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"We were thrilled when we observed trendsetting consumers and restau- rateurs beginning to spread hummus on sandwiches, wraps and more," notes the press release from Sabra. "We harvested that craft a line of hummus-based spreads." What took them so long? Sabra (which is part owned by PepsiCo) makes some of the best-tasting store-bought hummus this side of the Middle East. So refrigerated Sabra Spreads--intensely flavored hummus in a squeezable bottle--were sort of inevitable.

Try the Garlic Herb on a grilled chicken, sliced cucumber, shredded carrot, and lettuce sandwich, the Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper on a turkey, tomato, and arugula, or the Honey Mustard on a cheese, tart apple, red onion, and lettuce. Mmm.

Mayo fan? A tablespoon of Sabra Spread delivers just 35 calories. Mayonnaise has 100. And the Garlic and Mustard spreads shave 30 milligrams of sodium off mayo's 95 mg. (The Sea Salt also has 95 mg.)

And since you're mostly eating pureed chickpeas (with some oil and tahini), each tablespoon has 1 gram of protein and 1 gram of fiber. Mayo (or mustard)? Zip.

The "next best thing for sliced bread," says Sabra. Certainly the next best thing in breadspreads.<888) 957-2272


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