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MAILBOX; Weapons of mass delusion Bush gets oil.


SADDAM HUSSEIN is no longer in control of Iraq. The "most evil man in the world" is out of power.

But where are his weapons of mass destruction - the reason we were told we had to invade?

Why didn't the Most Evil Tyrant use them? Maybe he wasn't as evil as we were led to believe?

How could a regime that showed virtually no resistance to the capture of Baghdad have been a threat to the West?

Iraq is now left in total chaos. Thousands of Iraqis have been slaughtered, with thousands more left suffering. Our own brave soldiers have paid with their lives, often due to "friendly" Americans. And Bush is now in control of the country... and, of course, it's oil. - Peter Lennox, Pollokshields, Glasgow.

I'm now ashamed

I WAS one of the marchers against the war but after seeing pictures of hundreds of human remains in a makeshift morgue in Iraq, I am ashamed of myself. I am now backing our Prime Minister, who warned us Saddam was evil. - Tom Paxton, Glasgow.

Dangers ahead

FIRST Minister Jack McConnell says the Scottish elections on May 1 is an election about the future of Scotland, not about the future of Iraq - "an election for the next four years, not the next four weeks". This is rather flippant. I believe Scotland will be a more dangerous place for decades to come because of this war. - Donald Morrison, Portnockie, Buckie.

Saddam Loo-sein

I WAS so annoyed they showed us inside one of Saddam's toilets with all its luxury fittings. I've just had a new bathroom put in, with "gold" fittings from B&Q, and my kids have now nicknamed me Madam Saddam. - Mrs J. Paterson, Glasgow.

Action of a fool

IT is obvious that Selina Scott has never visited the war graves in France (Sunday Mail, April 6). The French have nothing but respect for all our fallen soldiers. I visited my uncle's grave and found it well kept after more than 80 years. Don't blame the French people or President Chirac for the desecration. It was obviously the action of a fool. - John Corrigan, Springboig, Glasgow.

THE desecration of war graves by anti-war protesters in France should not surprise us. Let's not forget the French hostility to our farmers, fishermen, lorry drivers, etc. UK citizens should boycott all French products. - William Smith, Findochty, Banffshire.

Axe this guy

SFA boss David Taylor says Flower Of Scotland should be axed as our anthem at matches (Sunday Mail, April 6). The only thing that should be axed is him. He's talking drivel. - B. Crossan, Livingston, West Lothian.

Abseil heroes

TO mark Spinal Injuries Awareness Day on May16, a number of spinally injured people - including myself - plan to abseil from the Hilton Hotel, Glasgow, to raise money for the Spinal Injuries Scotland charity. The event also aims to show that paralysed people do not need to be restricted in the things they can do and achieve. If anyone would like to join us on the abseil, please contact me. - Andy Macleod, Spinal Injuries Scotland (0141-314 0056/0057 or e-mail

Exploited mums

YOUR "Groan Of The Week" on March 30 should have been renamed "Shame Of The Week". It's a disgrace that an 18-year-old boy should tell his mother it is her job to do the shopping. Too many working mothers are shamelessly exploited. - Susan Kennedy, Kilmarnock.

Men suffer too

IT was a shame your article last week on the plight of women was headlined "Why it's a man's world". Mentioning eight out of 10 woman in Sierra Leone are illiterate doesn't make it a man's world because it's not much better for men. Only eradicating grinding poverty will start to change things for both sexes. - David Morley, Aberdeen.

BOY band Busted and Fame Academy winner David Sneddon have no right to get at Darius (EMail, April 6). The reason Darius is well liked by vast numbers of fans is because he has a great voice, is extremely good looking and is a character, which makes him different. Busted are just a group of little boys who appeal to nine-year-olds and the word "boring" applies to David Sneddon but never to Darius. - D.A. Hunter, Preston.

DAVID SNEDDON is quite right to criticise Darius for being daft enough to write his biography. Good grief, Darius is only 22 and he hasn't had a life yet. He's had a bit of success due to an awful lot of pop hype but biographies are for people who are older and have proved they have staying power. - Lee Burns, Dumbarton.

THE spotty eejits of Busted saw Darius leading his backing group in some kind of "prayer ritual" before a gig and ran off to tell everyone. Why don't these puerile non-stars grow up and get a life? - S. McCabe, Glasgow.

DID Billy Sloan have to tell us about the sex life of Busted? Their girl fans need their heads looked at. - Marlene O'Hara, Easterhouse, Glasgow.


RE the interview you carried two weeks ago with me in the Sunday Mail.

I strongly dispute your interpretation of what I said. At no time have I ever sought to compare British troops in Iraq with Nazi war criminals.

I have spoken at scores of public meetings, written scores of articles and given scores of interviews. Not once have I suggested that British troops are war criminals.

I have said that George Bush and Tony Blair are war criminals. In 1946, the Nuremberg Tribunal stated: "To initiate a war of aggression is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime."

My views are shared by many across the political spectrum. Labour MP Tam Dalyell, the Father of the House of Commons, has described the Prime Minister as a war criminal who should be sent for trial to The Hague.

George Bush and Tony Blair have been banned for life from Christianity's holiest shrine, the Church of the Nativity, on the grounds they are war criminals.

When Saddam Hussein attacked Iran in 1980, backed by the US and Britain, that was a criminal war of aggression. So too was his invasion of Kuwait. But two wrongs don't make a right.

If I assaulted someone on the street on a phoney pretext, I would be guilty of a crime - even if my victim was a known thug.

But this is worse. The victims of this war are thousands of civilians, soldiers and their families who have died or lost their loved ones - all for the greed and glory of politicians and oil tycoons.

I have always been honest and open in my opposition to war. Whether or not you agree with me on the war on Iraq, I hope we can unite in the war to liberate our pensioners and children from poverty. - Tommy Sheridan, Leader SSP.


WHY does fruit ripen in a brown paper bag? - R. Black, East Kilbride.

AS fruit ripens it releases a natural hormone called ethylene. The paper bag traps this gas close to the fruit therefore ripening it more quickly, while still allowing some ventilation.

WHERE was the ancient city of Babylon located? - D. MacDonald, Edinburgh.

BABYLON'S ruins are found in the Iraqi desert near the modern city of Al Hillah, about 55 miles south of Baghdad. Babylon was one of the world's first big cities and dates back to the third millennium BC. It flourished under the ruler Nebuchadnezzar II, who reigned from 605 to 538BC and built the famous hanging gardens, named as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

HOW do squirrels remember where they hid their nuts? - M. Malone, Lanarkshire.

SQUIRRELS employ a method called "scatter hoarding," where they hide nuts in numerous locations. Even if one stash is found, chances are their other stores stay hidden. Another method is "larder hoarding," where the squirrel hides food in just a few hidden locations. They dig a pit known as a midden, fill it with food, then cover it with leaves and debris to mask their tracks.

WHAT is Kevlar? - T.McNab, Glasgow.

KEVLAR is a lightweight fibre that is five times stronger than steel. It was invented by chemist Stephanie Kwolek, in Kensington, Pennsylvania, and is used in the bulletproof body armour worn by US military and police officers. It's also found in everyday items like tyres and sports equipment.
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