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Environmental Adaptation Of Roads Belonging To The Provincial Deputation Of Ciudad Real With Effects On The Iberian Lynx. Nov 29, 2019 133
Rabbit Feeding Supply Of Iberian Lynx Breeding Females With Puppies. Nov 13, 2019 119
Supply For The Feeding Of Prey Species Of The Iberian Lynx. Nov 13, 2019 120
Environmental Adaptation Of Roads Belonging To The Provincial Deputation Of Ciudad Real With Effects On The Iberian Lynx. Sep 16, 2019 121
Supply Of Veterinary Material And Security For The Breeding Center Of The Iberian Lynx La Olivilla, In Santa Elena (jan) (net178942). Jul 11, 2019 101
Densidad, idoneidad ambiental y nicho ecologico de cuatro especies de felinos americanos (Carnivora: Felidae). Perez-Irineo, Gabriela; Ballesteros Barrera, Claudia; Santos-Moreno, Antonio Jun 1, 2019 6645
Research is tracking lynx reintroduction; Suitable sites are studied. Apr 5, 2019 570
Open Service Of External Management Of Sanitary Waste Generated In The Development Of Animal Health Programs In The C.a. Of Extremadura And Breeding Center Iberian Lynx In Bramble Of Granadilla. Mar 28, 2019 210
Open Service Of External Management Of Sanitary Waste Generated By The Development Of Animal Health Programs In The Area Of The C.a. Of Extremadura And The Breeding Center Of Iberian Lynx In Bramble Of Passion Fruit. Mar 13, 2019 138
Plan to put lynx back into the wild rejected by Gove. Dec 5, 2018 583
Gove says no to proposals to release lynx in Kielder area; IN BRIEF. Dec 5, 2018 288
Snow leopard shot dead after escaping from zoo; The incident happened when a cage door was left open by a kepper. Nov 30, 2018 550
Monitoring Of The Iberian Lynx And Sampling Of Prey Species In Extremadura, Within The Framework Of The Operational Program For Cross-border Cooperation Between Spain And Portugal Interreg V-a. Aug 18, 2018 138
Everything we know about lynx being brought back to Northumberland; The Lynx UK trust issued a statement saying its plan for "rewilding" the Northumberland forest had support from the owners of some forest land. Aug 13, 2018 891
Bring in predators at animals' peril. May 10, 2018 137
Troubled animal park 'must find a qualified and experienced manager in three months'. Apr 27, 2018 381
Missing lynx is subject of talk. Mar 27, 2018 124
No lynx released in Scotland vows minister. Mar 2, 2018 175
United States : Daines Statement on Recovery of Canada Lynx. Jan 13, 2018 234
Zoo's court battle over dangerous animals. Jan 5, 2018 458
Lynx death zoo fighting dangerous animals ban; HEARING AS THEY SEEK TO KEEP LION, CROC AND LEOPARD. Jan 5, 2018 458
Partial meso-mammal predator removal positively affects northern bobwhite reproduction. Jackson, Alexander L.; Palmer, William E.; Sisson, D. Clay; Terhune, Theron M.; Martin, James A. Report Jan 1, 2018 5924
Morphometric characteristics of free-ranging Eurasian lynx Lynx lynx in Switzerland and their suitability for age estimation. Marti, Iris; Ryser-Degiorgis, Marie-Pierre Report Jan 1, 2018 7528
Locals turn out to help owners of lynx zoo. Nov 21, 2017 385
Zoo's ex-owners left heartbroken by lynx deaths. Nov 17, 2017 575
Zoo 'solely responsible for death of lynx Lillith'. Nov 16, 2017 476
Texts. Nov 15, 2017 212
Shooting of escaped lynx 'long overdue'. Nov 14, 2017 751
'DISGUSTED & DEVASTATED' Zoo outraged after escaped Lynx is shot dead. Nov 13, 2017 764
Animal park fury over lynx killing. Nov 12, 2017 193
Sheep deaths raise lynx release plans concerns. Nov 11, 2017 603
Missing-lynx zoo to be inspected by council. Nov 11, 2017 448
Lillith the lynx still on the loose in Ceredigion. Nov 7, 2017 281
cagey cat; Escaped lynx fools keepers with a 'selfie'. Nov 4, 2017 294
Wildlife park stays closed as hunt for escaped lynx continues. Nov 1, 2017 231
Escaped lynx could be shot as a 'last resort' ARMED COPS ON STANDBY. Nov 1, 2017 376
Lynx may affect Scotland. Jul 17, 2017 167
Lynx set for a comeback in five-year trial. Jul 17, 2017 131
Spain Says Fire That Threatened Donana Park "Under Control". Jun 27, 2017 155
Spain: 1,500 Evacuated as Fire Hits Famed National Park. Jun 26, 2017 367
