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What A Long, Satisfying Trip It Has Been: Farewell And Thanks! Oct 1, 2017 786
Welcome To The World: For The Next Generation, A Message Of Hope. Sep 1, 2017 778
On the road again: some thoughts from my 'farewell tour'. Jul 1, 2017 747
Minster and lawyer: my two sides work to promote one goal. Jun 1, 2017 767
The Gorsuch battle: a bad system for picking high court justices persists. May 1, 2017 756
The long goodbye: after 25 years, I'm moving on. Column Apr 1, 2017 782
Barriers to progress: another wall that trump supports. Mar 1, 2017 762
Tale of the tape: the religious right flunks an ethics test. Nov 1, 2016 729
Values void: some thoughts from the pit of the summit. Essay Oct 1, 2016 678
Transgender rights: the far right and a new wave of discrimination. Sep 1, 2016 751
Outrage in Orlando: the danger of radical rhetoric. Column Jul 1, 2016 742
Pulpits and partisan politics: a bad, unethical, immoral and unlawful mixture. Jun 1, 2016 793
Tar Heel travels: bringing some sense (and separation) to N.C. Apr 1, 2016 824
Trifecta of travels: dodging blizzards (and ballots) across the nation. Mar 1, 2016 870
Roy Moore: an Alabama judge who happens to be persistently wrong. Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2016 850
Fear factor: enlist basic American values in the war on terror. Essay Jan 1, 2016 858
Buzzed over coffee: cup flap another shot from the Religious Right. Dec 1, 2015 867
Dakota, Denver and the desert: details from a recent trip. Column Nov 1, 2015 871
The great debate: a report on my visit to Liberty University. Oct 1, 2015 868
God and government: a new book that trumps the religious right. Sep 1, 2015 872
A Scottish ramble: in Europe, anti-LCBT animus gives up the ghost. Column Jul 1, 2015 861
Voice of intolerance: the FRC and its long history of hate. Jun 1, 2015 875
'Restoring' religious freedom: the story of a reasonable law put to unreasonable use. May 1, 2015 834
Travel travails: sometimes, getting from here to there can be a challenge. Apr 1, 2015 937
Moore nonsense: AU gears up to battle an old foe. Mar 1, 2015 805
Hats in the ring: early questions for presidential contenders. Feb 1, 2015 883
Sympathy for the devil?: AU's role in Fla. display flap sparks a hellish reaction. Jan 1, 2015 895
The separation saga: making book on 25 years of activism. Dec 1, 2014 881
Scaling the Summit: what I learned at this year's far-right shindig. Nov 1, 2014 870
Comedy tonight: meeting at the intersection of humor and politics. Column Oct 1, 2014 897
Love story: a (tearful) reminder of the value of marriage--for all. Sep 1, 2014 894
Louie, Louie!: my 'hellish' day testifying in Congress. Column Jul 1, 2014 834
Slip sliding away? Protecting our rights in the wake of Greece. Jun 1, 2014 850
At the movies: my latest on-screen appearance is no 'Noah'. Critical essay May 1, 2014 863
Times are a changin': when will the Religious Right change with them? Apr 1, 2014 809
Debating the debate: was the 'Ham On Nye' evolution bout worth it? Column Mar 1, 2014 855
Parade of horribles: Va. city's 'Religious Freedom' event dishonors founders' vision. Feb 1, 2014 859
Puffins and prizes: a pat on the back for 'creative citizenship'. Jan 1, 2014 873
Seeking relief in Greece: prayers, public policy and the Supreme Court. Dec 1, 2013 854
These Voices are United: performers sing (and joke) for Church-State Separation. Nov 1, 2013 860
Stimulating talk: for a good church-state chat, try Christian radio. Oct 1, 2013 845
Westward, Ho!: AU message reverberates in Texas and Colorado. Travel narrative Sep 1, 2013 898
Going viral: AU videos promote the cause--to a brand new audience. Jul 1, 2013 877
Debunking the 'war on Christianity': the dangers of out-of-control spin. Jun 1, 2013 857
Of families and fairness: to marriage equality, I happily say 'I do'. May 1, 2013 846
Severe storm warning: did Hurricane Sandy demolish the First Amendment? Apr 1, 2013 891
West of fairness and justice: new documentary showcases dangers of religious hysteria. Mar 1, 2013 888
Development developments: of fund-raising--and fun-raising--on behalf of church-state separation. Feb 1, 2013 865
Religious right rancor: from the Senate to Newtown, a misguided movement marches on. Essay Jan 1, 2013 828
Separating temple and state: religion and government in the land of the rising sun. Travel narrative Dec 1, 2012 833
Sing it loud and proud! AU lifts many Voices United for separation of church and state. Nov 1, 2012 885
Always on their mind?: 'Values Voter' summiteers fixate on Americans United. Oct 1, 2012 887
A tale of three clerks: training up a new generation of leaders. Sep 1, 2012 846
Prophet Pat?: Buchanan predicted the current wave of odious initiatives. Jul 1, 2012 857
Folk, fun and freedom: this September, lend your support to 'Voices United'. Jun 1, 2012 898
