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JMR Electronics, Chatsworth, Calif., a manufacturer of data storage solutions offering the industry's widest selection of Fibre Channel, SCSI and SATA storage systems, has introduced its new Fortra(R) DataMover, a management tool featuring an intuitive GUI that unifies SAN and NAS while providing rich functionality that includes thin provisioning, instantaneous snapshots of blocks and files, block and file replication, advanced SNMP notification and scheduling to the minute. Coupled with JMR's successful Fortra storage line, the DataMover brings performance, management and scalability at an affordable price to IT professionals.

The new DataMover can be deployed as either primary or secondary storage for powerful data protection and nearly instant recovery from Exchange, SQL Server and other data disasters. Administrators also recover from file disasters such as accidental file deletion and w virus corruption within seconds or minutes instead of hours or days.

"DataMover is our direct response to requests from partners and customers for an enterprise class interface that provides superior navigation and sophisticated features like Snapshot and Replication only found in a product like DataMover," stated Tom Fabrizio, vice president of Sales at JMR Electronics.

"JMR Electronics has given our enterprise customers the required streamlined access to their unified file and block data stores. DataMover's interface is a simplistic, graphical tool providing robust and logical access to both NAS and SAN data. DataMover's unique thin provisioning features, smart disk technology and replication are all managed from a easy integrated interface," said Tom Fabrizio, and provides our VAR Channel with the right tools for both the ILM and disaster recovery requirements for their customers.

DataMover features include the following:

* Snap -- Instantaneous, lightweight and unlimited snapshots or point-in-time copies to recover from user, application, and administrator errors. Snap also features the ability to exclude non-critical data from snapshots.

* Support for ATA, SATA, SCSI, and Fiber Channel disk arrays.

* Support for Windows, UNIX, and Mac OSX clients.

* Integration with Active Directory and NT4 domains.

* Integration with NIS.

* Support for Advanced Security including ACLs.

* SNMP Monitoring.

* Advanced Volume Manager with the ability to configure multiple different RAID volumes.

* Intuitive, full-featured web interface.

* SSH Interface for command line access.

* Ditto -- Ability to create replicated copies of data for offsite data protection.

* High availability features such as Ethernet Failover.

More information regarding JMR's Fortra DataMover line can be found at

About JMR

As one of the first manufacturers to develop a complete family of SATA and Fibre Channel storage solutions, JMR offers a wide array of scalable storage systems to handle both bandwidth- and I/O-intensive environments. All of JMR's Fortra family of storage products are delivered through it dedicated VAR Channel. The company's FORTRA family is an advanced, modular storage technology incorporating patented technologies with solutions spanning from 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-bay desktop JBODs to 10- and 15-bay SATA and Fibre-to-Fibre RAID solutions. JMR also manufactures the widest selection of SCSI solutions in its USA-based ISO 9001 facilities.

For more information, call 818/993-4801 or visit
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Date:Jan 1, 2005

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