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MARK TIES THE KNOT-FLER AGAIN; TV Kitty is wife No 3 in paradise wedding.

Millionaire rock star Mark Knopfler has secretly tied the knot with his actress lover Kitty Aldridge.

The twice-married Dire Straits guitarist said "I do" at a Valentine's Day ceremony in a luxury holiday villa on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Their surprise wedding was witnessed by just a handful of pals and the 15-strong gospel choir who sang at the service.

Princess Diana's favourite guitarist has been dating Kitty, who starred in the hit BBC drama To Play The King, for three years.

They left their pounds 1 million mansion in Notting Hill, London, two weeks ago, giving friends no hint of their plans.

In Barbados, they were so busy organising their big day they were hardly seen outside their pounds 10,000-a-week rented lovenest.

Their secrecy paid off. Unlike Noel and Liam Gallagher, their marriage went without a hitch.

Kitty, who is 13 years younger than Mark, 47, wore a stunningly elegant white lace gown.

Her husband, who has made some pounds 20 million from Dire Straits, settled for a smart cream suit.

Scores of blue and white balloons soared skywards to mark the end of the simple service, held just 10 yards from the sea.

Later Mark and Kitty enjoyed drinks with their guests at the five-bedroom villa which boasts a swimming pool and tennis court.

Friends say Mark has become a changed man since meeting Kitty. "He has never been happier," one pal tells me.

His first marriage to childhood sweetheart Cathy broke up before his Dire Straits career took off.

His second, to French beauty Lourdes Salamone, was regarded as one of the strongest in showbusiness.

They had test-tube twins, Benji and Joseph, but Dire Straits's massive world tours drove the couple apart in 1992 after ten years together. Kitty, 34, who played the Prime Minister's mistress in To Play The King, has also been married before - to film director Neal Sundstom.

Last night, a pal said: "Mark's a very private person and didn't want a big showbiz wedding."

Unlucky dip

Former Soldier, Soldier star Robson Green's plans to invest pounds 100,000 of his pop earnings have turned sour.

Robson, 32, hoped to bring a touch of Beverly Hills to tiny Rothbury in Northumberland by adding a luxury swimming pool to his pounds 365,000 riverside hideaway.

But councillors complained the extension would be too big and not in keeping with the area.

I hear the move deeply disappointed the environment-friendly star who had promised to screen the new building with newly- planted trees.

Radcliffe and Lard's brew is just van-tastic


Mark "Fancy a brew?" Radcliffe and Marc "Lard" Riley erased any memories of the ginger whinger and his pitiful posse within minutes of making their Radio 1 breakfast show debut.

The dynamic duo, live from "the palace of glittering delights" in Manchester, were not afraid to take the rise out of themselves - a quality their odious predecessor distinctly lacked.

"We're bonkers, we are," said Mark, a little nervously, but with a knowing irony in his voice.

The show kicked off at 7am in uncompromising style with a guitar-led assault on the nation's senses.

You Lovers by the Manic Street Preachers was more effective than an alarm clock at waking me up - but whether I want to start every day with bleeding eardrums, time will tell.

Stunts like that aren't going to please every listener - but hearing their hate mail read out on air might.

Mark happily read out some charming letters including one hilarious message from a disgruntled fan. "I can't believe that they've let you gits on for 12 months. Nightmare." it read. Mind you, if Radcliffe thinks that's unpleasant he should read some of my mail.

By 8am it was Mark's oddball sense of humour that was dominating the show. Their "Win a Radio 1 Van" looks set to become the show's running gag.

"This is no ordinary van - it's got a ladder and a bucket," Mark added breathlessly. "Was there ever a more glamorous prize?"

I'm sure his commercial rivals could think of a few - but you don't tune into the BBC to win a fortune in quiz prizes.

The music improved by the minute and the chat had moments of genius. "We Love Us" quiz, which tests bands on how much they know about themselves, yesterday starred Pulp's Jarvis Cocker - who incredibly knew his drummer's shoe size was a nine.

Mark and Lard are obviously still trying to find their feet but there was enough in yesterday's show to bode well for their future.

The Harry White, beached whale of love, the daily poem and their amusing "Bird Or Bloke slot" are sheer brilliance.

This year's Brit Awards will be the healthiest ever if bosses at the Hard Rock Cafe have their way. Their chefs have been ordered to prepare wholesome low-fat options for the stars backstage.

They're Mode for it

The comeback success of Depeche Mode has taken even their record company by surprise.

Bosses at the Mute label have been celebrating the Eighties stars' return to the charts with their Barrel Of A Gun single. They were staggered by the reaction when Radio 1 played the band's next single, It's No Good, the other day.

"The switchboard lit up immediately before collapsing," my spy tells me. "The fans were desperate to know more."

Let's hope ex-junkie singer Dave Gahan doesn't let them down.

My chum Tara Newley, Joan Collins's glamorous daughter, has just got engaged. Tara, 33, a sex columnist with X-rated For Women mag, will marry French music producer Michael Adam in Paris on June 15. Congrats to both of you.

King-sized job

I caught Mariella Frostrup cuddling this creepy waxwork of Elvis at a London gallery, but I hear her new Channel 5 arts show Brunch will be rather more lively than the former King is these days.

Now on pounds 150,000 a year, Mariella hasn't collected her massive pounds 1.45 pools win which was posted to me by mistake. When I spotted her and called: "Mariella, I've got your money!", she just kept walking.
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