Forest fire forces 1,000 from homes; WORLD BULLETINS. Jun 26, 2017 109
Spain fights forest fire in famed nature reserve; 1,000 flee. Jun 25, 2017 263
Hiring Of Services To Support The Work Of Modeling The Movements Of The Iberian Lynx After Liberation Framed In 100% In Action 1. 3. Spatial Models Of The Line Of Work (component) 1. Modeling Of Vegetation, Biotic Interactions And Hunting In Habitats For. Jun 14, 2017 152
La arqueologia neolitica en el Abrigo de Penedo dos Mouros (Gouveia, Portugal): la evidencia de practicas de trashumancia primitiva en la Sierra de la Estrella. Faustino Carvalho, Ant?nio; Pereira, Vera; Duarte, Carlos; Tente, Catarina Jan 1, 2017 9976
Habitat selection and their interspecific interactions for mammal assemblage in the Greater Khingan Mountains, northeastern China. Guo, Kai; Liu, Hui; Bao, Heng; Hu, Jingui; Wang, Shoubo; Zhang, Weihua; Zhao, Yuzhuo; Jiang, Guangsh Report Jan 1, 2017 6487
Recent records of Lynx on the Alaska Peninsula. Watts, Dominique E.; Olson, Link E. Report Sep 22, 2016 2875
Minister visits controversial zoo, promises decree on exotic imports. Jun 30, 2016 958
New additions to help wild beaver population thrive. May 31, 2016 580
Lynx's return worries farmers. Apr 13, 2016 328
Native wildlife use of highway underpasses in a desert environment. Murphy-Mariscal, Michelle L.; Barrows, Cameron W.; Allen, Michael F. Report Dec 1, 2015 6486
Facultative scavenging and carrion guild participation by Lynx rufus in the presence of young. King, Kama A.; Lord, Wayne D.; Ketchum, Heather R.; O'Brien, R. Christopher Report Dec 1, 2015 2619
THE BIG QUESTION. Jun 26, 2015 199
Return of the missing lynx; Plan to let rare wildcats roam free in Britain. Jun 24, 2015 325
Return of the missing lynx; Plan to let rare wildcats roam free in the UK. Jun 24, 2015 345
Lion among 23,000 species threatened with extinction: conservationists. Jun 23, 2015 563
Food of bobcats and coyotes from Cumberland Island, Camden County, Georgia. Whitaker, John O., Jr.; Ruckdeschel, Carol; Chamberlain, Angela; Bakken, Laura Report Jun 22, 2015 4138
Kielder key to return of Lynx. May 6, 2015 453
Northumberland's Kielder Forest to 'form a template for lynx reintroduction' across UK; As plans take shape to bring back the big cat in an effort to control deer numbers, conservationists say the North East site will be pivotal. May 5, 2015 505
Big cat plan could see lynx return. Mar 9, 2015 159
The bobcat: the cagey and sought-after bobcat, Lynx rufus, is possibly the most elusive predator in the hunting world. Boddington, Craig Mar 1, 2015 999
Foraging of the bobcat (Lynx rufus) in the Chihuahuan desert: generalist or specialist? Lopez-Vidal, Juan Carlos; Elizalde-Arellano, Cynthia; Hernandez, Lucina; Laundre, John W.; Romero, A Report Jun 1, 2014 7256
Use of prey by sympatric bobcat (Lynx rufus) and coyote (Canis latrans) in the Izta-Popo National Park, Mexico. Garcia, Jose Antonio Martinez; Martinez, German D. Mendoza; Plata P., Fernando X.; Rosas, Octavio Ce Report Jun 1, 2014 4692
LIFE Luchs PfEnlzerwald - Reintroduction of lynxes (Lynx lynx carpathicus) in the Palatinate Forest Biosphere Reserve. May 12, 2014 429
Lynx sar development 3d targeting. Sep 14, 2013 115
Starring role for Riley Lynx; Restored 1937 car featured in old documentary. Aug 9, 2013 485
Lenovo IdeaPad Lynx K3011: First Impressions. Aug 7, 2013 390
The big cat that roamed Britain; Scientists identify lynx from early 1900s. Apr 25, 2013 496
Lenovo launches IdeaPad Lynx K3011 in India for Rs 51,990. Apr 24, 2013 289
PERSPECTIVE-Carpet bombing may well prevail at the Lynx. Mar 10, 2013 497
The margay Leopardus Wiedii and bobcat Lynx Rufus from the dry forests of Southern Morelos, Mexico. Valenzuela-Galvan, David; De Leon-Ibarra, Alejandra; Lavalle-Sanchez, Amantina; Orozco-Lugo, Lorena; Report Mar 1, 2013 2345
Late Pleistocene vertebrates from a rockshelter in Cimarron County, Oklahoma. Czaplewski, Nicholas J.; Smith, Kent S. Report Dec 1, 2012 8698
Essex lion hunt is off but search is still on for Scotland's mystery beasts; THE MISSING LYNX BIG CAT SIGHTING G GS THAT WERE NEVER PROVED. FUNNY THAT Essex lion hunt is off but search is still on for Scotland's mystery beasts. Aug 29, 2012 431
