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MAJORCA MUM TORTURED FOR HOURS BY SICK KILLER; Beast stabbed gentle Yvonne 40 times.

IT was like a grisly slaughter scene from Hannibal Lecter when Spanish police found Yvonne O'Brien.

The 44-year-old British woman had been hung and then disembowelled by her crazed killer.

The divorced mum - whose 14-year-old son lives with her ex-husband in Britain - is thought to have endured hours of torture.

She was stabbed up to 40 times and her jaw and right nipple were hacked off. Her blood was then used to scrawl the Spanish words for "Sex", "Love" and "Blood" on the walls of the villa she rented in Puerto de Alcudia.

A police source also revealed she was sexually assaulted with a toy gun by her tormentor.

The terrifying violence echoed that of fictional psychopath Lecter, Hollywood's most bloodthirsty cannibal.

Top of the list of suspects is a dark, slim man with a pony-tail aged between 20 and 25 who was seen talking to a cabbie outside Yvonne's villa on Sunday morning.

Yesterday a fisherman who threatened Yvonne the night before she died insisted: "I did not kill her". Ahmed Abarh, 43, known as Jimmy, said he was quizzed by police but released without charge.

"It was a brutal murder. Quite out of the ordinary," said Detective Sergeant Jose Matas, who is leading the murder hunt. "We are looking into the people she associated with, particularly the drunks and vagabonds."

Yvonne began a new life in Spain with pounds 100,000 three years ago. Her ex-husband, Bernard ,55, revealed yesterday the money came from her share of the sale of her marital home in Gerrards Cross, Bucks. He said: "I have not seen or spoken to her for the last 18 months and I was happy for it to be that way.

"I've been out to Spain and seen the drink culture among ex-pats. Sadly, it's no secret that drink was a problem for my ex-wife. I just wanted to put distance between myself and her."

Yvonne had a troubled past. Five years ago she armed herself with a crossbow and sword and threatened to petrol bomb police who laid siege to her Gerrards Cross home.

In a bedroom police found syringes filled with bleach, an air pistol and pellets, a baseball bat and bottles stuffed with rags and smelling of petrol. Police on the murder isle are now probing Yvonne's links with three men - a mystery benefactor from England, Jimmy the fisherman and the mystery man with a ponytail.

Bar owner Carmen Aguilo, 49, broke down and wept as she spoke about her "gentle" friend Yvonne.

She said: "Everyone knew she had a drink problem. But I felt sorry for her because she was so desperately lonely.

"Yvonne would come here every day to drink brandy and wine. Many bars had banned her but she never caused me any trouble.

"She'd always look so sad. She had not seen her son for three to four years and would start crying as she showed everyone a picture of him. She was so proud of him."

Last weekend Carmen said her friend seemed agitated. "She was in the bar and this Arab fisherman kept pestering her for sex. In the end Yvonne screamed at him. He then dragged her outside by the throat. A Yugoslav man intervened and told him to leave her alone."

Other local people said Yvonne would often carry a lot of money around and was known to have a steady income from England.

"Also a man from England often flew over with money," Carmen added. "He was obviously in love with her, gave her pounds 1,000 and talked about buying her an apartment."

Yvonne's distraught brother Philip Graham, 46, of Keighley, West Yorks, said: "She was an individual and did her own thing.

"She seemed to love animals more than people." And, he added, she adored her life on Majorca.
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Author:Turner, Lucy
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 2, 1999
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