 1409 lambs and 569 cast ewes and rams.

Cattle All classes nicely sold. BB hfrs 228p, 227p, 219p Nesbit, Lim hfrs 218p Chibburn, 218p, 216p Stamford, Lim strs 215p Widdrington, 214p Chibburn.

Lim strs 1417, 1365, 1360 Chibburn, Lim hfrs 1312, 1270 Nesbit, 1295 Chibburn, 1280 Oakdene Grange.

Lambs All types of quality very good to sell.

SQQ 194p. Heavies 180p. Sale overall averaged PS86 (46.5kg).

Texels 109, 104, 97 Linden Hill Head, 107, 95 South Ryal, 105.50, 101, 99.50 South Bellshill, 97 Preston Mains, 96.50 Corneyside, Suffolks 101, 97 Warton, 100 South Rennington, 97 Sharperton Edge, 94 Braeside, Beltex x 101, 100 Old Deanham, 100 East Ditchburn, 100.50, 94.50 South Bellshill, 98 Howick Scar, 96.50, 94.50 Cramond Hill, 93.50 South Rennington, 93 Howick Estate, Cheviots 92 East Ditchburn, 86 High Fodderlee.

Beltex 239p (38 k), 214p Howick Scar, 230p, 221p, 217p, 215p, 212p Cramond Hill, 222p, 220p, 212p Howick Estate, 215p South Bellshill, Texel 220p, 205p Linden Hill Head, 211p, 208p Glanton Town, 209p Castle Hills, 208p Banktop, 204p Corneyside, Cheviots 202p Ferneybeds, 200p South Broomford.

Ewes Well away to average PS69 overall.

Pure Suffolks 131 Nesbit, Texels 120 Middleton Mill, 119, 113 Low Hall, 105, 100 Banktop, 100 Hope House, 100 Newton Red House, Suffolk x 104, 97 Banktop, 100, 94 Chester Hill, 97 South Ryal, East Coldside, 94 Castle Hills, 90 Newham Hall, Haredene, Half Bred 109 Nesbit, 88 Warton, Cheviot 80 Glanton Town, Mules 70 Chester Hill, Holystone, Stamford, 68 Banktop, Black Face 60 Holystone, Blagdon Burn, 56 Alnham, Romney 81, 70 White House Folly, Logie Rams 110 Newton Red House.

WOOLER December 27 Harrison & Hetherington held its weekly Primestock sale of sheep when it sold 103 lambs, also 57 ewes and rams.

Lamb numbers shorter due to inclement weather conditions and festivities.

All classes dearer. Leading Prices per head: Texel: PS100, PS87.50p Ford Dairy, PS85 Kettleburn (2), PS84 East Newburn, PS83 Kettleburn, PS82.50p East Newburn, PS82 Village Farm, West Longridge, Kettleburn, PS81.50p West Longridge. Suffolk: PS81, PS80 Kettleburn, PS80 West Longridge. Mule: PS71 East Newburn.

Leading prices per kilo: Texel: 210p East Newburn, 197.6p Village Farm, 195.2p West Longridge, 184.4p, 182.2p Kettleburn, 181.2p West Longridge. Suffolk: 177.8p West Longridge.

Ewes a straight trade.

Leading prices per head: Texel: PS120 Ford Dairy, PS80 Haugh Head. Suffolk: PS75 Haugh Head. Mule: PS58 Haugh Head.

Rams: Blackface: PS60 Ingram Farm.

BARNARD CASTLE December 27 408 prime lambs and 88 cast sheep met a flying trade. Prime lambs averaged 183ppk Top price per kilo was 198p for a pen of 5 Continental lambs from SB Hooper & Son, Brockersgill Farm, Middleton In Teesdale.

Closely followed by a Texel lamb at 196p from ER Thompson, High Corn Park, Baldersdale and 195p for a pen of 10 continental lambs from AWSM Farms, Dalton Fields, Newsham.

Top price per head was a Texel lamb at PS95.80 from ER Thompson, High Corn Park, Baldersdale, closely followed by a Continental lamb at PS94.20 from LF&HC Wood, Marwood Green, Marwood.

