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Dieters have moved from calorie counting to new and bizarre diets that promise good health

IF YOU are trying to lose weight by cutting down on calories, then you are really not cool. New age dieters who get high experimenting with trendy new diets will tell you this. While most of us know about fad diets such as Beyonce's Master Cleanse and Gwyneth Paltrow's detox missions, stranger ones like the feeding tube diet for wannabe brides are less publicised. While these diets may help you realise your immediate weight loss dreams, long term weight loss is hardly likely and health experts say they are a bad idea. " Most of these diets are a perfect recipe to malnourishment. A good way of losing weight is to limit potion size but have an inclusive healthy diet coupled with exercises," says Rekha Sharma, president, Indian dietetic association and advisor, nutritionistrepublic.



A DECADE ago, the all time favourite diet for celebs used to be the high protein Atkins diet. But now this is passe. While Lady Gaga and Reese Witherspoon claim that eating baby food diet keeps them slim, the diet that has become a hit because of it's uniqueness is celeb Martine Mc Cutcheon's blood group diet, which is based on blood groups. And then there is Renee Zellweger's ice cube diet, which involves snacking on ice cubes to keep hunger pangs at bay. Other bizarre diets in vogue include the caffeine diet, the green tea diet, the grapefruit diet, the seven day colour diet and the hypnotherapy diet. Here are some new fad diets:


This new weight loss regimen trumps almost all other extreme diets. Called the K- E diet, it involves the insertion of feeding tubes into young women by doctors before their wedding, to help them lose weight of up to 20 pounds in 10 days. These patients tote around a solution in a bag, which delivers fats, proteins and water and no carbs through a nasal tube into their stomach. You get no medals for guessing that the weight comes right back on once you discontinue the drip.


These vacations involve lounging in five star luxury and consuming nothing but a few pints of a drink made from water, lemon juice, natural tree syrup and cayenne pepper.


Wearing these blue goggles will trick you to believe that the food in front of you appears larger in size than it actually is, satisfying you sooner.



This is a low carb and high protein diet, similar to Atkins.

Since proteins require more energy to digest, you burn more calories. Dieters are made to drink at least 3 litres of water per day.


A rapid initial weight loss that can motivate you to stick to the plan. It's stress on consuming low fat proteins is healthier than high fat protein. Vegetables have a prominent role and exercising 20 minutes a day is part of the diet plan.


heart healthy fibre, fat and some essential vitamins and minerals.

Rapid weight loss happens due to fluid and muscle mass loss and can lead to dehydration.

The lack of variety may cause some to discontinue the diet.

Fatigue and moodiness are common complaints of this carb- free diet. Nutrient deficiency and constipation are the risks that tag along with this diet. A condition called ketosis may develop in someone who adheres to this for too long.


While Atkins diet is a decade old, its link to heart disease led to a dip in its popularity. The modified version is more popular now, as this includes healthy carbs such as wholegrain bread, brown rice and fruit. Protein choices can mean grilled chicken, lean meats and fish.


Favourite food items such as meat, cream, cheese stay on the menu. Because a person can eat as much as they like of permitted food types, they won't feel hungry. Not all carbohydrates count in the total allowance and those rich in fibre can be consumed without restrictions.

One of the biggest strengths of this diet is that it helps different people zero in on their individual levels of carbohydrate sensitivity.


Most people aren't able to maintain this. The metabolic processes involved in using fat for energy instead of carbs can lead to increased uric acid, which can cause kidney problems and strong headaches. Low fibre intake can lead to constipation and chronic bowel diseases.

There is also a fear of high fat intake with this diet.


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