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Marchex has unveiled the results of a product test, independently verified, of its recently launched Marchex Speech Analytics solution. Enterprise Technology Analyst Frank Ohlhorst put Marchex Speech Analytics head-to-head with the recognized leader in automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems, IBM's Watson, and concluded that Marchex is setting the standard in speech analytics.

Marchex Speech Analytics enables enterprise and mid-sized companies to derive actionable insights from inbound phone calls from consumers to their business, to improve media spend and sales operations, and help convert more callers into customers. The recently launched technology is gaining insights daily and continuing to evolve and expand its capabilities. To validate its ascendency in the customer to business call analytics space, Marchex had an independent third party directly compare its capabilities against IBM's Watson.

We know this is only a sub-set of Watson's full capabilities, but for companies looking to evaluate call data and analyze consumer to business phone calls, Marchex Speech Analytics proved superior, said Ohlhorst. That said, there are still elements that can be compared between Marchex and Watson, which include the accuracy of how voice is processed and ultimately transcribed, and Marchex outperformed Watson from that perspective.

Marchex Speech Analytics and Watson were evaluated through a series of tests to directly compare their capabilities, identifying two key metrics to measure speech technology performance: RAW word error rate and perceived word error rate, ensuring fair testing for both systems. RAW word error rate measures the number of words that are inserted, deleted and substituted in order to discern overall accuracy of a transcription, while perceived word error rate normalizes some words and spelling that are really the same, but in the RAW case would appear as an error. For example, if a human transcription recorded a word as alright but the machine transcription showed all right, the RAW system would consider that to be an error while the perceived system would not.

Marchex Speech Analytics outperformed and achieved a lower rate of error than Watson in both categories:

- Watson achieved a RAW word error rate of 21.1%, compared to Marchex's RAW word error rate of 15.7%.

- Watson demonstrated a perceived word error rate of 19.4%, while Marchex achieved a lower rate of 14.6%.

Accuracy is critical for those seeking actionable insights from within a phone call, said Jason Flaks, Senior Director of Product and Engineering, Speech Analytics at Marchex. These test results show that our technology can deliver the accuracy to not only understand what happens on phone calls at scale, but also make informed decisions on how brands should be interacting and engaging with their customers.

About Marchex

Marchex is a mobile advertising analytics company that connects online behavior to real-world, offline actions. By linking critical touchpoints in the customer journey, Marchex's products enable a 360-degree view of marketing effectiveness. Brands and agencies utilize Marchex's products to transform business performance.

For more information, visit or 206/331-3600.


Empirix, Inc. has introduced Hammer Test System. Known as the gold standard of testing, this latest version arms QA, DevOps and IT teams with the ability to test and optimize quality for voice applications, mobile applications and contact center systems in the most robust and comprehensive manner, faster than ever. Highlights of this release include:

Expanded testing coverage

- Skype for Business support

- Presence server and UE support

- Third-party system support via RESTful API

- Cisco Built-in Bridge emulation for call recording platform testing

Enhanced testing power

- Pre-packaged options to verify transfer scenarios and on-/off-hold call flows

- Dynamic retrieval of web services to validate voice application responses

- Interoperability with the Hammer Cloud Platform

- Speech to text transcription capabilities

Empirix has spent many years learning about our customers and responding to dynamic market needs, elevating Hammer to the leading-edge solution it is today. We are so excited to introduce our most powerful release ever, shared Erik Delorey, Product Manager for Contact Center Assurance, Empirix. Organizations can now leverage the Hammer Test System to detect and measure performance issues faster, across their entire communications network.

The Hammer Test System can emulate interactions with contact centers, just as customers would experience them. These interactions include dialing or receiving calls, entering or speaking account information, and listening to ensure that the right responses are playedall while measuring system and network response times throughout each test call. Hammer's patented recognition technology even verifies that the correct prompts are being played in the application. Now, organizations can rely on this new Hammer Test System release to further accelerate time to market and reduce QA cycles by 66% or more while drastically improving the customer experience. Learn more about Hammer 6.7 and other recent releases from Empirix.

About Empirix

Empirix is a provider of end-to-end test automation. We help enterprises and service providers overcome the complexities of transforming and testing networks and voice applications to accelerate deployments and enhance the customer experience. Empirix is uniquely able to provide a complete understanding of how customers experience omnichannel applications in a single solution optimized for application test automation. A trusted brand for 25 years, Empirix helps companies around the world realize the full value of their technology investments.

For more information, visit or call 978/313-7344.
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