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 SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Manzanita Software Systems today announced its new version of FlexWare(TM), the award-winning, high- end, modular accounting software program for Apple Computer's(R) Macintosh(R) Personal Computer. Called FlexWare 7, this new version will combine an enhanced user interface, many new features, a more flexible developing environment and new value pricing. FlexWare 7 will begin shipping in early February.
 "FlexWare 7 is the first time that Manzanita's engineering mark can be seen on this greatly respected product," said Corley Phillips, president of Manzanita Software Systems. "Increased usability and speed, better consistency between screens and improved error handling are some of the hallmarks of our engineering, and it's very evident in FlexWare 7.
 "Our beta sites have really been impressed with the new version, saying that it really improves the old version's appearance and adds many new features for added performance and flexibility," said Phillips. Beta tester Sharon Knuth of Software Tutor in Novato, Calif., said, "I'm very excited, not only because of the new look, but because of the new features. Specifically, I'm looking forward to having full modification of all forms, expanded pricing capabilities of inventory items, the ability to produce financial statements before permanently closing a past period and the ability to make global price changes. My clients are going to be particularly happy with the ability to do searches on all fields and the ability to have multiple modules open simultaneously."
 In addition to added functionality and usability, FlexWare 7 has a new, lower price point of $695 per module. "In keeping with Apple Computer's aggressive pricing strategy, we've decreased FlexWare 7's price per module so that it will now be available to a wider market of Macintosh users who require high-end accounting software," said Phillips. "This price reduction brings FlexWare 7 an average of 14 percent less than its closest competitor, Great Plains Accounting offered by Great Plains Software. Plus, FlexWare 7 has better network performance, a true Mac-like interface, and greater customization capabilities. Now, anyone who is considering their product has to seriously consider ours -- I have no doubt they'll choose FlexWare 7."
 FlexWare 7's powerful new development features increase functionality to FlexWare 7 developers and third-party application developers. "A lot of the engineering efforts have gone into taking advantage of Apple Computer's System 7 Pro(R)," said Phillips. "FlexWare can now create and respond to AppleEvents(R) and is fully 'scriptable' using AppleScripts(R) recording capabilities. Supporting System 7 also allows our users the option of having more than one module open at a time, and first-time users will appreciate the 'balloon' help option."
 Long acclaimed for its depth of accounting features and inherent power, FlexWare 7's highly customizable and modifiable architecture gives companies almost unlimited possibilities to have the system adapted as their company grows, adding new fields or creating completely new applications. Also included in the system is a utility to allow users themselves to modify of field help for their particular needs. The FlexWare 7 Development System, sold separately, lets developers create totally new high-end, multi-user applications by accessing the original source code. It includes a built-in interpreter for development, compiler for speed, an interactive screen formatter and an automatic application documentor.
 FlexWare 7 is a fully integrated accounting system composed of 12 modules that can work stand-alone or together. FlexWare 7 consists of System Manager, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Inventory, Purchasing, Order Processing, Job Cost, Point of Sale, Report Writer. With the exception of System Manager, which is $95, all FlexWare 7 modules are $695.
 FlexWare 7 is easily networked and can be used on a client/server system with the addition of Network Extensions available in one-user or five-user increments (priced at $295 and $995 respectively). FlexShare, an optional module which sells for $995, increases network performance by significantly reducing network traffic. FlexWare 7 with the addition of FlexShare can handle up to 99 users.
 Manzanita Software Systems was formed in June 1984 in Roseville, Calif. The company's initial products were for the Apple II line of computers. FlexWare was acquired by Manzanita Software Systems from Microfinancial Corp. in June, 1993. In addition to FlexWare 7 accounting software for the Macintosh Personal Computer, Manzanita Software Systems' other products include BusinessWorks(R), an MS-DOS based accounting software product, and BusinessWorks for Windows. Both BusinessWorks products are for IBM(R) and IBM-compatible computers. Each BusinessWorks product is a full-featured accounting system that provides General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Inventory Control, Order Entry and Job Cost (DOS only) accounting systems, plus a System Manager that allows each system component to operate alone or to be fully integrated with all the other system components.
 FlexWare 7 Feature Highlights
 Overall System Enhancements and Additional Features
 -- Easier and more intuitive to use through the use of color icons, 3D shading, radio buttons and check boxes.
 -- Context-sensitive "balloon" help.
 -- AppleScripts allows for recording repetitive or complex tasks to run automatically.