Other leading prices per kilo: 193p, 188p S Richardson (cont) 193p, 178p A Hobson (cont) 192.5p GS Dixon (belt) 191p, 175p J Walton (cont.) 189p, 174p JG Stanwix & Son (cont) 188p, 184p, 180p DA&AM Gill (cont) 186p, 175p SB Hooper & Son (cont) 186p, 172p, 170p A&EJ Dobinson (cont/mule) 184.5p, 174.5p J&SE Bainbridge (cont) 184p A Hobson (cont) 184p, 182p, 176p LF&HC Wood (cont) 183p, 179.5p AWSM Farms (cont) 180p, 179p RW&H Atkinson (cont) 179.5p Burrell &Wood (cont) 178p, 174p M Wood (Tex) 178p (x2) KA Armstrong (cont) 174p ER Thompson (Cont) Other leading prices per head: PS91.80, PS80 M Wood (tex) PS88.80, PS85.80 PS84.20, PS81.20 JG Stanwix & Son (cont) PS83.20 ER Thompson (cont) PS82.80, PS80.20 J&SE Bainbridge (cont) PS82.80, PS79.80, PS76.20 DA&AM Gill (cont) PS82.80, PS80.20, PS73.80 A Hobson (tex/mule) PS82.80, PS79.80 AWSM (cont) PS81.80, PS78.80, PS75.80 A&EJ Dobinson (cont/mule) PS80.20, PS79.20, PS77.20 A Hobson (mule/cont) PS79.80 Burrell &Wood (cont) PS79.20, PS77.20, PS76.20 LF&HC Wood (cont) PS78.80, PS78.20 S Richardson (cont) PS78.20 (x2) KA Armstrong (cont) PS78.20 J Walton (cont) PS75.20 RW&H Atkinson (BF Leic) PS75.20, PS73.20 SB Hooper & son (cont) PS74.80 GS Dixon (belt) PS72.20 AWSM (cont) CAST SHEEP Top-priced ewes were a pair of Suffolks at PS86.50 from J&B Stanwix & Son, Grange Farm, Whorlton.

Leading prices Ewes: Continental: PS84.50, PS75.50, PS64.50 DA&AM Gill Mule: PS80.50 (pen of 20), PS68.50, PS65.50 J&B Stanwix & Son PS78.50 JE&E Dobson & Son BF Leic: PS81.50, PS57.50 J Peart Zwartble: PS69.50 Blackface: PS61.50 DA&AM Gill Swale: PS48.50 DA&AM Gill Herdwick: PS46.50 DA&AM Gill Top price of PS94.50 in the Ram section was achieved by two vendors JE&E Dobson & Son, White Kirkley Farm, Frosterley, and CA&J Kipling, Stone Close Farm, Scargill for a Texel.

DARLINGTON December 28 89 Bulls sold to 236ppk & PS1851 9 Steers sold to 218ppk & PS1521 19 Heifers sold to 249ppk & PS1533 2083 Lambs sold to 233ppk & PS108.50 741 Cast Sheep sold to PS125 Bulls - A few more about this week, trade however would be sharper.

A top price of 236ppk was achieved twice by different vendors. The first, was a Limousin consigned by JH & D Wise Preston Manor, he realised PS1739 and was purchased by J A Jewitt Ltd, Spennymoor.

The next one was a homebred British Blue, consigned by DA & MAM Brown, Agglethorpe Hall, he realised PS1498 and was purchased by Bowland Foods.

The lead grossing bull was a Limousin consigned by L W Aconley & Sons, East Cawthorne Farm. He realised PS1851 and was purchased by Worsley Wholesale Meats.

Bulls - Top prices per kilo 236x2 234 233 232 230 JH & D Wise. 236 228 220 DA & MAM Brown. 235 234 232 230 229 228 225 222 220 217 216 213 A G Watson & Sons. 235x2 234x2 233x2 230 228 226 215 L W Aconley & Sons. 235 234 232 228 213 212 JA Matten & Sons. 234 JK & CE Farming Ltd. 231 227 226 223 219 218 D Richardson & Co Ltd. 215 213 E W Grieves.

Lead Grossing Bulls PS1851 PS1836 PS1830 PS1815 PS1810 PS1805 PS1803 PS1778 PS1760 PS1708 PS1670 PS1610 L W Aconley & Sons. PS1783 PS1780 PS1733 PS1681 PS1668 PS1662 PS1655 PS1636 PS1614 PS1551 PS1512 A G Watson & Sons. PS1739 PS1603 PS1581 PS1577 PS1564 JH & D Wise. PS1689 PS1567 PS1554 PS1551 J A Matten & Sons. PS1612 PS1594 PS1556 PS1552 D Richardson & Co Ltd. PS1534 DA & MAM Brown. Friesian Bulls - Top prices per kilo 185 171 166 149 D Lupton. 177 171 165 R Hall & Son. 171 E W Grieves. 155 A S Chapman. 146 144 J Musgrave.

