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 SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Over 70 publishers and information providers intend to make a wealth of electronic publications and services available in eWorld, the ground breaking online service soon to be available to millions of people across the globe from Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL)
 "Hundreds of companies have expressed enthusiasm about furnishing eWorld with a myriad of information products and services, underscoring Apple's conviction that eWorld is the forum that electronic publishers have been waiting for," said Richard Gingras, group manager of worldwide services for Apple Online Services (AOS). "Making eWorld equally attractive to information providers and customers is a priority for Apple. eWorld is a forum for meaningful content from popular, well-known publishers and service providers, a vehicle which enhances the familiar and unique character of each company's product. This is an electronic realm in which quality, depth and breadth of information and smooth, sophisticated delivery are paramount."
 Publisher Opportunities
 To stimulate the growth of online services as a valuable new medium for millions of new users, Apple is building eWorld on three key principles: first, to offer users a comfortable online environment in which to experience new information products and services; second, to encourage the efforts of third-party publishers by providing powerful and effective tools to make online publishing simple, cost-effective, and profitable; and third, to allow third-party publishers to present products based on the well-known, respected brands which people already know recognize from traditional media.
 Publishers will find eWorld an appealing environment, rich with opportunities for success in the emerging world of electronic media. Building on the principles of empowerment which Apple pioneered with great success in the desktop publishing industry, Apple Online Services has designed powerful publishing tools to simplify dramatically the creation and maintenance of online publications. Under the name eWorld Press, these tools allow publishers to design and prototype new online products and then to update those products cost-effectively by migrating information from the publisher's existing repositories to eWorld's global servers and online services infrastructure.
 "In addition to providing an opportunity for original and creative differentiation of products and services, Apple's strategy of providing meaningful content from popular, well-known sources offers publishers a sound economic proposition by helping them to access targeted segments," said Peter Friedman, director and general manager of Apple Online Services (AOS). "eWorld is designed to showcase existing publisher assets, as well as to stimulate the creation of compelling, high-quality online products."
 "In the 90s, Apple Online Services will create the same revolution in electronic publishing that Apple Computer did with desktop publishing in the 80s," said Ben Templin, executive editor of ZiffNet/Mac. Their tools allow information providers the chance to take complex content and easily translate it into the online environment."
 Key Information Providers
 Boston Computer Society (BCS), Berkeley Macintosh Users Group (BMUG), Claris Corporation, Dow Jones Business Information Services, Grolier Electronic Publishing, Inc., Inc. Magazine, INDIVIDUAL, Inc., InfoWorld, MacWorld, Regis McKenna, Inc., Reuters America, Inc., Tribune Media Services, USA TODAY Information Center, WordPerfect Corporation, and ZiffNet/Mac, among others, have announced their intent to furnish eWorld with unique, branded services.
 Unlike other online services, eWorld is easy to use because it is based on real world metaphors. The eWorld community consists of an electronic neighborhood of buildings, each representing a specific area of the online service -- the Library for research, the Newsstand for news and sports publications; the Business and Professional Plaza for business information and services; the Arts and Leisure Pavilion for after hours entertainment and hobbies; the Computer Center for computer assistance and software; the Marketplace for purchasing products and services; the eMail Center for worldwide electronic mail; and the Community Center for interactive communications ("chats" and discussion areas) and online events. eWorld encompasses a huge range of information, presenting customers with an attractive, understandable, customizable and familiar interface, which empowers them to filter anf select information according to their professions, their
interests and their needs. eWorld enables people to find what they want efficiently, and revisit that location quickly; to purchase goods and services conveniently; and to exchange information interactively in real time.
 Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Apple Computer, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets personal computers, servers, personal interactive electronic systems, software and interactive services for use in business, education, home, science, engineering and government. A recognized pioneer and innovator in the personal computer industry, Apple does business in more than 120 countries around the world. Apple Online Services (AOS), the information services business unit of Apple Computer, Inc., currently provides commercial information services such as AppleLink and AppleLink CD to over 60,000 subscribers in 52 countries around the world.
 Among the information providers working with Apple are:
 Boston Computer Society (BCS)
 The Boston Computer Society announced it intends to provide a User Group area on eWorld. The first and most active subgroup of the BCS on eWorld -- the Boston Computer Society Macintosh Group (BCS-Mac) -- plans to use the service to keep in touch with members around the world and provide the general public with information, software, training materials, tips, and the chance to join the BCS.
 Berkeley Macintosh Users Group (BMUG)
 BMUG, the world's largest Macintosh Users Group, announced it intends to furnish eWorld with Helpline technical assistance services and Choice Products purchasing recommendations. In addition, customers will be able to become BMUG members through eWorld and receive information about their membership status, as well as access online articles and product information.
 Claris Corporation
 Claris announced that it will provide an eWorld forum designed to be a complete service center for Claris customers. This forum will offer technical support discussion boards, product and upgrade ordering, software libraries, and a technical database of over 4000 articles.
 Dow Jones Business Information Services
 Dow Jones Business Information Services is a major publishing partner with Apple Online Services and is looking forward to providing new services for eWorld including Financial News, an online publication featuring top news stories, up-to-the-minute corporate news, financial market updates, technology industry news, and statistics on companies from more than 100 industries. Dow Jones will also offer CustomClips, a selection of daily newsletters summarizing important news and information from the United States, Asia and Europe. Customers subscribing to CustomClips will receive clipped news stories in specific categories and a newsletter that is tailored to their personal interests. eWorld customers will also be able to order Dow Jones Corporate Reports which offer comprehensive profiles of more thao 5,000 US companies.
