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MANA celebrates 10th anniversary.

The 10th Annual Midwives' Alliance of North America conference "Creating Unity, Supporting Diversity" was held November 12-14 in New York City. Approximately 600 midwives and others attended all or part of this stimulating conference and celebration at the Vista Hotel--imagine all those Birkenstocks and nursing babies in the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan.

In addition to a stimulating program of speakers and workshops, there was a real sense of community, power and hopefulness as women appreciated how far the cause of birth and midwifery had come in ten years and how rapidly change was accelerating. An ad hoc committee was formed to keep abreast of developments in national health care and the public education committee is busy trying to keep midwifery before the public eye. Initiatives were taken to upgrade the newsletter and to increase communication among midwives. Sage Femme Awards were presented to Elizabeth Smoke, Spiritual Faithkeeper for the Wolf Clan at the Cayuga Long House, and Gladys Milton, a midwife who has delivered over 3000 babies and recently won her legal right to keep practicing in the state of Florida. The play From the Mississippi Delta by Dr. Endesha Ida May Holland was also performed--one of the main characters was a grand midwife in the South.

MANA renewed its commitment to represent all midwives and agreed to re-look at all of its documents, policies and by-laws and try to formulate things like the definition of midwife, scope of practice and core competencies in terms of what we have learned about women, midwifery and normal birth instead of in terms that are dictated by the male-dominated medical establishment.

These are crucial times. If you are not yet a member of MANA, please join today--membership fees are based on a sliding scale. You need to keep informed, and MANA needs your input. You can request membership information from Signe Rogers, P.O. Box 175, Newton, KS 67114.
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Title Annotation:Midwifery Issues; Midwives' Alliance of North America
Author:Baldwin, Rahima
Publication:Special Delivery
Date:Dec 22, 1992
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