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Lying Eyes Sharon saved the life of husband she paid hitman to murder; GUILTY WIFE 'CRACKING UP' IN CELL.


SHARON Collins, the woman convicted of plotting to murder her millionaire husband, once saved his life.

Blonde Collins, 45, who hired a hitman to slay her former partner, PJ Howard, 59, had previously saved his life after he choked on food while the couple were dining out.

A source said: "Sharon performed the Heimlich manoeuvre on PJ some years back.

"He got food stuck in his mouth during dinner and she jumped into action."

The calculating mum-of-two from Ennis, Co Clare, was found guilty of organising a plot to kill PJ in a bid to inherit his fortune.

She was sent to Mountjoy Women's Prison until her sentencing in October.

But sources say Collins, prisoner 46671, is cracking up behind bars in the cell she shares with murderer Tanya Lamb, 30.

A prison doctor had to be called to treat her after she wept uncontrollably for the first two days of being locked up.

The court heard how Collins set up an email address in which she called herself "Lying Eyes" in a bid to hire 52-year-old assassin Essam Eid, a Las Vegas poker dealer, to kill her businessman partner.

A number of the emails used by were recovered by gardai and were used in evidence against Collins. One of the emails was signed S and another Sharon. One read: "I have no conscience about my husband, he's a real asshole and makes my life hell. But I feel bad about the others."

Another read: "I would be a suspect if anything looks suspicious as I would be the one who would inherit.

"Many think I am with him for his money anyway. He's a bit older than me."

Collins also tried to obtain a marriage certificate from Mexico over the internet - paying EUR1,000 for it without PJ's knowledge.

The charge for the hit on Howard was believed to be EUR90,000 (EUR57,000).

The court heard how Collins sent EUR15,000 deposit in a FedEx delivery to an address belonging to hitman Eid on August 15, 2006.

Eid then tried to get out of the hit and came to Ireland and tried to demand money from Howard and his sons Robert and Niall to cancel the murder contract.

But the family contacted the gardai and the devious plan was rumbled.

PJ Howard is believed to be at his Spanish holiday home in Fuengirola coming to terms with his former partner's sentencing.


Target... PJ Howard; Guilty.. Sharon Collins
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 13, 2008
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