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DARLINGTON DECEMBER 3 Darlington Auction Mart had forward 317 Prime Cattle, including 177 Bulls. 54 Steers & 86 Heifers. 3490 Prime Lambs. 2007 Cast Ewes & Tups. 7 Prime Pigs.

Darlington Auction Mart held its annual Christmas Primestock Show. A wonderful show of cattle and sheep on the day saw a trade befitting the quality on offer. Many thanks to the judges on the day - Mr Harry Wood of Bowland Foods for judging the bulls, Mr Andrew Radford, Butchers, Sleights for the very difficult job of judging the Prime Cattle, and Mr Paul Watson, Dunbia Ltd for his judging of the Prime Lamb Classes. The winner of its class and the overall Champion Clean Beast was a Belgian Blue Heifer excellently presented by Michael & Angela Robinson, East Alwent Farm. Originally purchased out of Darlington Auction Mart from Mr Keith Stones, Nuncote Nook, the heifer set a new market record for a Clean Beast sold reaching just short of PS3000. She was eventually sold to Barnard Castle based Butcher, David Higginson of Castlebank Butchers for 490 pence per kilo. Reserve Champion and Best Homebred Beast on the day was a smart Brittish Blue Heifer consigned by R A Busby & Son, Harland House. She reached 460 pence per kilo, realising PS2314, she was purchased by Paul Garthwaite of H Taylor & Sons, Butchers, Darlington.

Champion Bull was a Belgian Blue consigned by J A Matten, Avenue Grange. He made 230 pence per kilo, realising PS1975 and was purchased by Pak Mecca Meats.

The Champion pen of Lambs were a pen of Texels consigned by N G Beveridge, low West House. They made 276 pence per kilo realising PS120 and were purchased by Mr David Higginson, Castlebank Butchers.

SUPREME CHAMPION Sold by M Robinson & Sons, East Alwent Farm, Staindrop.

Purchased by David Higginson of Castlebank butchers, Barnard Castle.

Christmas Fatstock Show - results as follow: Class 1 - Continental Bull - under 600kg - 1st J J Kemp, Elstob Hill Farm. 248 ppk, realising PS1431, purchased by A Mulholland, Butchers, Darlington. 2nd P & E Ellis, Lisern Farm. 228 ppk, realising PS1120, purchased by J & B Fitton, Cowlishaw Farm. 3rd T C Walton, Middridge Farm, 209 ppk, realising PS1380, purchased by Pearson wholesale Butchers.

Class 2 - Continental Bull - over 600kg - 1st J A Matten, Avenue Grange. 230 ppk, realising PS1976, purchased by Pak Mecca Meats. 2nd J A & M Boyes Ltd, Strathmore House. 216 ppk, realising PS1679, purchased by Pak Mecca Meats. 3rd M Boyes, Strathmore House. 210 ppk, realising PS1606, purchased by Pak Mecca Meats.

Class 3 - Holstein/Freisian Bull - 1st J Stanwix & Sons, Whashton Farm, 179 ppk, realising PS1030, purchased by Bowland Foods. 2nd R Hall & Son, Kilton Hall, 170 ppk, realising PS1071, purchased by Cleveland Meat Comp. 3rd Ridley, Mickley Moor Farm, 155 ppk, realising PS999, purchased by Bowland Foods.

Class 4 - Limousin/Blonde Steer - Under 550kg - 1st P & E Ellis, Lisern Farm, 258 ppk, realising PS1458, purchased by Castlebank Butchers. 2nd M Robinson & Sons, East Alwent Farm, 254 ppk, realising PS1377, purchased by H Taylor & Sons, Butchers, Darlington. 3rd M Robinson & Sons, East Alwent Farm, 230 ppk, realising PS1252, purchased by Cleveland Meat Company.

