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Lynching to death.

Byline: FAISAL ANSAR - Karachi

An adolescent boy was lynched to death by so-called civilised citizens of Karachi who was caught red-handed stealing their valuables. Where the humanity has died that those who tortured an adolescent boy by wrapping him by ropes with iron grill in half naked condition did not realise only for once that what circumstances have compelled that deceased young boy for stealing.

The act of deceased young boy cannot be supported at any cost but the reaction of so-called civilised citizens of Karachi is even unendurable. Nobody is above-law and cannot take it into his own hands. The authorities {law enforcement agencies} are highly responsible for this pathetic incident that first what financial circumstances have compelled that young deceased boy which provoked him on stealing and secondly where was the police who could not stop that deceased boy from stealing as well as from cruel citizens who lynched him to death.

An awareness campaign should immediately be initiated that if masses catch any stealer, snatcher, dacoit and wrong doer should call police instead of beating to death themselves for the sake humanity.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Aug 22, 2019
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