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M-WAY ATTACK ON FIRE ENGINE; Mechanic's brick terror.


A MECHANIC told of his shock yesterday after a yob hurled a brick at the window of a fire engine he was road testing.

Niall Anderson, 35, cheated death when the missile shattered the windscreen as he drove along a Glasgow motorway at 60mph.

He managed to keep control of the 11-tonne engine and steered it off the road.

New figures this week revealed that Scottish firefighters have been subjected to more than 100 attacks in the last six months.

Niall said: "I think whoever did this is exceptionally stupid.

"It is bad enough to attack firemen when they are doing their jobs but to start throwing things at them on the motorway is even more serious.

"If there had been firefighters in the vehicle and the driver had lost control on the motorway they could have been really bad.

"I had been doing a fair speed because I was testing the engine to see whether I had sorted out a vibration in the engine.

"Something hit the windscreen but I managed to keep control of the vehicle. I left at the next exit and drove straight back to the workshop."

Fire chiefs yesterday slammed the thugs behind Thursday's attack.

Roddy Robertson, Scottish chairman of the Fire Brigades Union, said: "Our job is dangerous enough without having to cope with incidents like this. It is disgraceful."


MADNESS: Driver Niall inspects the damage
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 21, 2002
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