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MANCUMBS 450ft CRANE; Daredevil is condemned as reckless.


A DAREDEVIL climber has spoken of the moment he scaled the UK's tallest crane in Liverpool city centre.

The 33-year-old travelled from London to Liverpool with the sole intention of conquering the 450ft crane next to Beetham Tower.

Known only as Robsey and with a self-admitted fear of heights, he visited the Old Hall Street site near the ECHO building during darkness.

He climbed over the security hoardings and escaped the attention of the security guard.

Together with two friends, he clambered up the massive metal structure for 30 minutes before reaching the top.

And he posed for stunning pictures high above the glistening Liverpool skyline of the Liver Buildings and River Mersey.

While Robsey did not wish to reveal his full identity, he insisted he had a "respectable job" and no damage had been caused during the climb.

"My fear of heights was something I was determined to conquer, so the UK's tallest crane seemed the ideal choice.

"I was completely sober, this isn't something to do under the influence of alcohol.

"Going up wasn't too bad as I couldn't see what was beneath me. Coming down took much longer as I could see what a long way down it was.

"Nothing was damaged and we aren't vandals. Our motto is: 'Leave no footprints, take only pictures.'

"It was frightening and daunting when the only thing I could see above me was sky. But I'm glad I've done it."

But his antics were slammed by accident campaigners.

Robsey is a supporter of Urban Exploration, a growing movement who explore inhabited or off-limits sites.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents says it has become increasingly aware of the group's behaviour.

Occupational safety adviser Roger Bibbings said: "This is reckless and irresponsible behaviour. The city environment isn't some kind of adventure playground.

"Businesses have to go to great lengths to ensure securitys."

Urban Exploration supporters set each other challenges to climb buildings, explore derelict halls and delve into underground tunnels across Britain.

During their Liverpool trip, Robsey and friends also entered the derelict Tobacco Warehouse at Stanley Dock.

Last year he climbed scaffolding on Nelson's Column in London.


DAUNTING: The Beetham Tower and its crane, which was scaled by Robsey
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 15, 2007
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