Lead Grossing Friesian Bulls PS1342 PS1231 PS1103 R Hall & Son. PS1196 PS926 PS870 D Lupton. PS1155 E W Grieves.

PS894 PS889 J Musgrave.

Clean Cattle - Due to the Xmas holidays, only a few clean cattle forward, trade would be similar to last week. Top price ppk & the lead grossing beast was a Homebred Blonde D' Aquitaine Heifer, consigned by W J Scott Ltd, Low Leam. She topped the market at 249ppk, realising PS1533, and was purchased by Bowland Foods.

Steers - Top prices per kilo 218 J E Beadle & Son. 215 194 M J Croft. 207 205x2 J M Hall. 204 203 Askwiths.

Lead Grossing Steers PS1521 J E Beadle & Son. PS1455 PS1407 PS1301 J M Hall. PS1421 PS1281 Askwiths. PS1261 PS1180 M J Croft.

Heifers - Top prices per kilo 249 238 237 229 227 220 219 W J Scott Ltd. 234 228 Askwiths. 224 201 J E Beadle & Son. 209 WJ & A Bowes & Sons. 207 206 201 D H Lawson.

Lead Grossing Heifers PS1533 PS1520 PS1506 PS1499 PS1488 PS1434 PS1423 W J Scottt Ltd. PS1404 PS1338 J E Beadle & Son. PS1387 PS1370 PS1285 W J Bowes & Sons. PS1320 PS1242 PS1208 D H Lawson.

Lambs - A lot of weight forward, all lambs well sold on the day, returning an overall average of 187ppk. Top price was 233ppk for a single lamb consigned by JA Birkbeck, Danotty Hall - it realised PS88 and was purchased by W Piper, Butchers, Houghton Le Spring. The lead grossing lambs were a pair of Texels consigned by J & A Moralee, Hardriding Farm - they realised PS108.50 and were purchased by John Penny & Sons, Rawdon.

Lambs - Top prices per kilo 233 J A Birkbeck. 231 C R Raine & Son. 226 217 J C Simpson. 223 S H Farrow. 223 212 AS & G Donaldson. 223 198 196 L Oliver & Partners. 222 209 198 T B Hunter. 219 W Denham. 211 210 N G Beveridge. 207 C Boocock. 210 206 T Patchett. 207 RE & L Frank. 205 H Cowton. 204 202x2 J & A Moralee. 202 W Denham. 199 J Thompson & Sons. 198 M & A Gaskin. 197 J Norman. 196 T H Richardson & Sons. 196 W.K M.M Lamb.

Lead Grossing Lambs PS108.50 PS101 PS99 PS92 J & A Moralee. PS107 C Boocock. PS104 AS & G Donaldson. PS103.50 PS99.50 R O Gilson. PS103 M & A Gaskin. PS102 JC & A Hutchison. PS101 PS98 PS96.50 PS95 T B Hunter. PS101 PS97.50 A F Hall. PS101 PS95 PS94 JR & M Richardson. PS100.50 J & A Layfield. PS100 J A Birkbeck. PS99 J & A Layfield. PS99x2 WA Dinsdale & Son. PS98 N G Beveridge. PS97 W Denham. PS95 H Cowton. PS94.50 PS92.50 J C Simpson. PS93.50 T Patchett. PS93.50 C Morris. PS91.50 J Thompson & Sons.

Cast Sheep - A similar trade on the week for all classes. Top price was PS125 for a pen of Texel Ewes consigned by T Nesbitt & Son, Alwent Hall, which were purchased by Yorkshire Halal Meat.

Lead Grossing Cast Sheep PS125 PS95 T Nesbitt & Son. PS121 PS85 J P Floyd. PS116 PS93 PS91x3 G & GH Tomlinson. PS110 RE & L Frank. PS102 J Woodward & Sons. PS99 PS95 PS93 380 I Spedding. PS99 N G Beveridge. PS98 PS85 M & A Gaskin. PS95 PS79 D A Gill. PS95 W Denham. PS90 J & A Moralee. PS87 PS85 PS83 PS76 K Norman Farms. PS86 PS80 T B Hunter. PS83 PS77 C Morris. PS79 W D Aynsley. PS79 A Rooke & Sons. PS78 D & AM Bayles. PS76 W.K M.M Lamb.