Class 5 - Other Breed Steer - Under 550kg - 1st J L Marks, Gilly Flatts, 258 ppk, realising PS1257, purchased by H Taylor & Sons, Butchers, Darlington. 2nd M Robinson & Sons, East Alwent Farm, 230 ppk, realising PS1169, purchased by Cleveland Meat Company. 3rd J L Marks, Gilly Flatts, 236 ppk, realising PS1251, purchased by Cleveland Meat Company.

Class 6 - Limousin/Blonde Steer - Over 550 kg - 1st I R Appleton, Pudding Poke, 230 ppk, realising PS1647 purchased by John Penny & Sons, Rawdon. 2nd J Weighell, Fox Grove Farm, 240 ppk, realising PS1472, purchased by Worsley Wholesale Meats. 3rd M Robinson & Sons, East Alwent Farm 268 ppk, realising PS1437, purchased by W Piper, Butchers, Houghton Le Spring.

Class 7 - Other Breed Steer - Over 550 kg - 1st J L Marks, Gilly Flatts, 240 ppk, realising PS1433, purchased by Cleveland Meat Company. 2nd M Robinson & Son, East Alwent Hall, 238 ppk, realising PS1431, purchased by W Piper, Butchers, Houghton Le Spring. 3rd M Robinson & Son, East Alwent Farm, 242 ppk, realising PS1421, purchased by W Piper, Butchers, Houghton Le Spring.

Class 8 - Limousin/Blonde Heifer - Under 500kg - 1st P & E Ellis, Lisern Farm, 270 ppk, realising PS1450, purchased by Castlebank Butchers. 2nd M Robinson & Sons, East Alwent Farm, 292 ppk, purchased by Worsley Wholesale Butchers. 3rd M Robinson & Sons, East Alwent Farm, 300 ppk, realising PS1218 purchased by Worsley Wholesale Meats.

Class 9 - Other Breed Heifer - Under 500kg - 1st R A Busby, Harland House, 460 ppk, realising PS2314, purchased by H Taylor & Sons, Butchers, Darlington. 2nd M Robinson & Sons, East Alwent Farm, 258 ppk, realising PS1368, purchased by John Penny & Sons, Rawdon. 3rd M Robinson & Sons, East Alwent Hall, 290 ppk, realising PS1230, purchased by Bowland Foods.

Class 10 - Limousin/Blonde Heifer - Over 500kg, 1st P Davison, Morley Farm, 246 ppk, realising PS1479, purchased by Worsley Wholesale Meats. 2nd Askwiths, Middle Mown Meadows, 235 ppk, realising PS1262, purchased by John Penny & Sons, rawdon. 3rd Askwiths, Middle Mown Meadows, 245 ppk, realising PS1441, purchased by John Penny & Sons, Rawdon.

Class 11 - Other Breed Heifer - Over 500kg, 1st M Robinson & Sons, East Alwent Farm, 490 ppk, realising PS2944, purchased by Castlebank Butchers.

Class 12 - Best Homebred Beast - From classes 4-11. 1st R A Busby, Harland House, 460 ppk, realising PS2314, purchased by H Taylor & Sons, Butchers, Darlington.

Class 13 - Lambs sired by a Suffolk Ram - 1st C Harle, Brandon Hall, 161 ppk PS80, purchased by West Scottish Lamb Ltd. 2nd A Crowder, Butsfield Farm,151 ppk, realising PS84, purchased by Fairfield Meats. 3rd A Crowder, Butsfield Farm, 145 ppk, realising PS85, purchased by Cleveland Meat Company.

Class 14 - Lambs sired by a Texel Ram - 1st N G Beveridge, Low West House, 276 ppk, realising PS120, purchased by Castlebank Butchers. 2nd S Blythman, New Sundial Farm, 174 ppk, realising PS83, purchased by W Piper, Houghton Le Spring. 3rd R E Frank, Crabtree Farm, 168 ppk, realising PS84, purchased by J A Jewitt, Spennymoor.

