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MADD pioneer works on alcohol education with NBWA.

MADD pioneer works on alcohol education with NBWA

Cindi Lamb, one of the pioneer swho founded of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), has joined the National Beer Wholesalers' Association as an adviser for the organization's alcohol education programs.

"Beer wholesalers long have been at the forefront of anti-drunk driving programs and promotions in their local communities and are constantly striving to do more," said NBWA president, Ron Sarasin, when making the announcement last week. "We feel fortunate to have someone with the background and training of Cindi Lamb to join and assist us in that effort."

Lamb, who is currently finishing her work on a degree in health sciences at Towson State University in Baltimore, will be working with National Beer Wholesalers Association to create a model community action program against drunk driving which beer wholesalers can implement back home. She will also appear in a future series of NBWA-produced, safe-driving messages for television and radio.

Lamb was very active in organizing anti-drunk driving efforts in the state of Maryland before she attracted national attention for her role in helping to launch the national MADD organization in 1980. After several years of active involvement in MADD, Lamb gravitated away from the group in order to spend more time with her family and get on with her life, she said.

While continuing to speak and work with young people on the subject of drunk driving, Lamb is skeptical about the just-say-no attitude that some groups have toward alcohol beverages. In a recent interview, she said, "The thing I have always stressed in all this is moderation. I'm not my brother's keeper. You can't `just say no' and expect people to change. You've got to be realistic, there will always be beer."

Lamb sees her work with beer wholesalers as an opportunity to find a middle road, or as she puts it, a "user-friendly" way to communicate with those she thinks are turned off by the preaching of some anti-alcohol groups.

"My ultimate goal," Lamb explained, "is to be a teacher and I see working with the beer wholesalers as a chance to bring a message to the biggest classroom I'll ever find -- the beer drinkers of the nation."
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Title Annotation:Mothers Against Drunk Driving; National Beer Wholesalers' Association
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Feb 25, 1991
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