 Grolier Electronic Publishing, Inc.
 Grolier Electronic Publishing, Inc. is a major publishing partner with Apple Online Services and is looking forward to make the 1994 edition of the Academic American Encyclopedia, electronic version available in eWorld. The full text of all 21 print volumes of this exceptional encyclopedia created by writers who are considered experts in their fields, will be available online.
 Inc. Magazine
 Inc. Magazine announced that it intends to provide Inc. Online, a new online publication designed to offer valuable information and advice to small and growing companies. Inc. Magazine is a national business publication which offers business owners and managers information on how to successfully start and develop a new business.
 INDIVIDUAL, Inc. announced that it will furnish eWorld with its HeadsUp personalized daily news service. HeadsUp delivers a concise, customized package of timely, relevant news each work day to customers' electronic mailboxes. INDIVIDUAL's patent-pending text retrieval system searches over 12,000 articles daily from more than 300 domestic and international sources, and matches significant stories with customer profiles. Customers create their personal HeadsUp profiles by selecting 5-10 topics from a library of over 700 distinct topic categories spanning high-technology, health care, telecommunications, financial services, energy, automotive and defense industries.
 Infoworld Publishing Company announced that it will provide eWorld with InfoWorld Online. InfoWorld Online will provide two exclusive services to eWorld subscribers, including the Cringely Forum, a discussion area hosted by the author of InfoWorld's weekly Notes From the Field column and the author of the best-selling book, "Accidental Empires," and the InfoWorld Macintosh Daily, a brief daily report of Macintosh news. In addition, InfoWorld will publish the full text of its weekly newspaper on eWorld each week, and will provide three years worth of back issues on the service.
 Regis McKenna, Inc.
 Regis McKenna, Inc. (RMI) announced that it intends to furnish eWorld with Real Time Marketing, an online marketing information service offering a variety of business and marketing services to all eWorld subscribers. Marketing News and Events will gather essential information for marketers in one place: summaries of marketing related newsletter articles, a daily news update, and information on marketing and business publications. RMI will also provide What Works, a forum for the marketing theories and practices in the fields of advertising, public relations, and market research. In addition, RMI will provide vital statistics needed by marketeers for effective planning, including information about the global economy and insights into a variety of industries, such as high technology, aerospace, chemical, and automotive. Bulletin boards and online conferenges with marketing experts complete the portfolio of RMI products to be offered within eWorld.
 Reuters America, Inc.
 Reuters America, Inc. announced that it will partner with Apple Online Services to provide timely news summaries, business updates, and entertainment reports through "eWorld News from Reuters," an online publication which will take full advantage of Reuters' worldwide news gathering capability. Customers will have access to a wide range of Reuter textual services, including the Reuter News Report, the Reuter Business Report, the Reuter Asia-Pacific Business Report, the Reuter European Business Report, the Reuter Transcript Report, and the Reuter/Variety Entertainment Report.
 Tribune Media Services
 Tribune Media Services (TMS) has created six new online information packages which will premier in eWorld. Entertainment-A-Z will offer the latest news and reviews of literature, film, and music. Tube Time will provide a searchable database of television program listings, along with TV industry news and home video reviews. Wish You Were Here will provide users with useful tips and ideas for business and vacation travelers. Voices & Views will provide an online soapbox for the views of eWorld subscribers as well as those of several well-known opinion columnists. Living Well will offer health tips, recipes, and a cornucopia of information to help keep eWorld users healthy and happy. Money Matters will present sensible financial ad~ice on how to save and where to invest. Much of the news coverage will be provided by Knight-Ridder/Tribune Information Services. In providing these online products, Tribune will build on the unique functionality of eWorld with interactive events such as trivia contests, discussions of current news events, and appearances by experts in a variety of fields.
 USA TODAY Information Center
 USA TODAY Information Center announced that it intends to furnish eWorld with USA TODAY Decisionlines, a selection of daily news reports focusing on twelve industries ingluding Technology, Personal Investing, Trends and Marketing, Energy, Health, Insurance, Real Estate, Telecommunications and Travel. In addition, the USA TODAY Information Center plans to pvovide a daily news service featuring US and international news, weather and sports reports, and customized news reports covering local hard news and sports in more than thirty states.
 WordPerfect Corporation
 WordPerfect Corporation announced that it will provide online support and information for WordPerfect 3.0 for Macintosh via eWorld. The information service will enable WordPerfect users to access WordPerfect support from any computer system supporting eWorld.
 ZiffNet/Mac, an online publishing division of Ziff-Davis, announced that it intends to provide eWorld with information on Macintosh computing. ZiffNet/Mac content will feature five focused areas designed to create a community of Mac professionals, developers and enthusiasts. ZiffNet/Mac Shareware will include 5,000 of the best shareware programs, all carefully rated, tested and organized in an easy-to-find format. ZiffNet/Mac Buying Advice will guide people as they consider new software and hardware purchases. The ZiffNet/Mac productivity area will offer tips, software and information to help people get the most out of their computing experiences. In addition, ZiffNet/Mac will provide interactive magazine companions for their widely respected print publications, MacUser and MacWEEK.
 NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks; eWorld, Newton and NewtonMail are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. All other trademarks are trademarks of their owners and are respectfully acknowledged.
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