Class 15 - Lambs sired by any Continental Ram - 1st Ivanhoe Livestock, Wyville Grange, 198 ppk, realising PS87, purchased by Country Valley Foods. 2nd CV Whitfield, The Barn, 186 ppk, realising PS81, purchased by Euro Quality Lamb. 3rd Ivanhoe Livestock, Wyville Grange, 188 ppk, realising PS86.50, purchased by Yorkshire Halal.

Class 16 - Best Pen of Mule Lambs - 1st N White, Barf House,168 pence per kilo, realising PS80, purchased by Dunbia Ltd.

2nd S Thompson, Town Farm, 155 ppk, realising PS73, purchased by Dunbia Ltd. 3rd R I Jones, Biggin House Farm, 153 ppk, realising PS71, purchased by West Scottish Lamb Bulls - Top prices per kilo 248 208 J J Kemp & Son. 230 205 204 J A Matten & Sons. 228 P & E Ellis. 220 215 210x2 JK & CE Farming. 219 217 R A Busby & Son. 216 J A & M Boyes Ltd. 214 E W Grieves.

210 202 W C Stones. 210 RS Hall & Sons. 210 M Boyes. 209 T C Walton. 208 R A Patterson. 207 J & A Layfield. 207 J H & D Wise. 205 W J & A Bowes & Sons. 204 E W Grieves. 204 L R Welsh.

Lead Grossing bulls PS1975 PS1828 PS1803 PS1683 J A Matten & Sons. PS1693 PS1617 J J Horn. PS1678 J A & M Boyes Ltd. PS1670 Rochester & Murray. PS1614 PS1587 PS1582 A G Watson & Sons. PS1613 PS1562 T C Walton. PS1606 M Boyes. PS1579 PS1532 E W Grieves. PS1575 L R Welsh. PS1557 J T Layfield & Sons. PS1554 PS1534 Cheesebrough & Sons. PS1525 J H & D Wise. PS1521 W J & A Bowes & Sons.

Freisian Bulls - Top prices per kilo 179 165 159 J Stanwix & Sons. 170 150 R Hall & Son. 163 144 WE & CA Anderson. 160 159 156 155 152 R Ridley & Sons. 160x2 Newcastle University. 155 JK & CE Farming.

Lead Grossing Freisian Bulls PS1071 PS913 R Hall & Son. PS1054 PS999 PS998 PS987 R Hall & Son. PS1029 J Stanwix & Sons. PS974 JK & CE Farming. PS958 Newcastle University. PS940x2 PS925 J H & M Brown & Son. PS914 WE & CA Anderson.

Steers - Top prices per kilo 268 254 242 238 230x2 M Robinson & Sons. 258 240 236x2 JL Marks. 240 233 230 224x2 J Weighell. 230 Waterloo Farms. 230 I R Appleton. 226 224 218 217 214 207 205 R S Hall & Sons. 222 221 J E Beadle & Son. 209 J H & D Wise.

Lead Grossing Steers PS1646 I R Appleton. PS1519 PS1382 PS1310 R S Hall & Sons. PS1503 PS1432 JL Marks. PS1488 Waterloo Farms. PS1471 PS1451 J Weighell. PS1436 PS1430 PS1420 PS1376 M Robinson. PS1334 J E Beadle & Son.

Heifers - Top prices per kilo 490 300 292 290 278 258 M Robinson & Sons. 460 R A Busby. 285 270 P & E Ellis. 266 230 J E Suddes & Son. 258 I R Appleton. 250 243 B Walker. 249 W Barron. 246 244 237 233 P & J H Davison. 245 238 Askwiths. 241 239 235 Askwiths. 240 231 W Ramsay & Son. 239 W Swinbank & Sons. 231 230 J R Spink.

Lead Grossing Heifers PS2944 PS1375 PS1367 PS1356 M Robinson & Sons. PS2313 R A Busby & Son.

