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MAKE SURE HE STAYS LOCKED UP THIS TIME; Demand over beast on run from jail who raped girl, 16.

Byline: By Gordon McIlwraith

A VIOLENT sex fiend who raped a schoolgirl while on the run from open prison was yesterday jailed for life.

And last night, opposition politicians demanded that brutal Robert Foye - who fled after he was permitted to leave an open prison for the day - remains properly locked up in a secure jail.

Foye's brave victim was in court as judge Lady Smith told the beast - who has only been at liberty for two months in the last 12 years - he must serve at least nine years.

His sentence will start after his current term ends, meaning his earliest possible release date is April 2018.

The High Court in Edinburgh was told Foye, 29, was on the run from Castle Huntly open prison when he subjected the girl, 16, who was a virgin, to a terrifying attack.

He had been moved to Castle Huntly after just three years of a 10-year sentence for trying to murder a policeman.

And even though he had already absconded once from the prison, near Dundee, and had failed a drugs test a few weeks earlier, he was allowed out to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting last August.

He failed to return and, as police hunted for him, he pounced on the girl as she walked home from the town centre in Cumbernauld, near Glasgow.

Yesterday, Lady Smith told Foye, who was jailed for attempted murder in 2002 for running down a policeman in a stolen car, the effects of his brutality would remain with the girl for the rest of his life. The judge praised the girl for achieving excellent exam results, despite being only able to attend school part-time for the last 12 months because of the trauma she suffered.

Lady Smith said: "She has been understandably scared of going out and about and has suffered substantial negative psychological effects.

"She has been driven quite unreasonably to agonise as to whether there was anything more she could have done to prevent what happened - when she had no cause to criticise herself."

The judge added that a psychological report on Foye concluded there was a high risk of him committing further sex offences.

And she told him: "The attack you perpetrated on this young woman was appalling and it is heartbreaking to think of how terrifying the experience must have been for her.

"You subjected her not only to physical violence but to a degrading sexual violation, which has had a devastating effect on her."

Jennifer Bain, prosecuting, told the court Foye approached the girl and asked her the time.

Seconds later, he grabbed her, punching her several times about the head and face as he forced her into nearby woods.

Miss Bain said: "She tried to claw his hand away from her face, so she could scream again but his armwas still round her neck, crushing her and restricting her breath."

The prosecutor added the girl pleaded with Foye not to rape her but he callously went ahead.

Paul McBride, QC, for Foye, said the thug had pleaded guilty at an early stage and added: "It may be of little or no consolation for her to know that he expresses his regret, remorse and disgust at what he has done."

The girl and her family declined to comment as they left court.

Labour justice spokesman Richard Baker said: "Foye was a convicted violent drug user with a record of absconding and still the prison authorities thought it was appropriate for him to go to Castle Huntly.

"I sincerely hope that he will stay in the closed estate for the duration of his entire sentence."

Tory justice spokesman Bill Aitken said the judge had made every effort to protect the public with yesterday's sentence, adding: "It is tragic that a similar degree of realism was not shown by the Scottish Prison Service."


SMILING THUG: Foye, above. Right, Labour's Richard Baker CIARANDONNELLY; SHAMED: Foye tries to cover his face outside the court
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 2, 2008
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