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M[greater than] Tunnel version 2.0, VPN solution that inter-operates with PKIS.

M[greater than]Tunnel 2.0, the latest version of MATRAnet encryption software for Virtual Private Networks combines two methods of encryption to ensure total data integrity. First, asymmetric encryption authenticates both ends of the transmission and provides a secure system for the exchanging of the session keys used to encrypt and decrypt the messages. Symmetrical encryption is then used to encrypt the communication itself to provide a high level of security and performance. The message is encoded using strong encryption algorithms such as 56 bit DES and 168 bit Triple DES.

New possibilities for generating certificates

Until now MATRAnet has handled, the creation of public/private keys and fake-proof certificates (X509 standard) that associate a person's identity with a public key. With M[greater than]Tunnel 2.0, three new options are now available for managing digital certificates:

M[greater than]Tunnel has a fully integrated. proprietary certificate generating module that meets IKE standards and offers a management solution that enables companies to generate their certificates internally using a standard product such as UniCert from Baltimore. It is also fully IPsec compliant, enabling firms to outsource this process to a trusted third-party like CertPlus the server, version of M[greater than]Tunnel runs on Windows NT, Unix BSDI 4.1 and Sun Solaris 2.6. The client version is available for Windows 95 and NT.
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Date:Nov 1, 2000
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