British luckless as Soumillon springs surprise on Sarah. Oct 18, 2011 487
Is this the Beast of Burnham? Lynx to the wild? More like a tabby. Sep 1, 2011 122
'Trophic cascade' of effects. Editorial Aug 31, 2011 485
Non-invasive methods to assess co-occurrence of mammalian carnivores. Reed, Sarah E. Report Jun 1, 2011 7315
Jessica's lather sexy. May 14, 2010 227
Lynx acceptance in Poland, Lithuania, and Estonia/Suhtumisest ilvesesse Poolas, Leedus ja Eestis. Balciauskas, Linas; Kazlauskasa, Martynas; Randveer, Tiit Report Mar 1, 2010 3870
Lynx spray puts dad on danger list; EMERGENCY. Jan 1, 2010 143
A Walk on the Wild Side with Predators. Oct 8, 2009 937
Lynx speculation is no more than that. Oct 1, 2009 270
Minister hopes for some wild acclaim; Plan for animals to be reintroduced in the North East. Sep 28, 2009 462
Mediterranean Mammals in Danger. Sep 15, 2009 357
The first experience of livestock guarding dogs preventing large carnivore damages in Finland/ Esimene kogemus karjavalvekoerte kasutusest kaitseks suurkiskjate eest Soomes. Otstavel, Teet; Vuori, Kristiina A.; Sims, David E.; Valros, Anna; Vainio, Outi; Saloniemi, Hannu Report Sep 1, 2009 3693
Habitat selection and potential antiherbivore effects of Peucetia flava (Oxyopidae) on Solanum thomasiifolium (Solanaceae). Jacobucci, Giuliano B.; Medeiros, Lenice; Vasconcellos-Neto, Joao; Romero, Gustavo Q. Report Sep 1, 2009 2167
Lynx staff wander 10k for charity. Brief article Jul 17, 2009 84
Go for the lynx effect in our forests. Jul 8, 2009 761
One wild cat: bobcats' elusive nature keeps mystery alive. Murrell, Marc Jul 1, 2009 1436
Bluetongue in Eurasian lynx. Jauniaux, Thierry P.; De Clercq, Kris E.; Cassart, Dominique E.; Kennedy, Seamus; Vandenbussche, Fra Sep 1, 2008 1319
Canada lynx-bobcat (Lynx canadensis x L. rufus) hybrids at the southern periphery of lynx range in Maine, Minnesota and New Brunswick. Homyack, Jessica A.; Vashon, Jennifer H.; Libby, Cade; Lindquist, Edward L.; Loch, Steve; McAlpine, Report Apr 1, 2008 2672
Species at risk Eurasian lynx--effect of habitat fragmentation at the periphery of a globally common species. Schmidt, Krzysztof; Kowalczyk, Rafal; Fickel, Jorns Jan 1, 2008 1577
Solitary hunter of the north. Brief article May 1, 2007 117
Lynx for life. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 164
The lynx effect. Amodeo, Christian Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 146
Fears for lynx after fires. Amodeo, Christian Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 120
Lynx thriving in Switzerland. (News). Jun 1, 2003 450
Tracking the snow cat: hot on the trail of the lynx--the northern woods' most secretive predator. (Cover Story). Todd, Kim Cover Story Mar 1, 2003 3706
Lynx population on the increase in Finland. Brief Article Feb 26, 2002 127
Genetic lynx: North American lynx make one huge family. (This Week). Pickrell, J Brief Article Feb 2, 2002 530
Eco-fraud Exposed: Government biologists were caught planting evidence that could have resulted in further land-use restrictions in vast national forests. (Environment). Grigg, William Norman Jan 28, 2002 1543
Big Dam Could Break Lynx. Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 242
Cat With a Hare-Trigger. Dec 1, 2000 277
UPDATES. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 521
Bovine tuberculosis and the endangered Iberian lynx. Dominguez, Lucas Mar 1, 2000 1838
THE `WHY BOTHER EXPANSION'. Boltwood, Meagan Jul 1, 1999 150
LISTING ACTIONS. Sep 1, 1998 594
Dynamics and viability of a metapopulation of the endangered Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus). Gaona, Pilar; Ferreras, Pablo; Delibes, Miguel Aug 1, 1998 13413
Functional responses of coyotes and lynx to the snowshoe hare cycle. O'Donoghue, Mark; Boutin, Stan; Krebs, Charles J.; Zuleta, Gustavo; Murray, Dennis L.; Hofer, Elizab Jun 1, 1998 12120
Seeking the missing lynx; researchers use a novel technique to pin down the exact status of the declining lynx. Turbak, Gary Cover Story Dec 1, 1997 2489
Tracking the cats. Toops, Connie Mar 1, 1996 2443

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