PS1521 PS1520 PS1442 J Layfield. PS1478 PS1354 PS1315 P & J H Davison. PS1468 PS1414 W Barron. PS1449 PS1413 P & E Ellis. PS1440 Askwiths. PS1416 F & J S Gargett. PS1406 I R Appleton. PS1348 B Walker. PS1347 W Swinbank.

Lambs - Top prices per kilo 276 N G Beveridge. 198 196 194 191 188 184 Ivanhoe Livestock. 192 C Dinsdale. 192 R E & L Frank. 192 G Thompson & Sons. 190 C & E Gaskin. 190 W Tindale. 188 G & J H Tomlinson. 187 R Hall & Son. 186 J R Knox & Son. 186 C S & V Whitfield. 185 Askwiths. 184 I Lancaster. 184 T R Fidel. 184 I Lancaster.

Lead Grossing Lambs PS120 N G Beveridge. PS94 PS90 A & D Proctor. PS92 L W Martin. PS92 PS87 PS88 PS87PS86.50 Ivanhoe Livestock. PS92 PS85.50 F & J S Gargett. PS91 W A Dinsdale. PS91 PS89 W Tindale. PS86.50 F H Hutchinson. PS85 PS84 A Crowder. PS84.50 A F Hall. PS84 PS82.50 PJ & MP Gilhespy. PS84 R E & L Frank. PS84 C Harle & Sons.

Lead Grossing Ewes PS135 S Blythman. PS126 PS99 PS98 C B Jacklin. PS123 G F Whitfield. PS117 PS106 PS96 PS95 Thompson. PS107 PS99 PS95 PS90 PS89 J Yorke. PS101 C & E Gaskin. PS97 PS89 D Barron. PS94 GW Lee & Sons. PS91 F H Hutchinson. PS91 M Jopling & Son. PS91 A J Spillman. PS91 J & MJ Walton. PS91 J Curry. PS89 A Tindale. PS87 RA & SE Ramsay. PS87 W A Dinsdale.

ACKLINGTON DECEMBER 3 North East Livestock Sales Xmas Show and Sale of Prime Stock sold 74 prime cattle including 18 cast cows and 2452 sheep comprising 1905 lambs and 547 cast ewes and was kindly sponsored by Barclays Bank and Northumbria Quality Feeds.

Cattle The cattle were expertly judged by Malcolm Riddell of R Turnbull & Sons, Alnwick who awarded the Championship to a Limousin x BB Heifer from I Renton & Son, High Highlaws realising 570 kg @ 289.5p and PS1650, bought by the judge. Reserve Limousin Steer 664 kg @ 239.5p PS1590 High Highlaws bought by C Nicholson & Son, Whitley Bay, 2nd Limousin heifer 239.5p @ PS1394 C Mellor, Annstead bought by R Turnbull & Sons, 2nd Limousin steer 234.5p @ PS1651 C Mellor, Annstead also R Turnbull & Sons, Best Native Breed 200p Causey Park, Best Limousin Bull 195.5p South Acton.

Other Prices: Lim hfrs 241.5p High Highlaws, 238.5p, 1231.5p, 229.5p, 211.5p Annstead, 228.5p, 223.5p West Hall, 225.5p Oakdene, 223.5p South Bellshill, Bel strs 236.5p, 215.5p South Acton, 233.5p High Highlaws, Blonde str 217.5p Oakdene.

Cows Best Limousin cow PS1118 (141.5p) Juries House, 897, 878, 800 (116.5p, 111.5p) Embleton Mill, Angus cow 913 (113.5p) Shipley Hill.

