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M126x Power Krawler tractor.

The Kubota M126X Power Krawler tractor combines a rear crawler track system with a standard M-Series tractor chassis, increasing tractor traction and stability while providing better flotation and less soil compaction. The synthetic rubber track features hard rubber lugs that provide a smoothen quieter ride at higher speeds than A typical steel lugs, and also delivers superior stability and straight-line performance, making for a smoother ride. The Kubota rear crawler design is central lo the Power Krawler's performance capabilities. Both sides of the tractor are kept in contact with the ground via independently oscillating crawlers. The procedure for changing crawler tracks is user friendly due to the split-type drive sprocket design. The Power Krawler also boasts a year-round environment-controlled cab and offers the engine from Kubota's popular M-series tractors. While engineered specifically for increased performance in rolling terrain and maneuverability in agriculture work.


Kubota Tractor Corporation

Torrance, California, USA

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Publication:Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World
Date:Mar 1, 2010
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