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CARLISLE JUNE 12 BREEDING CATTLE SALE On June 12, Harrison & Hetherington held its sale of Beef Breeding cattle.

A very good show of cows and heifers with calves at foot were presented to a good ringside of buyers, with demand being as good as May's excellent trade. Messrs Johnson of West Wharmley run of heifers and calved topped at PS2950 for a Limousin cross heifer with a Limousin bull calf at foot. Messrs Dickinson of High Knipe run of heifers and calves topped at PS2750 for a Limousin cross cow and bull calf, and to PS2750 for a Limousin cross heifer and calf. Messrs Grainger of Mirefold Farm run of heifers and calves topped at PS2700 for a British Blue cross heifer with a Limousin cross bull calf at foot.

Leading consignment averages: Cows and heifers with calves at foot RW & G Dickinson, High Knipe - 12 head average PS2378 Colt Park Ltd, Colt Park Farm - 4 head average PS2287 A & J Irving Ltd, Toppin Castle - 3 head average PS2285 JRG Johnson, West Wharmley - 4 head average PS2283 A Tiffin & Sons, Wham Head Farm - 5 head average PS2266 Bulling heifers Messrs Mallinson, The Hill - 5 average PS1312 DG & JA Bell, Low Blaithwaite FarM - 5 average PS1210 Leading prices: Heifers with calves: Limousin PS2950, PS2300, PS2250, PS2200 West Wharmley, PS2750, PS2550, PS2400 (x2), PS2300, PS2280, PS2200 High Knipe, PS2600, PS2200 Balgray Hill, PS2580, PS2300 Wham Head Farm, PS2500, PS2450, PS2200 Carstairs Mains, PS2350, PS2300 Blackwell Farm, British Blue PS2700 Mirefold Farm, PS2650 Toppin Castle, PS2500 Carstairs Mains, PS2500, PS2300, PS2200 Colt Park Farm, PS2400 High Knipe, Blonde PS2000 Mirefold Farm.

Cows with calves: Limousin PS2750, PS1980 High Knipe, PS1980 Prospect Farm, PS1800 Northlands Farm, PS1800 School Hill, PS1780, PS1750 Hazelslack Tower Farm Cottage, Simmental PS1920 Hazelslack Tower Farm Cottage, Continental PS1900, PS1820, PS1750 (x2) Grahamslaw, PS1700 (x3) Carstairs Main, PS1700 Dyke Croft, British Blue PS1900, PS1750 Colstons, PS1700 Moorhouse Farm, Saler PS1700 Colstons, Aberdeen Angus PS1550 The Howes.

Heifers in calf: Limousin PS1450 (x2), PS1400 Cocklet Hill Farm, Bulling Heifers: British Blue PS1380 (x2), PS1320 (x2) The Hill, PS1380 Cree Mills Walk, Limousin PS1350, PS1260 (x2), PS1180 Low Blaithwaite Farm, PS1300 Cree Mills Walk, PS1260 (x2) Hill Top, PS1220, PS1180 Sarkshields Farm, PS1200 (x2), PS1160 (x4) Crakeplace Hall, Aberdeen Angus PS1140 Cree Mills Walk.

Beef Breeding Bulls: Limousin PS2412 Cowford Farm, Aberdeen Angus PS1850 Armathwaite Place.

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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 16, 2015
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