 -- AppleEvents allows for integration with other products.
 -- Pop-up lists reference items like customer type, payment terms, product category, etc., allowing for easy data entry and modification.
 -- Window menu for tiling, cascading or selecting windows.
 -- Batch processes can run in the background while users work, or automatically while users are away.
 -- Multi-tasking capability permits users to jump from one module to another without having to cancel or leave their current work.
 -- Increased control over appearance of forms, which can be printed on plain paper or preprinted forms. LaserWriter support now added.
 -- Users can move from customers to invoices to line items, for example, then back again, accessing all related levels of data.
 -- Provides scrollable screen output and print preview on reports.
 -- New search capability allows vendors, customers, etc., to be located through key words in text in virtually any field, such as IDs, names or telephone numbers.
 General Ledger
 -- Both final and preliminary closes are supported. Financial reports are available for a period even though prior periods have not been permanently closed.
 -- User-developed financials can be added to the General Ledger Menu.
 -- Enhanced budgeting capability allows easier entry of amounts and adjustments.
 -- Import data directly from Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet.
 -- The number of General Ledger Report Writer columns has been expanded from 25 to 100.
 Accounts Receivable
 -- Line item pricing feature allows users to set up price discount structures based on customer ID, customer type, part number, or product category. Users can set up surcharges or discounts (percentage or flat dollar charge), sale start dates and end-dates, and quantity discounts and quantity breaks.
 -- Flash Reports using Microsoft Excel produces graphical, drill-down reporting capabilities for management.
 -- True as-of aging.
 -- Shows credit available.
 -- Sales tax on a line item basis.
 -- Fax number on customer record.
 -- A new lookup feature for invoice numbers allows users to easily find an invoice even if the customer ID is not known.
 Accounts Payable
 -- Flash Reports using Microsoft Excel produces graphical, drill-down reporting capabilities for management.
 -- True as-of aging.
 -- 10-digit check numbers.
 -- Manual checks are processed quickly in one step.
 -- Multiple AP accounts group payables into AP Trade and Notes Payable Accounts, etc.
 -- Payroll processing requires fewer steps.
 -- Reporting time is significantly faster.
 -- Payroll Period field expanded.
 -- New report shows previous employer payroll deposits.
 Inventory Control
 -- Automated "Assembly Build" feature, which automatically reduces on-hand quantities for components and increases on-hand quantities for assemblies, when assembled goods are created.
 -- Supports global price changes allowing automatic price updates (percentage or dollar amount) on groups of products.
 -- During physical inventory count, sales and receipt of shipments can still take place while maintaining an accurate inventory count.
 -- Longer part numbers are recognized (increased from 18 to 22).
 -- Price matrix is available for line item discounting purposes in AR, OP and POS.
 Order Processing
 -- Backorders are processed quickly with the ability to locate all orders waiting for a specific part through an on-line screen.
 -- Quantity breaks and special discounts are accessed automatically by order takers and reflected within the order through a line item pricing feature. Users can set up surcharges or discounts (percentage or flat dollar charge), sale start dates and end-dates, and quantity discounts and quantity breaks.
 -- Overshipments are detected and an alarm is given to alert production or shipping department.
 -- Easy selection of alternate parts during order entry.
 Point of Sale
 -- Error-free discounting by cash-register clerks is possible through enhanced line item pricing feature. This allows users to set up price discount structures based on customer ID, customer type, part number or product category. Users can set up surcharges or discounts (percentage or flat dollar charge), sale start dates and end-dates, and quantity discounts and quantity breaks.
 -- Easier to add/delete items or cancel a transaction.
 -- Enhanced serial and lot processing.
 -- Can "undo" a past receipt.
 Report Writer
 -- Reports can run in the background while users work, or automatically while users are away.
 -- Provides scrollable screen output and print preview on reports.
 -- Page set ups (orientation, percentage reduction, etc.) on reports are saved automatically for future use or modification.

 -- Special version for 68020 and above processors takes advantage of extra speed.
 -- Server has more intelligence, sending only needed records over the network to lessen network traffic for reports and batch processes.
 /NOTE: MACWORLD Expo, Accounting Pavilion, Booth A11, Aisle 200/
 -0- 1/3/94
 /CONTACT: Diana Wilson, 800-447-5700, ext. 2209, or Lynn McPherson, 800-447-5700, ext. 2302, both of Manzanita/

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