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SCOTS GAP November 2 Scots Gap Mart sold prime lambs to PS92 per head and 207ppkg, both lots from Messrs Thompson, The Fawns. The heavy sorts were presented by Daniel Thompson at 56kg and sold to Ben Gray, while father Adam sold a smart pen at 39kg for PS81 to Jamie Curle.

Cast sheep sold to PS93 for a pen of big Texel cross ewes, also from The Fawns, to Jeff Dunn. More numbers are required to fulfill buyer demand.

Prime Sheep Prime Lambs Texel x - PS92 The Fawns, PS87 The Chesters, PS84 & PS81 The Fawns, PS80 West Grange, PS80 (x2) The Chesters, PS80 The Fawns, PS80 Grangemoor, & PS78 The Fawns 207.7p, 190.0p The Fawns, 186.1p The Fawns, 182.9p Rugley Walls, 181.8p (x2) The Chesters, 177.8p Grangemoor,176.2p Dene House,175.0p (x2) Rugley Walls, 171.4p Dene House, & 170.7p Bingfield East Quarter Suffolk x - PS84 Grangemoor, PS83.50 The Chesters, PS82.50, PS80 (x3) Grangemoor & PS79 The Chesters 181.8p (x2), 173.9p Grangemoor & 163.6p Dene House Blackface - PS60 & PS56 The Brigg 160.0p & 150.0p The Brigg Mule - PS74, PS71 & PS70 Pitland Hills 145.8p Pitland Hills Cheviot x - PS60 The Brigg 150.0p The Brigg Cast Ewes and Rams Texel x - PS93, PS80.50 & PS78 The Fawns, PS78 Angerton Broom House Mule - PS59 & PS52.50 Angerton Broom House Blackface - PS55.50 & PS49 Dunns Houses, PS47.50 Longwitton ST BOSWELLS October 31 Weekly primestock sale Sold 57 clean cattle, 74 Beef Cows, 1577 Lambs and 729 Ewes Bullocks (17) averaged 216.1p per kg and sold to 240p (+10.7p on the week) Heifers (39) averaged 211.6p per kg and sold to 240p (n/c on the week) 1 Y Bull sold to 178p (n/c on the week) 74 Beef type Cows averaged 114.2p per kg and sold to 185p (n/c on the week) 1577 Lambs averaged 171.6p per kg (+1.6p on the week) and sold to PS100, top price 213.6p per kg for Beltex 729 Ewes averaged PS54, and sold to PS105 for Texel Heavy ewes averaged PS74, light ewes sold to PS83 for Cheviot and averaged PS41 Principal Prices per head: Bee Edge PS1444.80, PS1417.26, Upper Nisbet PS1400.54, Bee Edge PS1389.20, Upper Nisbet PS1354.64, Jedderfield PS1348.48, Upper Nisbet PS1336.72, Lennoxlove PS1334.40 Principal Prices per kg: Lennoxlove 2.40 John Saunderson Ltd, Bee Edge 2.40 WTS Forsyth & Sons, Upper Nisbet 2.39 Denholm Meat Supplies, Seggarsdean 2.39 J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Penston 2.37 WTS Forsyth & Sons, Bee Edge 2.37 Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Upper Nisbet 2.36 WTS Forsyth & Sons, Papple 2.35 J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Lennoxlove 2.35 Shaws of Lauder, Papple 2.34 Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Wester Ulston 2.32 Shaws of Lauder, Bee Edge 2.30 Shaws of Lauder.

Cows per head: Wester Middleton PS1425.06, PS1376.40, Kersknowe PS1374.10, Graden PS1362.14, Trows PS1343.10, Upper Blainslie PS1232.16, Cows per kg: Wester Middleton 1.85, Graden 1.69, Upper Samieston 1.65, Wester Middleton 1.57, Kersknowe, Upper Blainslie 1.51 Lambs - Sharper with more weight about. Lambs per head: Texel PS100 Elmscleugh, PS92.50 Threepwood, PS91.50 Corsbie, PS88 Earlston Mains, Mossilee, Huntington, Craigsford Mains, PS87 Kedzlie, PS86.50 Corsbie, Lee, Suffolk PS96 Headshaw, PS89 Huntington, Corsbie, PS88 Lee, PS86 Thornington, Woodside (2), Bedrule, PS84 Threepwood, Woodside, Beltex PS94 Heriotsfield, PS90 Threeburnford, PS87 Craighouse, PS86 Lylestane, PS85.50 Craigsford Mains, PS85 Threepwood, PS84 Lylestane (2), Craigsford Mains, Charolais PS81.50 Woodhouse, PS79 Foulshiels, Mule PS80 Lee, PS76.50 Threeburnford, PS76 Craighouse, PS75.50 Huntershall, PS74.50 Tollishill, Cheviot Mule PS79, PS77.50 Lylestane, PS77.50 Wester Ulston, PS76.50 Saughtree Lambs per kg: Beltex 213.6 Heriotsfield, 206.2, 192.5, 191.5 Craighouse, 202.5, 191.9 Lylestane, 200, 198.8, 195.2, 191.5 Threeburnford, Texel 200 Elmscleugh, Applecross, 198 Applecross,197.4 Helmburn, 191.3 Bedrule, 186.9 Earlston Mains, 186 Kilknowe, 184.9 Lylestane, 184.4 Kedzlie, 183.7 Edgerston Tofts, Suffolk 182.1 Dere Street, 179 Bedrule, 178.3 Huntington, 178 Woodside, 176.7 Saughtree, Mule 176.7 Craighouse, Cheviot Mule 176.1 Lylestane, Wester Ulston, 175.3 Dere Street, 174.4 Bedrule.

Ewes - Similar on the week. Texel PS105 Headshaw, PS90 Threeburnford, PS85 Helmburn, PS83 Headshaw, Corsbie, Torwoodlee, Bonjedward Mill, Suffolk PS101 Ladyflat, PS89, PS81 Legerwood, PS87 Ladyflat, PS85 Headshaw, Dere Street, PS80 Bowland, Charolais PS91 Ladyflat, Halfbred PS77 Bonjedward Mill, Cheviot PS83 Headshaw, PS69 Stagehall, PS51 Bowerhope, Gilmanscleuch, Mule PS63 Corsbie, PS62 Torwoodlee, PS59 Helmburn, Bogend, Legerwood, PS57 Broadmeadows, Cheviot Mule PS55 Gilmanscleuch, Blackface PS45, Huntershall, PS41 Burncastle, Huntershall, Elmscleugh, Borthwick Mains, Bowland, Emblehope, Threeburnford, Lee, Lleyn PS45 (2) Kidsheilhaugh Tups: Zwartble PS87 Stickleheaton, Blackface PS69 Hartside.

LOCKERBIE November 1 Store cattle A small offering of cattle was forward to the fortnightly sale, whereby all classes sold well. Topping the trade at PS950 was a Charolais bullock from Messrs JD Quigley & Sons, Craigielandshill, Moffat. Heifers sold to PS910 for a Limousin from Mr N Hall, Harlawhill Farm, Canonbie.

Leading prices per head: Steers: Charolais PS950, PS800 Craigielandshill, Simmental PS900, PS750 Maxwellbank, Aberdeen Angus PS875 Maxwellbank, PS805 Craigielandshill.

Heifers: Limousin PS910, PS800, PS740 Harlawhill Farm, PS900 (x2) Milnholm Farm, British Blue PS880, PS850, PS830 Todholes, Aberdeen Angus PS855 Maxwellbank.

Bull: Simmental PS600 Copewood Farm.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 3, 2016
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