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MANICURE, PEDICURE AND FULL-BLOWN SEX; Beauty salon and nail bar are front for sleazy brothel.

Byline: Exclusive By Derek Alexander

A SALON called the House of Beauty hides an ugly secret - it's being used as a brothel.

Women can have their eyebrows shaped for pounds 5, legs waxed for pounds 30 and get nail extensions for pounds 40.

But the Daily Record can reveal that the Glasgow salon offers something that's not on their price list.

Among their white-coated 'technicians' are hookers who sell sex for pounds 60.

Brass plaques outside the terraced building on Paisley Road West in the city's south side describe it as a 'Nail School' and 'Beauty and Tanning Salon'.

When a Daily Record investigator visited the business he was met at reception by owner Thomas Lang, who charged him a pounds 15 entry fee.

He was handed a locker key and guided through an area which had manicure tables laid out. He was then led down a set of stairs to a waiting room with two brown leather couches.

Three women wearing white tunics introduced themselves as Sam, Nicole and Lesley.

Sam took our reporter to a dimly lit room and a massage bench.

She said she had only been working in the sex salon for a couple of days.

Sam added: 'It's not sleazy in here, it's all right. But I don't think many people know what goes on because it's a beauty salon.

'Some of the girls can do beauty treatment, a woman comes in and teaches the girls.'

Sam then told our man to lie down on the massage table and quickly unbuttoned her uniform.

She then quickly went through the cost of sex services, the most expensive being full sex for pounds 60.

When our man started stalling for time, the woman started talking to him about football.

Our investigator then made his excuses and left.

When he was leaving, a woman was standing at reception discussing prices for beauty treatments.

She had no idea the salon was a vice den.

One source said: 'The girls who work there are a bit ropey, some people have started calling it the House of Horrors instead of House of Beauty.

'It's really unusual that you can get sex in a nail bar and beauty salon.

'Most people know men go to a sauna for sex, but a beauty salon is more likely to attract women.

'Women have gone into this place to have their nails manicured and their legs waxed. They have no idea that some of the workers in the place are prostitutes.'

Lang is a director of Firgrove Ltd, who trade as House of Beauty.

His partner Sylvia Maclean, 40, is also listed as a director of the company.

The pair are also directors of Metropolitan Services and Spot Chips Ltd.

Metropolitan Services are listed at Companies House as a hairdressing and beauty firm.

Firgrove Ltd have a county court judgment against them for pounds 532.

Lang and Maclean live together in a detached house called The Stables in Carluke, Lanarkshire.

When a reporter confronted Lang, he said: 'I know nothing about prostitution. Anyone doing this will be sacked immediately.'

Strathclyde Police have launched an operation to crack down on Glasgow's vice trade.

They have recently carried out raids on saunas in the city in a bid to curb prostitution and sex-related crime.


SERVICES: Lang, main picture, and the House of Beauty, top, and the home in Carluke he shares with Maclean
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 29, 2004
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