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 CALGARY, Alberta, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Alternative Fuel Systems Inc. (AFS), a subsidiary of Noram Environmental Solutions Inc., has received a major order from Japan for its proprietary diesel engine conversion system that dramatically reduces air pollution by allowing trucks to run on up to 90 percent natural gas.
 AFS distributor, Nippon Ecology Work Systems Corp. (ECOS), a consortium of companies that includes Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd., Obayashi Company Ltd., and Senko Company Ltd., has placed an initial order for 1,000 systems.
 ECOS' anti-pollution initiatives are being actively supported by the Government of Japan, the Isuzu Motor Company and major gas utilities, including Tokyo Gas and Osaka Gas. The agreement involves ECOS providing AFS with an advance payment. AFS has sufficient working capital to complete the order due to successful recent financings.
 AFS President Gerry Klopp stated, "This order, the result of a two- year review and testing process, now represents a tremendous long-term business opportunity. Our system was chosen for testing after the ECOS searched world-wide for an effective technology that would help them aggressively carry out their fight against air pollution."
 The AFS system was fitted to Isuzu-4BE1 four-cylinder diesel engines which are the most common used in the light truck and delivery vehicle industry in Japan. The Japanese Automotive Research Institute (JARI), a non-profit research facility governed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, conducted exhaustive, and successful tests on the AFS system.
 The AFS technology was co-developed with Clean Air Partners (CAP) of San Diego, an affiliate of Servojet Products International Inc., and is based upon the patented fuel injection system developed by Dr. John Beck, chairman of CAP and past president of the Society of Automotive Engineers International, The Engineering Society for Advancing Mobility Land Sea Air and Space.
 Manufacturing is being done in New Jersey by Echlin Inc., a $1.8 billion international manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket automotive parts.
 "Now we feel we have a very reasonable expectation of a rapid escalation in our market penetration. Our distributor, ECOS, has indicated that a target of 400,000 units over the next few years is very achievable," continued Klopp.
 There are over 10 million diesel engine vehicles in Japan with 50,000 being added annually.
 "The world market is being driven by tougher environmental laws. The Japanese are adamant in their intention to defeat air pollution. They now have a key tool to do the job and we hope and expect that the AFS system will be adopted as the new benchmark for this kind of technology," he said.
 The AFS system was recently approved in South Korea and the United Kingdom, and is considered the most advanced of its kind anywhere in the world market which consists of over 100 million diesel engined vehicles.
 The technology allows operators to switch instantly back to full diesel operation, when required, and, not only decreases major pollutants 80-90 percent, but also greatly reduces fuel costs, increases performance, and extends engine life.
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