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MAD AND BAD; Gangster McGraw is pal of UDA godfather.


GANGLAND godfather Tam McGraw is a friend and ally of toppled terror chief Johnny "Mad Dog" Adair, the Record can reveal.

Both ruthless crooks have been deeply involved in the drug trade between Scotland and Ulster.

In the past, McGraw has offered Adair and his thugs hospitality in his fortified Glasgow home.

And the notorious gangster, known as The Licensee, has always treated Adair's wife Gina like a queen.

He took her to meet his closest contacts, and has even been known to help her shop for the gold jewellery she loves so much.

Adair's Belfast empire is now in ruins after his rivals in the Ulster Defence Association drove his wife and supporters out of the province.

Gina, Adair's chief lieutenant John White and up to 50 others are hiding out in safe houses somewhere in Scotland.

The long-standing links between Adair and McGraw will raise fears about what the Belfast "team"will get up to now they are here.

Some observers of the Glasgow underworld even wonder if Mad Dog's men will try to muscle in on their old mate.

The McGraw-Adair connection was formed in the 1990s. McGraw is a major player on Glasgow's drug scene, and Adair had a lucrative dealing empire in Belfast.

The two men would meet when Adair and his cronies came over to watch their beloved Rangers. One Glasgow crime source said: "McGraw has always tried to cultivate good links with the loyalists.

"He already had enough on his plate with Glasgow rivals trying to muscle in on him. The last thing he needed was trouble coming in from Ireland.

"The loyalists were regarded as hard-core villains and too much for McGraw to take on, even on his own patch.

"He also knew that fraternising with Adair's people would make his position appear stronger and discourage rivals."

In 1995, Adair was jailed for 16 years for directing terrorism. He had boasted that his sectarian death squad, the Ulster Freedom Fighters, had "outkilled the IRA".

Gina, known to her enemies as "Mad Bitch", was a loyal fan of her husband's gang of killers.

She once famously brandished a Kalashnikov assault rifle while dressed in a balaclava and miniskirt at a UFF rally.

While Adair was in jail, Gina often came to Glasgow to go shopping. McGraw made sure she got the VIP treatment.

Our source said: "He met Gina through Johnny's top contacts in Scotland and took personal responsibility for her.

"He would introduce her to all the `faces' in the east end and brag about what a good guy her husband was.

"He saw Adair as being on a par with him.

"Gina is famous for dripping in gold. McGraw knew jewellers and introduced her to them.

"Adair's people would swan around Glasgow, touting McGraw's name as an `in' with pub landlords and other businessmen."

The Adair connection was well known at nightclubs in Glasgow where McGraw's minions held court.

The insider said: "Adair's people would be given the red carpet treatment and allowed to go to the front of the queue."

But underworld figures fear the relationship between the McGraw and Adair factions may not remain so sunny with them both on Scottish soil.

The Record's informant said: "Now that Adair's men are in Scotland, it will take them time to work out exactly what they want to do. They will have to decide how hands- on they want to be.

"Things were ideal when the McGraw and Adair factions weren't forced to live too close to each other.

"But now there is a danger of stepping on each other's toes. These kind of people live on the edge and are very conscious of saving face. If they fall out, there could be bloodshed."

Adair remains in Maghaberry jail in Ulster. He was freed in 1999 under the Good Friday Agreement, then sent back to jail for breaching the terms of his release.

Northern Ireland Secretary Paul Murphy revoked Adair's release licence last month because of his role in the UDA feud and criminal rackets, including drug-pushing.

Adair has said he wants a transfer to a Scottish jail so he can be close to his family and associates, raising fears that his gang are in the country to stay.

Mad Dog wanted to run the UDA and seize control of all their lucrative criminal rackets.

But the turf war he was fighting went too far this month when his supporters killed one of the movement's top commanders, John "Grugg" Gregg.

Gregg was one of the UDA's five "brigadiers". His murder convinced the other four leaders that Adair had to be sorted out.

Hundreds of Adair's supporters went over to the other side and an angry mob descended on his stronghold on the Lower Shankill Estate in Belfast.

They smashed down doors, fought in the streets and forced Adair's family and friends to flee.

One of the UDA "brigadiers", south Belfast godfather Jackie McDonald, warned Adair's allies: "They have to be hunted down and dealt with. Otherwise they'll regroup, come back and bite."

The banished group of around 50 men, women and children arrived at Cairnryan ferry port last Thursday.

Among them were Gina and her children, including Adair's three-year-old son Jay, known as "Mad Pup".

Also in the group are notorious brothers Sham and Herbie Miller. Senior loyalists describe the pair as Adair's "money men" and top drug dealers.

There are several other staunch Adair allies, said to include local UDA leaders Ian Truesdale and "Paddy" Patterson.

McGraw has had his own troubles recently.

One of his henchmen, Gordon Ross, was stabbed to death outside a pub in Glasgow's Shettleston Road last September.

And last November, another McGraw associate, Billy McPhee, was shot in the face in Shettleston Juniors' social club. He survived.

Rival UDA and Ulster Volunteer Force leaders have held a number of meetings in Belfast in the past week to try to agree a lasting truce.


TAM "The Licensee" McGraw has amassed an estimated pounds 10million fortune. Unlike the Adairs, he prefers a low profile to the glare of publicity.

A family man, living in Glasgow's Mount Vernon district, he is rarely photographed and conducts his business in intense secrecy.

He splits his time between Scotland and his villa in the Canary Islands.


ADAIR'S wife Gina is known to her enemies as "Mad Bitch" and has been her husband's most loyal supporter. The 36-year-old enjoys gold jewellery and expensive perfume and would often come to Glasgow on shopping trips.

Her arrival in Scotland last week was the clearest sign of the escalating tension between Adair's followers and his enemies.


ADAIR is the most feared of the loyalist paramilitaries. When once asked if he had ever had a Catholic in his car, the UDA Brigade commander replied calmly: "Only a dead one."

Freed from prison as part of the Good Friday Agreement, 39-year-old Adair has been returned to jail twice for breaching the terms of his release.
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