Lambs The show was ably judged by J Curle, Bowsden. A great pen of light Beltex lambs from M & N Gray, Low Espley coming out on top of an excellent show. The Champions were 39 kg @ PS115 (295p) to the judge. Reserve heavy Beltex 44 kg @ PS100 Annsteads, 2nd Light Beltex 84 Hemelspeth, 2nd Heavy Beltex 92 Low Espley, 1st Light Texel 76 Wingates Moor, 2nd Light Texel 79 Thrunton, 1st Heavy Texel 95 South Rennington, 2nd Heavy Texel 81 Thrunton, 1st Suffolk 85 Warton, 2nd Suffolk 84 Newlands Haugh, 1st Continental 94 Low Espley, 2nd Continental 75 North Lyham, 1st Cheviot 80 Warton, 2nd Cheviot 74 Warton, 1st Mules 77.50 Blagdon Burn, 2nd Mules 72 Craster Heugh, 1st Black Face 71 Blagdon Burn, Best Shepherds Lambs 92 (42 kg) Low Espley, 1st Dressed Pair 108 (43 kg) Glanton Town, 2nd Dressed Pair 100 (44 kg) Glanton town, Heaviest Lamb Cheviot 100 (66 kg) East Ditchburn, Solway & Tyne Texel Breeders Best Pen 95 South Rennington.

Other Prices: Heavies Averaged 155p, SQQ 171p.

Beltex 106, 94 Glanton, 98, 92, 89 Annstead, 96 Howick Scar, 92 Low Espley, 93, 91, 88 Bothal Barns, 84 Hemelspeth, Texels 85 Glanton, 83 Wingates Moor, South Bellshill, Char x 86 Beal Bank, 86, 84 Burnhouse, 84 Warton, Suffolk 85, 84 Warton, 84 Newlands Haugh, Vendeen 82 Redsteads.

Beltex 295p, 227p, 224p, 204p, 201p Low Espley, 251p, 227p, 224p, 212p Glanton, 251p, 200p Annstead, 200p Hemelspeth, 195p Matfen, Texels 204p, 202p, 195p Glanton, 202p Wingates Moor, 198p South Rennington, 196p, 193p Annstead, 192p Howick Scar, 190p Bothal Barns, Harbottle Grange, 189p Loanend.

Ewes Lean sorts good to sell, fatter sorts a touch easier.

Texels 130, 112, 94 Middleton Mill, 124 Harbottle Grange, 120 Coatyards, 98 Craster, 90 Bank Foot, Suffolk 100 Coatyards, 87 Tuthill, 80 Bank Foot, Llyn 88 Embleton Steads, 82, 80 Redsteads, Beltex x 80 Newham Hagg, Mules 61 Harehope, 60 Tuthill, Banktop, Craster, Texel rams 105 South Bellshill, 100 Blagdon Burn, 99 West Bolton.

CARLISLE DECEMBER 2 BORDERWAY MONTHLY DAIRY DAY The December Borderway Monthly Dairy Day had a somewhat solemn atmosphere as milk producers started to reflect on the past twelve months and predict what 2016 has in store. Cows and heifers were noticeable less money with trade topping at PS1450 to average PS1057 Topping the trade at PS1450 was a strong British Friesian cow from WP Williamson & Son, High House Farm, British Friesians averaged PS1310.

WR Wilson & Sons Mayfield Farm had a top quality group of third and second calf cows topping at PS1420 was a second calf cow giving 45kgs The group was averaging over 40kg and averaged PS1260.

Fresh holstein heifers topped at PS1380 for a daughter of Galastar Blussky giving 37kg consigned by Firm of Andrew Harvey, Drum Farm, Dumfries.

In-calf heifers saw the biggest drop in value topping at PS1100 for an outstanding daughter of Sandy-Valley X-Ray due in December to Bombero sexed consigned by AP Lowery Hawkbarrow Farm, Seascale.

