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CARLISLE JUNE 22 CALVES On June 22, Harrison & Hetherington Limited held its weekly sale of calves. Another fantastic entry of 337 forward with a poorer show of continental calves which would be slightly easier on the week. A top price of PS530 came from East Newbiggin Farms for a Limousin bull calf. Native bred calves would be slightly sharper especially Angus heifers. Black and white calves would be cheaper than last week's excellent trade.

Leading Prices: Bulls: Limousin PS530, PS500 East Newbiggin, PS470 Home Farm, PS435 Brunt Hill, PS390 Street Head, PS380, PS355 Bluehills Farm, PS365 Castle Farm, PS330 Boggle Hall, PS300 Duckintree, Fleckvieh PS525 Aikton House, British Blue PS505 Gullielands Farm, PS500, PS375 Moss Side House, PS480 (x2), PS465 (x2) Smalmstown Farm, PS440 Low Greenside, PS440, PS395 The Lilacs, PS375 Meinfoot Farm, PS370, PS355 High House, PS365 Fauld Farm, PS360 Underhelm, PS355 Southerfield Hall, PS350 Pelutho Grange, PS350 Arlosh House, PS340 Aikton House, PS340 Park House, Aberdeen Angus PS450 Smalmstown Farm, PS370, PS310 Bluehills Farm, PS340, PS310, PS295 Hill House, PS330, PS310(x2) West House Farm, PS310, PS305, PS290, PS280 Fauld Farm, PS290 Riggheads, PS285 Geltside Farm, Hereford PS400 Castle Farm, PS310 Bluehills Farm, Simmental PS382 Underhelm, PS370 (x2) East Bowhill Farm, PS340 East Newbiggin, Charolais PS375 Barsalloch Farm, Montbelairde PS300 Hill House, PS290 Barsalloch, PS260, PS210 Colby Laithes, Holstein Friesian PS250 (x3), PS210 (x3), PS188 (x2) Smalmstown Farm, PS230 Nutholm Farm, PS225, PS155 Brunt Hill, PS210 (x2) Lane End Farm, PS210 Hesket Demain, PS200 Home Farm, PS190, PS180, PS160 (x2) Castle Farm, Galloway PS240 Woodside Farm, MRI PS185 Low Plains, Swedish Red & White PS160, PS105 Hill House, PS88 Geltside Farm, Jersey PS60 (x2) Cotehill Farm.

Heifers: British Blue PS520, PS475 Smalmstown Farm, PS500 (x2), PS470, PS435 Gullielands, PS480 The Lilacs, PS455 PS430 Crookdake House, PS430, PS380 PS375 Arlosh House, PS410 Low Greenside, PS410, PS380 Moss Side House, PS405 Castle Farm, PS390 Petteril Side Farm, PS375 Brackenhow, PS365 Shadwick Cottage, PS360 Pelutho Grange, Limousin PS460 Newbiggin, PS435 Street Head, PS435 Highwood Nook, PS430, PS400, PS330, PS320 Brackenhow, PS425 Castle Farm, PS395 Castle Farm, PS350, PS325 Nutholm Farm, PS345 Woodside Farm, PS310, PS295, PS260 Summerhill Farm, PS300 Woodside Farm, PS280 Beyond the Moss, Aberdeen Angus PS380, PS335 Street Head, PS320, PS300, PS255 West House Farm, PS305, PS300 (x3), PS295 Fauld Farm, PS290 Bluehills Farm, PS288 Nutholm Farm, PS245 Hill House, Charolais PS370 Aikton House, PS360, PS340 Barsalloch Farm, Hereford PS345 Smalmstown Farm, PS330 Castle Farm, Simmental PS275 Woodside Farm, Galloway PS220 Woodside Farm, Montbelairde PS145 Colby Laithes.

STORE CATTLE& WEANLINGS Harrison & Hetherington Ltd had forward 1208 head of cattle at its Weekly Wednesday Sale, comprising of a catalogued entry for the special June sale of Continental store cattle of 553 and 314 weaned stirks, 337 calves and 4 dairy cows.

Another busy day at Borderway with all rings experiencing a sound trade.

STORE CATTLE: An excellent entry of 553 store cattle were forward at the weekly sale, with an outstanding show of quality evident for the time of year. Top overall of the day was a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Batey, High Knells, Carlisle receiving PS1350. Followed by Messrs Tiffin, Wham Head, Penrith, who sold their Limousin steer to PS1330. British Blues topped at PS1240 twice from Messrs Grieve, Whiteside Farm, Hexham. Charolais to PS1235 for two steers from Messrs Batey, High Knells.

