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Magma Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq:LAVA), San Jose, Calif. a provider of chip design software, and LogicVision Inc. (Nasdaq:LGVN), a leading provider of semiconductor built-in-self-test (BIST) and diagnostic solutions, have announced that Magma licensed its automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) technology to LogicVision. The agreement enables LogicVision to accelerate the expansion of its product portfolio and provide customers with comprehensive design-for-test (DFT) capabilities that improve test quality and reduce turnaround time and costs of nanometer ICs. A separate agreement was also signed that allows Magma to distribute LogicVision products to its strategic customers.

"Magma will continue its focus on core products in implementation, physical verification and circuit simulation while LogicVision provides DFT technology expertise including support for advanced ATPG technology," said Kevin Moynihan, general manager of Magma's Design Implementation Business Unit. "Our customers will benefit from continued access to advanced DFT products that are fully interoperable with Magma's RTL-to-GDSII flow and deliver faster turnaround time and better results."

LogicVision will develop, market and support ATPG and ATPG compression solutions based on advanced technologies developed by Magma. The companies will ensure tight interoperability between the advanced DFT capabilities and Magma's IC implementation software.

LogicVision to Leverage Magma's Technology to Take ATPG to the Next Level

In an ongoing effort to provide customers with the most comprehensive set of DFT products, LogicVision is developing ATPG and ATPG compression solutions to complement its industry-leading at-speed logic BIST capabilities. Development of these solutions will be greatly accelerated by the key technologies from Magma, including an advanced ATPG kernel designed using a multi-threaded architecture. This represents the next generation of ATPG capabilities that can take full advantage of the increased processing power of multi-processor platforms. The new ATPG solutions under development are expected to deliver a significant speedup over existing commercial solutions.

"LogicVision is in the business of offering best-in-class DFT solutions," said Jim Healy, president and CEO of LogicVision. "New ATPG solutions based on Magma's advanced technology combined with our industry-leading logic BIST solution will ensure our customers have the tools necessary to meet all their logic test needs."

Integrated BIST solutions within Magma's implementation solutions are available today. First customer engagements for the new ATPG solutions are expected in the fall of 2009.

About Magma

Magma's software for designing integrated circuits (ICs) is used to create complex, high-performance chips required in cellular telephones, electronic games, WiFi, MP3 players, DVD/digital video, networking, automotive electronics and other electronic applications. Magma's EDA software for IC implementation, analysis, physical verification, circuit simulation and characterization is recognized as embodying the best in semiconductor technology, enabling the world's top chip companies to "Design Ahead of the Curve"(tm) while reducing design time and costs. Magma is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with offices around the world. Magma's stock trades on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol LAVA.

For more information visit or call 408/565-7689.

About LogicVision Inc.

LogicVision (Nasdaq:LGVN) provides a comprehensive set of proprietary built-in-self-test (BIST) technologies for achieving the highest quality silicon manufacturing test while reducing test costs for complex System-on-Chip devices. LogicVision's Dragonfly Test Platform(tm) enables integrated circuit designers to embed BIST functionality into a semiconductor design. This functionality is used during semiconductor production test and throughout the useful life of the chip. The complete Dragonfly Test Platform, including the ETCreate(tm), Silicon Insight(tm) and Yield Insight(tm) product families, improves profit margins by reducing device field returns and test costs, accelerating silicon bring-up times and shortening both time-to-market and time-to-yield.

For more information, visit or call 831/439-1523.
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Date:Mar 1, 2009

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