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Rebecca Murphy Rebecca Murphy Lloyd Scott Lloyd Scott HEY make the London Marathon the unparalleled global spectacle it is.

TEvery great city has a top-flight marathon; only London's attracts the huge number of crazily-costumed fundraisers and extraordinary worldbreakers who pound the city's streets every year.

Alongside the gorillas, kids' TV characters, giant chips and skimpy fairy out-fits who take part, some fundraisers' efforts go down in legend.

Perhaps the most famous of all is former footballer Lloyd Scott who completed the race in a 1940s deep-sea diving suit.

Having achieved that extraordinary feat in five days, eight hours, 29 minutes and 46 seconds, the leukaemia survivor then completed the 26.2 miles in full plate armour and chainmail with a St George's Cross shield and pulling a 300lb model dragon that towered over him.

His other outfits include Brian the snail and he crawled round the course in 26 days.

Wales has sent its fair share of impressive outfits up to London.

In 2008, Royal Marine captain from the Vale of Glamorgan, Richard Maclean, ran in a 22kg rhino outfit.

Two years earlier, Trefelin Boys and Girls Club chairmann John Bird dressed up as superman, while in 2013, Andrew Fairclough wore a grass skirt from Papua New Guinea.

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Date:Apr 26, 2015
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