The next sale at Borderway takes place on Wednesday, December 16, and features 200 head, including freshly calved cows and heifers with special consignments from the Hailstone herd of M&D Wilson Ormside Lodge and FM & RM Fisher, Mellguards and a quality group of in-calf heifers from B Kerr Low Dallars Ayrshire. One of the big attractions on this day will be the reduction sale of the prize winning West Mossgiel pedigree Ayrshire herd. The catalogue can be ordered from the pedigree office or viewed online at Averages 27 Holstein cows in milk - PS1061.57 49 Holstein heifers in milk - PS1005.45 2 Ayrshire heifers in milk - PS770.00 3 British Friesian cows in milk - PS1310.00 21 Holstein In-calf heifers - PS915.00 5 Ayrshire In-calf heifers - PS820.00 2 Jersey In-calf heifers - PS600.00 CARLISLE DECEMBER 3 IMPLEMENT SALE On Thursday, December 3, at Borderway, Harrison and Hetherington held their sale of implements, tractors and small tools.

A quality entry of items were forward, will all lots selling well, and to a top of PS4000 for a Mitsubishi L200.

Leading Prices: Tractors & Commercial Vehicles: PS4000 Mitsubishi L200, PS2800 Nissan Mini Digger, PS1600 Mitsubishi Warrior, PS1000 Kubota Tractor.

Implements: PS2200 Redrock Slurry Tanker, PS1800 Silage Trailer, PS1800 Becair Straw Chopper, PS1400 Graham Edwards Trailer, PS1300 Front Linkage Mower, PS1280 Cattle Hurdles, PS1180, PS650 Ifor Williams Trailer, PS1150 Flat Bed Trailer, PS1050 Kawasaki Mule, PS1050 Magnum Quad Bike, PS1050 Ifor Willia Dual Axle Trailer, PS1000 Kuhn Diet Feeder, PS1000 (x2), PS600 Flat Bed Trailer, PS960 Feed Barriers, PS950 Post Knocker, PS850 Scuitmaker Feedo Feeder, PS850 Yamaha Quad, PS700 Slurry Pump, PS650, PS650 Jack Hammer, PS620 Teagle Straw Chopper, PS620 McHale Bale Spike, PS600 Faresin Tub Mixer.

WOOLER DECEMBER 2 PRIMESTOCK At Wooler on Wednesday, December 2, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of sheep.

Sold 915 Lambs and 240 Ewes Lamb numbers similar, long wit trade, inspect types again keenly sort after, buyers requiring larger numbers Lambs per Head: Texel Cross: PS78 Greenhead, Reston and Lickar Moor, PS77.50 Lorbottle, PS77 Inland Pastures, PS76 Yetlington Lane and Brandon White House, PS75.50 Lorbottle, PS75 Wandon, Treaty Park, Mindrum (3) and Inland Pastures (2). Cheviot: PS77, PS72 (2) Humbleheugh. Charolais Cross: PS75 Wandon. Suffolk Cross: PS75 South Falaknowe, PS73.50 Craigshouse, PS72.50 Brandon White House. Vendeen: PS70.50 (2) Craishouse.

Lambs per kg: Texel Cross 182.9p, 178.6p, 173.8p Inland Pastures, 178.6p (2), 173.8p (2) Mindrum Farming Co, 176.7p Brandon White House, 176.2p Wandon and West Longridge, 175.6p West Longridge, 175p Lilburn Estates, 172.5p Shipley Smallnurn and Lorbottle. Suffolk Cross: 174.4p Lilburn Estates, 170p Newstead. Vendeen: 167.9p (2) Craigshouse. Cheviot Cross: 166.3p Great Ryle Ewe numbers slightly less but again a flier to average PS71.09 more needed for a centre well above most Ewes: Texel Cross PS91 Lickar Moor, PS87.50, PS80.50 Black Heddon, PS85 Alnham, PS81.50 Elwick. Suffolk Cross: PS87 Milfield Demesne, PS86.50 Great Ryle, PS83.50 Wandon. Zwartble: PS82.50 Barelees. Cheviot Mule: PS74.50 North Lyham. Cheviot: PS67.50 North Lyham. Mule: PS66.50 Stamford, PS65 Wandon and Greenhead, Reston, PS64.50 The Hagg.
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