Heifers peaked at PS1260 for a marvellous Charolais cross from Messrs Vance, Bridgehouse, Wigtownshire. Limousin heifers sold to PS1230 from Messrs Whitfield, Orton Rigg, Carlisle.

Leading Averages: Batey, High Knells 8 average PS1265 Whitfield, Orton Rigg 3 average PS1185 Grieve, Whiteside Farm 5 average PS1166 Grey, Hainings 5 average PS1128 Kyle Spoutbank 4 average PS1128 Routledge, Old Silloth 6 average PS1124 Tiffin, Whamhead 3 average PS1120 Graham, Miller Hill 11 average PS1119 Wigham Riggshields 11 average PS1099 Priestley, Cracrop 7 average PS1088 Smith, Kelmore Hills 4 average PS1080 Moscrop, Ryeclose 6 average PS1078 Hitchell Farms 13 average PS1074 Neve, Riggfoot 5 average PS1073 Hall, Ainstable Hall 5 average PS1064 Dockeray, Park House 3 average PS1057 Leading prices: Steers: Limousin PS1350, PS1260 (x2), PS1170 High Knells Farm, PS1330 Wham Head Farm, PS1190 Stenries Farm, PS1170 Old Silloth Farm, PS1160 Halymyre Farm, British Blue PS1240 (x2) Whiteside Farm, PS1200 Riggshields, PS1175, PS1165, PS1155 Hainings Farm, Charolais PS1235 High Knells Farm, PS1185 Kelmore Hill Farm, PS1180 Riggfoot Farm, PS1180, PS1150 Old Silloth Farm, PS1170 Stenries Farm, PS1165 (x2) Spout Bank, PS1150 Whiteside Farm, Welsh Black PS1185 Hill Head Farm, Simmental PS1185 Hill Head Farm, PS1115, PS1110 Riggshields, Hereford PS1105 The Flatt, PS1095, PS1070, PS1055 Jerriestown, Aberdeen Angus PS1070 Wyseby Hill Farm, PS1000 Rye Close, PS995 The Grove, PS955 Lodge Hill, Beef Shorthorn PS980 Lodge Hill, Longhorn PS800 Wellhead. Heifers: Charolais PS1260 Bridgehouse Farm, PS955 Upper Higham Lane, Limousin PS1230, PS1170, PS1155 Orton Rigg Farm, PS1210, PS1200, PS1110 Cracrop Farm, PS1190, PS1170, PS1155, PS1100 (x2) Miller Hill, PS1140 Duncrahill Farm House, PS1140 Westgarth Hill, PS1140 Lairdlaugh, PS1120 Mawbray House Farm, PS1100 Stenries Farm, PS1100 Rose Farm, British Blue PS1190 Ainstable Hall, PS1135, PS1000 Osborne Farm, PS1105, PS1040 Hainings Farm, PS1100 Southerfield Hall, PS1060, PS1055 Park House, PS1060 Rose Farm, PS1035 Cracrop Farm, PS1030 Blackdyke Farm, Aberdeen Angus PS1055 Round Hill, PS950, PS910 Wyseby Hill Farm, PS940 Great Easby Farm, PS920 Kilnknowe, Simmental PS1030 Riggshields, PS970 Great Easby Farm, Blonde PS910 Wyseby Hill Farm.

WEANED CATTLE - A large show of 314 stirks were forward to a full ring side of buyers. Top price of the day was Messrs E Eve & Son, Stubbsgill Farm, Wigton who sold two 13 month old Limousin bulls to PS1560 and PS1360.

Leading prices: Bulls: Limousin PS1560, PS1360 Stubbsgill Farm, PS1010 Walton Woodhead, Aberdeen Angus PS760 Pond Farm, Fleckvieh PS750 Pond Farm, Holstein PS460 Coulderton House, Holstein Friesian PS430 West Moor End Farm.

Steers: Parthenais PS1070, PS1000 Hipsburn Farm, Charolais PS970 Hipsburn Farm, Limousin PS940, PS900 School Cottage, PS905 Mirefold Farm, PS900 Bridgestone, British Blue PS905 Mirefold Farm, PS875 Pasture House,
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 27, 2016
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