ST BOSWELLS DECEMBER 27 At St Boswells on Wednesday 27th December, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of cattle and sheep Sold 26 Clean Cattle, 52 Cast Cows, 978 Lambs and 172 Ewes Bullocks (8) averaged 222p per kg and sold to 250p (+2.0p on the week) Heifers (18) averaged 226p per kg and sold to 276p (n/c on the week) 52 Cast Cows averaged 124p per kg and sold to 157p (n/c on the week) Top Price PS1117 978 Lambs averaged 185p per kg (+3.5p on the week) and sold PS105, top price 229p per kg for Beltex Lambs.

172 Ewes averaged PS54 and sold to PS103 for Texel Ewes. Heavy Ewes averaged PS74, light ewes sold to PS57 for Cheviot ewes and averaged PS35.

Quality handyweight cattle sold to extreme rates and were short of requirements.

Clean Cattle per head: Bee Edge PS1617.36, Longnewton PS1605, Bee Edge PS1499.40, PS1485.92, Crookhouse PS1463, Bee Edge PS1455, Coxydene PS1453.76, Wester Ulston PS1369.50 Clean Cattle per kilo: Bee Edge 276p, 255p, 251p WTS Forsyth & Sons, 250p Denholm Meat Supplies, Longnewton 250p JA Waters & Sons, Wester Ulston 249p J Saunderson Ltd, Wester Ulston 238p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, 236p Shaw Fine Meats, Coxydene 236p Shaw Fine Meats Cast Cows per head: Ruletownhead PS1117.50, Whitriggs PS1064.74, Bowshiel PS1026.74 Cast Cows per kilo: Whitriggs 157p, 149p, Ruletownhead 149p, Whitriggs 145p, Burnhouse Mains, Bowshiel 143p, Whitriggs 139p (2), Marigold 139p, Coxydene 137p A similar show of lambs forward with trade a touch sharper. Top price was PS105 for a pen of pure Texel Tup Lambs from Elmscleugh, and top price per kilo was 229p for a fantastic pen of Beltex lambs from Crookston.

Lambs per head: Texel: PS105, PS100 Elmscleugh, PS100 Doddie'5 Weir Trust (New Blainslie), Green Acres, Roxburgh Mains, PS97 Threepwood (2), PS95 Elmscleugh, Roxburgh Mains, PS94 Threepwood (2), Green Acres, PS92.50, PS92 Huntington, PS90 Upper Huntlywood, New Blainslie, Corsbie, Thornington, Beltex: PS97 (2), PS95, PS94 Crookston, PS89.50 Wester Ulston, PS87.50, PS84.50 Threeburnford, Suffolk: PS94 Bonjedward Mill, PS92 Thornington, PS90 Belmont, Bonjedward Mill, Corsbie, PS86.50 Blegbie, PS86 (2) Belmont, PS85 Corsbie, North Country Cheviot: PS87 Haltree, PS83 North Synton, PS82 Towford, Haltree, PS81.50 Haltree, PS80 Adderstonshiels, Greyfaced: PS86 Heriot Mill, Cheviot Mule: PS82 Towford, Charollais: PS80 Berryhill Lambs per kilo: Beltex: 229.3p Crookston, 223.8p Wester Ulston, 222.2p, 219.5p Threeburnford, 213.5p Crookston, 210.8p Threeburnford, 190.2p, 183p Crookston, Texel: 221.3p Kedzlie, 216p, 211.5p Huntington, 210p New Blainslie, 209.5p North Synton, 208.6p Wester Ulston, 206.3p Upper Samieston, 204.5p New Blainslie, 204.3p Threepwood, 203.6p Huntington, 203.5p Upper Samieston, 198p, 197.8p, 195.6p Threepwood, 194.4p New Blainslie, 194p Threepwood, 193.2p New Blainslie, 192.3p Doddie'5 Weir Trust (New Blainslie),190.9p Huntington, Suffolk:196.5p Wester Ulston, 190.9p Belmont, 185.6p (2) Graden, North Country Cheviot: 194p Haltree, 193p North Synton, 186.9p, 186.4p Towford, Charollais: 184.1p Berryhill, Greyfaced: 172.1p Bedrule.

Ewes: Texel: PS103 Elmscleugh, PS80 Currie Inn, PS77 Ashcraig, PS70 West Mains, Ednam, Zwarble: PS100, PS80 Lintlaw, Suffolk: PS81 Currie Inn, Beltex: PS70 Broomiebank, Greyfaced: PS67 Ashcraig, PS61 Graden, Bluefaced Leicester: PS65 Broomiebank, North Country Cheviot: PS57 Wester Ulston, Lleyn: PS51 Upper Samieston, Easycare: PS49, PS40 Girrick, Blackface: PS47 Broomiebank, PS44 Elmscleugh
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