When words lose their meaning: the bishops, religious liberty and dubious definitions. May 1, 2012 874
Silent witness: house panel can't handle the truth from Sandra Fluke - or me. Apr 1, 2012 862
Talking 'bout my generation: what young and old can learn from each other in the battle for freedom. Mar 1, 2012 855
From C-SPAN to salon sanctuary: finding new ways to spread our message. Feb 1, 2012 871
Back to the future: you don't need a crystal ball to see the church-state challenges ahead. Jan 1, 2012 852
Not so Hot, Sexy Or Safe: my day trapped in congress' parallel universe. Dec 1, 2011 846
The Values Voter Summit: a crowd where 'don't be the weird one' is advice for all. Nov 1, 2011 889
Conversation, courtesy and cupcakes: talking with opponents can lead to some surprising results. Oct 1, 2011 879
My response to the response': what I saw (and felt) at Gov. Rick Perry's prayer fest. Sep 1, 2011 889
Comedy and the constitution: a priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar ... Jul 1, 2011 884
Of Allies and anniversaries: meeting friends at the intersection of religion and politics. Jun 1, 2011 900
'Freedom to believe ... Or not': from Nick news to a Feminist summit, the message remains the same. May 1, 2011 888
On the road again: traveling to assess the state of the states. Apr 1, 2011 878
Of arks, unicorns and K Street: lobbying, lecturing and litigating from a new location. Mar 1, 2011 913
The Constitution and civility: let's recommit to our foundational document. Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2011 865
The good, the bad and the ugly: my review of the sequel to the Bush 'faith-based' initiative. Jan 1, 2011 859
Assessing the 'morning after': times will be tough, but let's not abandon ship. Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2010 875
Building bridges: it's the best way to support the wall of separation. Essay Nov 1, 2010 825
Faith, freedom and front-row seats: I'm a 'Values Voter,' but not the kind I met at these events. Column Oct 1, 2010 862
Of Vikings, trolls and translation trouble: how I learned about Church and State in Norway. Sep 1, 2010 881
Military maneuvers: a new day for religion in the armed forces? Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2010 912
Why a liberal defense of church-state separation is really conservative. Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2010 864
A tale of two cases: from the National Day of Prayer to student-club bias at law school. Viewpoint essay May 1, 2010 903
Flying the friendly skies: going coast to coast (and places in between). Column Apr 1, 2010 888
Snow go: AU staff kept hard at work during the great blizzard of '10. Mar 1, 2010 839
Religious groups want faith-based funding with no strings attached. Feb 1, 2010 885
Persistently wrong: the religious right must accept its losses. Jan 1, 2010 828
Putting the bishops in check: religious lobbies and the limits of persuasion. Essay Dec 1, 2009 807
Of crosses, crescent moons and Lou Dobbs: religious symbols clang as the Supreme Court hears a church-state argument. Nov 1, 2009 912
Following a true compass: when someone had to take the lead, Ted Kennedy was always there. Oct 1, 2009 854
When Ann Coulter attacks: my latest interaction with America's 'public intellectual'. Sep 1, 2009 914
The assassination of Dr. Tiller: do religious right extremists share some of the blame? Jul 1, 2009 894
Americans United and our diverse opposition: why we're equal-opportunity kvetches. Jun 1, 2009 849
At Harvard and the White House: why I still hove doubt about the 'faith-based' initiative. May 1, 2009 897
My season in the sun: giving theocrats the devil in Florida and Louisiana. Apr 1, 2009 899
Faith-based folly: Obama's executive order leaves much to be desired. Mar 1, 2009 886
In your face(book)!: using social networks to spread AU's mission. Feb 1, 2009 886
My profession of faith: 'I Believe' government should hot endorse religion. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2009 883
A reflection on the election: some thoughts on where we go from here. Essay Dec 1, 2008 876
It's Real Simple: federal tax law forbids churches to endorse political candidates. Nov 1, 2008 860
Of leprechauns and religious liberty: church-state conflict looms large on the Emerald Isle. Oct 1, 2008 883
Have laptop, will blog: taking the church-state discussion into cyberspace. Sep 1, 2008 887
Of Nazis, demons and the KKK: AU's critics resort to rage when decent dialogue would do. Jul 1, 2008 869
International intrigue: the religious right's bad medicine for public health. Jun 1, 2008 856
That's entertainment!: bringing home the Bacon (brothers) and others for six degrees of separation. May 1, 2008 902

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