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Lynx Media releases new e-mail module. (Fulfillment).

Lynx Media Inc., a leading developer of subscription management software for the newsletter and magazine industries, recently released a module specifically designed for publishers' e-mail activities such as alerts to subscribers, renewal notices, and invoices.

The First Edition Email Module adds many features for First Edition subscription management users, including:

* E-mail blasts to selected subscribers

* Scheduled e-mail renewals

* Scheduled e-mail invoices

* E-mail new bills daily or hourly

* E-mail daily or hourly acknowledgements

* E-mail e-publications to all active subscribers

* E-mail e-publications to "email only" subscribers.

The system is designed so that users can integrate printed forms with e-mail for both renewals and bills. Thus, the first effort can be an e-mail, followed by a second effort as a printed invoice.

The First Edition module is fully integrated and allows users to create a whole series of marketing efforts which are stored in the First Edition database to be used over again. And First Edition database fields are available for personalization within the e-mail messages as well as within the e-mail's subject line. Also, each effort can have a different attachment.

The Lynx Media's e-mail module supports both HTML and plain text, with a check-off box permanently maintained for each subscriber.

Lynx president and CEO Len Latimer said, "This is a real plus for the First Edition circulation fulfillment system. Now our users can complement their mail promotions with e-mail. And cheaper, effective marketing through e-mail is a godsend for publishers in the current economic conditions. It's a real boon for publishers who also wish to email electronic issues to subscribers. And since it is a fully integrated solution, we feel our users will find it very easy to use.

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Date:Nov 30, 2002
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