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* In case you didn't notice, or were waiting breathlessly for the news, the NH 603 Alliance has issued its prez endorsement for 2020, and guess who it is? Why nunuther than Prez Trump!

* All you can say about the news that venture capitalist Jay Lucas may actually be considering a run for Jeanne Shaheen's Senate seat: 1998, Shaheen v. Lucas for guv, Shaheen 66%, Lucas 31%.

* Considering the chorus of questions about Amy Klobuchar's management style, it'll be interesting to see who she gets to staff up her NH prez bid.

* Town meeting day will be the real verdict on Keno, which has been turning out to be a bust - or at least not the gold mine backers expected it to be. Sports betting anyone?

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Date:Mar 1, 2019
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