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MARION MCMULLEN looks back at extra terrestrial threats on film as alien:covenant opens in cinemas.

ABOUT MR BLOBBY? 1WHAT ONE of Steve McQueen's early roles saw him fighting an alien menace in 1958 movie The Blob. The jelly-like destroyer developed a liking for human flesh and turned redder the more people it consumed. The film was remade in 1988 with the blob back for a second helping.

2 wedded nightmares? THE posters for 1959 movie I Married A Monster From Outer Space proclaimed: "Shuddery things from beyond the stars, here to breed with human women!" The movie saw aliens take over the bodies of humans, but one woman becomes suspicious when her new hubby begins acting in a strange way.

are these space invaders? 3WHO WAR Of The Worlds has been scaring people for years. The H G Wells tale was filmed back in 1953 with Ann Robinson and Gene Barry heading the cast. The hovering sound of the Martian spacecraft was later heard in Star Trek as the sound of the phasers.

OUT FOR NESSIE? 4WATCH ALIENS found themselves in Scotland in 1951 film The Man From Planet X. A rogue planet hurtling towards Earth results in an extra-terristrial scout landing on a remote Scottish island. The publicity posters declared: "The WEIRDEST Visitor the Earth has ever seen!" ABOUT ANOTHER CRASH LANDING? 5HOW ALIENS crash landed on Earth again in 1957 horror movie Kronos. Scientists believe a meteorite has splashed into the ocean until an alien-fighting machine emerges and attempts to drain Earth's energy resources. A cut in the film's budget saw some expensive special effects scenes axed.

ANYBODY OUT THERE? 6IS ALIENS seem to have a penchant for getting under the skin of humans. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers in 1956 saw the population of a small town slowly taken over by the out-of-space invaders, nicknamed the Pod People. They took over human hosts if they dared to fall asleep.

DEFROSTED WHAT? 7YOU THE Thing From Another World in 1951 saw a deadly alien causing havoc at an Arctic research station. Trouble starts when a spacecraft is found under the ice and the team defrost the pilot. Actor James Arness was reportedly so embarrassed by his role that he gave the film premiere a miss.

8 is there another dimension? ANOTHER crash-landing and another alien invasion threat, but 1953 movie It Came From Outer Space also boasted a 3-D format and told cinema audiences that "fantastic scenes leap at you!" UFOS AROUND? 9ANY AN evil scientist intent on ruling the world with the help of aliens and their UFOs was the plot for 1956 movie Earth vs The Flying Saucers. The opening credits assured people: "The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious and any similarity to the name, character or history of any persons, is entirely accidental and unintentional."

10can anyone hear you scream in space? ALIEN invaders have certainly changed a lot since the old 1950s sci-fi movies. New film Alien: Covenant sees British director Ridley Scott returning to the Alien universe that he first brought to the big screen in 1979. He says: "I always thought that Alien was a B-movie with an A cast-list and an AA monster."

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:May 12, 2017
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